The optimal humidity in the apartment is from 40 to 60%. Any deviation of the indicators beyond these limits leads to deterioration of the microclimate of the living space, which in turn affects the well-being and health of the residents. In addition, when humidity increases, a favorable environment is created for the appearance of fungus, mold, and the spread of microbes. If you are too damp, then think about how to reduce the humidity in the apartment.

To maintain an optimal microclimate in the house, we recommend buying a special device – a hygrometer, and preferably one for each room.

Where does the humidity in the apartment come from?

There may be reasons related to poor repair and construction, or to household management. The solution to the problem will be appropriate. Implied:

  • If you live on the first floor, the humidity in the apartment may increase due to poor waterproofing of the basement of your house. Here, contact the housing company, which will have to solve the problem.
  • Absence or low-quality rainwater runoff. As a result, the outside wall of the house will constantly get wet, transferring moisture into the apartment. The solution is to fix or install the drain.

How to reduce humidity in the apartment

  • Breakage in the water supply. At the same time, it affects both the breakthrough of the water pipe in your apartment and one of the neighbors on the riser above. Water will drip down the pipes, seep into the walls, ceiling and thereby increase humidity. Find the fault and fix it.
  • Clogged ventilation shaft. Check for air exchange in the ventilation, the easiest way is to bring a candle to the ventilation grates and look at the fire. If the traction is bad or absent, then you need to clean the mine. In some houses, the ventilation system is poorly designed. In this case, it will be necessary to install a fan for forced ventilation of the apartment.
  • Installation of hermetic windows. When installing new metal-plastic windows, many people forget about ventilation and keep them permanently hermetically closed. As a result, moisture cannot leave the apartment, it accumulates in condensate. It is easy to reduce humidity in this case – regularly ventilate, keep windows in microventilation mode. Or install windows with a built-in ventilation system in advance.
  • Frequent cooking, washing, drying things in the apartment, the presence of an aquarium and indoor plants, and at the same time the lack of good ventilation. All these things evaporate moisture, so it is necessary to take care of its removal – regular ventilation, installation of a hood.

Check the areas of the apartment most prone to moisture, mold may have already appeared on them. In parallel with drying the air, it will be necessary to carry out measures to destroy the fungus .

Decrease in humidity

Having identified and solved the problem of increased humidity in the apartment, it is necessary to carry out measures to dry the room. Here are the main recommendations and tips that will help reduce humidity, and their regular implementation will support the microclimate of the home in optimal conditions:

  • Ventilate the apartment regularly. At least 2 times a day for half an hour. If your windows have a micro-ventilation mode, just install it and the air exchange will be constant. You can especially quickly reduce humidity in the heat of summer or at sub-zero temperatures. In these conditions, the air outside is dry, so moisture leaves the apartment faster.
  • Install a hood in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen above the stove. Any water procedures, cooking are associated with the evaporation of moisture, which must be removed from the room. It is easiest to do this with a hood. Turn on the ventilation system during or after taking a bath or cooking.
  • Do not hang laundry in the apartment after washing. Dry things outside, on a balcony with an open window, or as a last resort in a room with a wide open window.
  • You can dry the air by turning on a household heater, heating damp walls with a construction hair dryer.

how to dry the air in the apartment

  • Air conditioning. This device not only cools or heats, but also cleans and dries the air. Set the appropriate setting to get the result.
  • Use absorbent substances that absorb moisture. You can buy special tablets and powders in household chemical stores. Or you can reduce humidity with improvised means: salt, calcium chloride, quicklime, charcoal. They perfectly absorb moisture. Pour the selected product into the plates, place them around the room, when it hardens, change them.
  • If the problem of high humidity cannot be solved quickly, then a special household appliance – a dehumidifier – will come to the rescue. It absorbs air from the room, passes it through filters, dries and cleans it, and returns it back with optimal humidity. An expensive but effective option.

Importantly! Trying to reduce the humidity in the apartment, try to stop in time and not overdo it. A decrease in humidity below 40% is as harmful to humans as an indicator above 60%. Follow the readings of the hygrometer. But even after achieving optimal indicators, do not “score” on all the listed measures. It is more time to dry the air, but do ventilation regularly at any humidity – this is the key to your good health.

How to reduce humidity in the apartment