First of all, it is worth noting that suede is a special selected leather that undergoes a special tanning method. Due to the fact that it has a porous structure, suede can perfectly pass air. Let’s analyze how to care for suede shoes, especially in winter, so that they please the eye for more than one season. It is also worth noting the fact that too much effort will not be needed, it is only necessary to take into account some points.

Suede care products

Be sure to buy a spray for processing suede products in a shoe store. If this store does not have such a product, you can buy it at any other household store. The main thing is not to wear shoes without treatment. Means such as an aerosol or spray should be used during the initial treatment several times.

We came home, treated the surface of the boots with an aerosol, waited until everything dried, and repeated the manipulations two more times.

In addition to aerosols, you will need the following care products:

  • Special brushes that have hard bristles on one side and soft rubber bristles on the other. You can buy two separate brushes.
  • Brush with soft bristles for cleaning from snow, dust, etc.
  • Ammonia.
  • Liquid soap
  • An ordinary school eraser.
  • Dyeing spray for suede.

Important ! Ordinary shoe cream, which is designed to improve the appearance of leather shoes, should not be used on suede under any circumstances. Expensive shoes will immediately become unusable, and it will be very difficult to restore their appearance.

How to properly care for suede shoes

Basic rules

When buying suede boots, be prepared that they require proper use and competent wearing:

  • Immediately after purchase, it is desirable to immediately treat the surface of suede shoes with a specially designed aerosol. This is for a reason, as this agent will be able to form a protective layer on the boots, it will not allow moisture, dust, dirt and other harmful substances to penetrate into the suede.
  • Never wear suede products in rainy weather, as suede will deteriorate quickly with no repair options.
  • In snowy weather, the boots should be swept from the snow after entering the room, rubbed with a soft flannel cloth and dried. If necessary, it should be treated with a brush with soft bristles.
  • Suede shoes should be cared for when they are not very dirty and must be dry. The fact is that you can get rid of everyday dust and dirt using a special double-sided brush. The rubber part should be used to clean the dusty part, and the metal part should be used to clean the part with stains and other heavy dirt.
  • When the shoes are too dirty, a rubber brush will help to correct the situation, it will restore even the dirtiest pile in a short time. If it is not there, an ordinary eraser will do.

Drying suede shoes

When taking care of suede shoes in winter, you need to remember that before cleaning it must be dried, otherwise cleaning wet shoes will not lead to anything good.

  1. When the shoes are significantly wet, in no case should they be placed on the battery or placed near it. The fact is that in a matter of minutes the suede will become rough and its beautiful appearance will disappear.
  2. The main rule is to dry at room temperature, for quick drying you need to use old newspapers or toilet paper, place them inside, they will help absorb moisture.
  3. In case of severe contamination, use liquid soap, mix it with warm water to form a foam, and wash the boots. You should not completely immerse them in water, just apply foam with a soft sponge to make them look even better, add a little ammonia to the water.
  4. If salt or water stains appear on the surface of the suede, you must regularly use a commercially available water-repellent aerosol.
  5. So that the color of the shoes does not fade, it is necessary to purchase a coloring spray.

how to care for suede shoes

Spot cleaning

When suede shoes lose their original appearance, spots or scratches appear on them, there are some valuable tips from housewives on how to restore suede with improvised means:

  • Most often, in suede boots, the front part is shiny. Do not despair, you need to take 1 tsp. soda, dissolve it in a glass of warm milk and treat the surface with this mixture.
  • Talc will help remove greasy stains, it should be applied to the surface, and after a few hours, remove it with a brush.
  • The appearance of defoliated areas should be rubbed with a special suede brush and rubbed with common table salt.
  • You can refresh this type of footwear with a tampon soaked in an equal amount of water and ammonia.
  • You can also get rid of overgrown areas with the sides of an unused matchbox.
  • In order for the chamois to straighten, you need to hold it for several minutes over steam where the water is boiling.
How to properly care for suede shoes