There are many reasons for the appearance of unpleasant to the eyes yellow spots on your favorite thing. Most often, antiperspirant, tea and sweat bring us trouble. Got dirty, the question immediately arises, how to remove the pollution and how to leave the dazzling white color of your favorite clothes. When you go to a household chemical store, you can see many bleaching agents, but not all of them are effective enough, and trying each one can only spoil the fabric. But there are simpler methods, how to remove yellow spots on white. Housewives recommend using improvised means that can be found in the kitchen or in the first-aid kit.

Important rules:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use hot water when cleaning dirt on things. Water heated above 40 degrees has the opposite effect, helping the dirt to penetrate your clothes and penetrate the fabric fibers. To properly wash white, use only room temperature water.
  • Ultraviolet rays perfectly whiten fabric made of natural materials, for this it is best to spread the washed clothes outside under direct sunlight.
  • If you use bleaches to remove yellow stains from sweat, then it is worth considering that substances containing chlorine lead to the appearance of divorces, and the brightness of the yellow color becomes even sharper. The reason is the interaction of protein contained in sweat with chlorine.
  • In order to wash things efficiently, there is no need to use physical force, as this can change the color and shape of your clothes.

Pay attention ! When testing new stain removers on white clothes, try using them on an unwanted fabric. Testing new products directly on a new item can spoil its appearance.

How to remove yellow spots on white

Folk remedies

Whitening with household chemicals is not always advisable and safe. It is better in such cases to resort to improvised means, which are safer for your health and no less effective in removing yellow spots.

Hydrogen peroxide

A solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is in every home medicine cabinet, creates an excellent effect when bleaching stains on white.

  1. Moisten the yellowness abundantly with peroxide. In addition, you can wet cotton pads and place them on both sides of the fabric.
  2. Leave the product to act for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After treating the yellow stain, rinse the white under running water.
  4. Wash with household soap by hand or with powder in a washing machine.

Important ! After using peroxide, in no case should you hang your clothes outside, as they will start to turn yellow from the sun’s rays.


When removing yellow marks on white clothes, ordinary soda also helps perfectly.

  1. 4 Art. l. dissolve soda in 100 mg of water and mix thoroughly to form a thick paste.
  2. Rub the resulting paste on the yellow spots. Leave the mixture until it is absorbed into the white fabric and dries.
  3. Shake dry soda.
  4. Wash the white thing with a regular bleaching agent.

After such a procedure, yellowness will disappear from white clothes.

Lemon juice or vinegar

The principle of action of lemon juice and acetic acid is the same – they affect pollution, break down and whiten white things. They are used similarly:

  1. Dilute lemon juice or vinegar 1 to 1 with water.
  2. Wet the stain in the prepared solution. You can either immerse the contaminated part of white clothes in a bowl with the solution, or soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the yellow marks.
  3. Leave the product on for half an hour.
  4. Wash with soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Ammonia, solvents, acetone

How to remove ingrained stains? First of all, it is worth noting that in order to preserve the pristine appearance and white freshness of your clothes, they should be washed almost after each wear. But, there are cases when a yellow spot on your favorite T-shirt gets into the fabric. In order to cope with this problem, you can use ammonia, acetone and a common paint thinner.

Important ! Use these tools only as a last resort, as they aggressively affect the white tissue, thinning and spoiling it.

  1. Treat white clothes with any of the suggested products.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. If the trace remains, repeat the solvent treatment.
  5. When the yellowness on the white disappears, wash the clothes with household soap.

These actions, carried out in combination with soaking things before this procedure in a vinegar solution, will create the necessary effect and please the result.

what to wash cotton clothes with

Different types of fabrics

The clothes we wear are made of different types of fabrics and, accordingly, the removal of stains on each of them is different.


To wash off yellow spots on white cotton, the most practical method is a mixture of ammonia and common salt, which is in the kitchen of every housewife. After taking these two ingredients, you need to prepare a solution by mixing a teaspoon of salt and alcohol with 1 tablespoon of plain water. After that, the contaminated item should be soaked in this solution for several hours and then washed.

Stains on the collar and sleeves of your favorite shirt should be removed with a more concentrated solution, namely: to prepare the mixture, take 1 tbsp. l. ammonia, salt and water. Then rub this mixture into the contaminated area, wait a couple of hours, rinse and wash with soap.


Silk fabrics do not tolerate hot water, and therefore it is much more difficult to wash off a yellow stain on white clothes made of this material. If you want to wash white silk products, you need to use thiosulfate, which is sold in every pharmacy. Dilute it in a tablespoon of water and wash the white. The effect will surprise you, and the shine of silk will please the eye.


The most important thing when removing stains from woolen white fabrics is not to stretch the product during washing. An effective way is to use grated laundry soap diluted in a small amount of water. For white clothes, foam from this solution is used, which is applied to the yellow stain, after which it is washed with running water.

Radical measures

There are extreme measures for bleaching things and removing yellow corrosive stains, which can damage the fabric if used incorrectly:

  • purified gasoline is mixed with ethanol and ammonia in equal parts, after which this composition is applied to the yellow spot and kept for 5 minutes;
  • when washing by hand in salted water, you can also use ammonia, adding only a few drops, soak white clothes and wash with laundry soap.

Summing up, we can say that the appearance of unpleasant yellow spots on your favorite T-shirt is not the worst thing that can happen to it. Knowing and using the correct cleaning methods, you can not worry about the fact that your favorite white thing will look shiny white.

How to remove yellow spots on white