White sneakers are a very relevant trend of the last few seasons. They are preferred by all fashionistas, regardless of gender and age, because they are suitable for almost any outfit. Snow-white sneakers, like any bright thing, get dirty quickly and therefore need frequent washing. It is necessary to know how to wash white sneakers correctly, so that there are no yellow spots on them, and they do not lose their original appearance.

Machine wash

Manufacturers of even the highest quality sneakers do not recommend washing them in a washing machine. After all, the sole can become unglued, and various stickers and rhinestones cannot withstand the revolutions of the drum.

If you have a strong desire to wash sneakers in the washing machine, you should use the gentlest mode without spinning.

Laces must be soaked separately from shoes. For this, ordinary bleach or a stain remover dissolved in soapy water is suitable. The sneakers themselves can also be soaked in the drum of the machine, using the pre-soaking mode.

How to wash white sneakers


Sneakers of not very high quality, as well as with rhinestones and other decorative elements, it is better to unlock them manually.

The main rule: shoes should be cleaned and washed immediately after contamination. You should not wait for the dirt to get into the fabric and leave yellow spots on the white material – it will be very difficult to remove them.

Household chemicals

If the pollution is insignificant and there are no obvious dark spots, then you will need bleaching washing powder for soaking, or ordinary + chlorine-free bleach.

  1. Dissolve the powder in hot water.
  2. Sneakers should be soaked in a soapy solution, having previously removed the insoles (they can also be dipped in the solution).
  3. Soaking time: minimum – 30 minutes, maximum – 2 hours. You should not keep sneakers in the solution for longer than the stated time, you can spoil the fabric.
  4. After soaking, rinse the shoes under the tap, thoroughly washing off the remaining soap.
  5. It is better to dry sneakers outdoors – on a balcony or veranda.

Vinegar and soda

If there are stains on the sneakers, it is necessary to prepare a degreasing mixture:

  1. Mix to the state of gruel 1 tbsp. l. vinegar + 1 tbsp. l. baking soda
  2. Apply the mixture carefully, wearing rubber gloves. For application, you can use cotton swabs or sticks, depending on the size of the stain, foam rhombuses or an old toothbrush are also perfect.
  3. Wipe shoes with the mixture and leave for a few minutes.
  4. After cleaning, remove the foaming mixture with clean tampons and rinse in running water.

If after drying the spots are still visible, it is worth repeating everything again, but with a more powerful concentration of the mixture.

how to wash white sneakers

Toothpaste or powder

If there are no obvious stains, but the sneakers are no longer “white”. In this case, you can do without washing. You will need ordinary white, without color additives, toothpaste, or tooth powder diluted in a small amount of warm water.

  1. It is necessary to apply toothpaste to the entire surface of the fabric, both from the outside and from the inside.
  2. After half an hour, wipe the paste thoroughly with a damp sponge.
  3. You can dry sneakers under the sun, this will give them additional whiteness.

Peroxide, vinegar, lemon

If nothing helped, we get heavy artillery:

  1. Prepare a mixture: hydrogen peroxide + vinegar + lemon juice (equal proportions) + 1 tbsp. l. washing powder. Only ceramic or glass dishes are suitable for this procedure, and gloves must be worn.
  2. The best tool to use for cleaning is an old toothbrush or foam sponge.
  3. It is necessary to apply the prepared product not only on the stains, but also around them. Keep on the cloth for a maximum of 5-7 minutes, and then wipe with a paper napkin and rinse under the tap.

In no case should you use gasoline or kerosene to clean white sneakers. They can spoil fabric shoes.

Using these tips, you can easily return the underwear to sneakers, and they will be able to please their owner with a neat appearance for a long time.

How to wash white sneakers