Black clothes are in every woman’s wardrobe. This is the basic tone that fits and looks good in any case and goes well with other details of the image. With such popularity and frequent use, the black color loses its brightness, the color ceases to be saturated. But don’t worry, let’s figure out together why this happens, as well as how to restore the rich black color of clothes.

What is the problem

Color loss can occur due to a number of factors:

  • washing black clothes too often;
  • violation of the instructions for use indicated on the label;
  • combining black and colored clothes during washing. Usually we follow light things, we are afraid that they do not fade, but few people know that the black color is also affected and loses its appearance;
  • soaking clothes for more than 30 minutes.

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect the saturation of black clothes. Many fail to follow these unspoken rules of error or simple ignorance. So if your clothes are tarnished and you don’t know how to restore them to their proper appearance, here you can find many interesting and useful tips that will help you deal with the problem.

How to restore the rich black color of clothes

Recovery methods

To begin with, you need to determine how badly the thing needs restoration. If you just want to slightly refresh the black color, add brightness and saturation to it, then there are a large number of methods that you can use at home. In the event that the item is already quite discolored and has been repeatedly exposed to washing and burning in the sun, you will need special chemicals or a trip to the dry cleaners. So, more details about each of the methods.


This method is quite simple and inexpensive.

  1. The black thing is soaked in warm water with the addition of 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  2. After that, wash the clothes, and then rinse in the same composition, observing the proportion.

By the way, if you get used to rinsing things with a small amount of vinegar, then problems with the loss of color and fabric structure can be avoided.


For light-colored fabrics, coffee is the main enemy, because it is extremely difficult to wash such stains. But for black clothes, coffee beans can be a salvation:

  1. Dilute natural coffee in a small amount of boiling water. A fairly strong solution of a saturated dark shade should be obtained.
  2. Soak the necessary clothes for half an hour in the coffee solution.
  3. At the end of the time, wash the product in the usual way.


Another very popular and often used method with such an ingredient as tobacco. Unlike the previous methods, to use this method, the item must be prepared in advance: cleaned of dirt, washed and dried. And then we start restoring the color:

  1. Prepare the solution: 1 liter of boiled water requires 15 grams of dry tobacco.
  2. After cooking, strain the obtained tincture.
  3. It should be applied in small quantities, carefully applying it to the fabric with a brush. With massaging movements, you seem to fill the fabric threads with the resulting mixture.
  4. As soon as you finish the procedure, the thing will need to be washed again in cold water to completely remove the remnants of the solution from the fabric.

how to wash black clothes


Dyeing is the easiest option to give things the shade of black you want.

To do this, rinse the clothes in water with the addition of 2 spoons of vinegar and black ink. You just have to be careful with the last component. Ink is quite difficult to remove, so when taking care of black clothes, try not to contaminate other things.


For those who want to kill two birds with one stone and not only restore the rich black color of clothes, but also get rid of the smell of sweat, rinse things in warm water with the addition of baking soda (1 tablespoon per basin of water).

Household chemicals

As mentioned earlier, if the fabric is badly discolored, chemical dyes, which are sold at a regular hardware store, can come to your aid. Many do not trust this method because of its detrimental effect on the condition of the fabric fibers. But in fact, chemical dyeing is completely harmless, if it is carried out in reasonable quantities, and not every wash. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for health. When choosing a product, read the instructions carefully and choose a quality dye. If you follow all the recommendations, this method will not disappoint you.

And, of course, if the thing is very dear to you, and you are afraid to carry out all kinds of manipulations with it at home, take it to the dry cleaners. Of course, you will have to spend a lot there, but the result is worth the money.

As you can see, you can find a way out of every situation. In each individual case, you can choose the option that suits you. Well, in order for you to have fewer reasons to restore the saturation of black clothes, try to follow simple rules for washing and wearing. You can find them on tags or packaging. It will also be useful to purchase a special powder or gel for washing black clothes. It will help your clothes keep their appearance longer and increase wear resistance. After all, it is better to make small efforts to prevent a problem than to look for a way out of it later.

How to restore the rich black color of clothes