The use of steam in everyday life has reached a new level – it is used to clean, disinfect, remove difficult stains and iron things. It is much easier and faster to do all this with a pair. The most popular equipment with a steam function is a steam generator and steamer. And yes, these are different devices with different, albeit similar, purposes. When buying, it is important to understand for what conditions and what is better to choose a vaporizer or steam generator.

To understand the difference between the devices, you should remember the correct name:

  • Steam generator is the correct name for an iron with a steam generator. The device is intended for ironing fabrics.
  • A vaporizer is the same thing as a steam cleaner. A device for cleaning the house. Performs ironing and cleaning functions.

And now let’s find out in more detail which of these is better to buy at home.

What is better vaporizer or steam generator

Steam generator

It is a twin of the classic iron with the “steam shot” function. Only in this case, ironing does not occur due to heating the sole, but with the help of the emission of dry hot steam through numerous holes in the sole.

The iron device with a steam generator includes:

  • A water boiler in which the liquid is heated to boiling.
  • A flexible hose connecting the iron and the boiler, through which hot steam is supplied under pressure.
  • Iron. It does not heat up by itself. There is a button on the body, when pressed, steam from the boiler is directed through a hose to the sole of the iron with holes. Holding the iron by the handle, a person directs a stream of steam.
  • The set may include various brushes and nozzles used to remove stains or iron difficult areas.

It is better to buy an iron with a steam generator if you need high-quality and fast ironing of things:

  • Due to the dry steam, things do not become damp after ironing.
  • Even delicate fabrics can be ironed with a steam generator.
  • The power of the device is enough to iron sheets and blankets folded in several layers.
  • It perfectly makes arrows on trousers and pleats on skirts, which will last until the next wash.
  • You can iron both with steam and with a hot sole like a regular iron.

When buying a steam generator, remember that it is an iron, and you will not be able to clean things with it like a steam cleaner. If only because dry steam is used here, and you can only iron horizontally.

how to choose a steam generator


Outwardly, such a device looks like a vacuum cleaner, but that’s where the similarities end. Its working principle and functions are completely different.

It is more correct to call such a device not a vaporizer, but a steam cleaner – that is exactly how it is listed in stores. As can be seen from the name, the steamer is mainly intended for cleaning things, and ironing is a secondary, but quite full-fledged function. While the steam generator is only ironing.

The steam cleaner device includes:

  • A container with water that is inserted into the body. You can also pour other liquids into the container, for example, to clean stubborn dirt, you can pour a special detergent or even a vinegar solution into it.
  • The body is equipped with a heating element – a steam generator. Under its influence, the liquid boils, steam is formed.
  • Flexible hose with nozzle. The steam formed rises from the container up to the nozzle, creating a hot, moist stream.
  • Telescopic stand. You can hang things that need to be cleaned or ironed on it.
  • Additional accessories: nozzles for working with various fabrics, gloves to protect hands from burns with hot steam, hanger for things, clips for forming arrows on trousers, etc.

In terms of its functionality, the vaporizer is better than the steam generator, as you can do much more with it:

  • Iron any things, especially with a complex cut and many frills.
  • Iron and clean the curtains without removing them. Now there is no need to wash the curtains in the washing machine and suffer at the ironing board. With the vaporizer, all this is done in a matter of minutes right on the eaves.
  • Refresh outerwear, including fur. Under the action of steam, you can smooth out the folds on the down jacket that appeared after lying in the closet, loosen the pile and fur, and clean the coat.
  • Clean and disinfect upholstered furniture and toys.
  • Wash windows, mirrors, tiles, lamps until they shine. Hot steam will clean any dirt, all that remains is to wipe the glass dry with a cloth.
  • Remove stains from carpets, bedspreads, wall and ceiling coverings.

how to use a steam cleaner

What is better?

By all criteria, the vaporizer seems to be much better than the steam generator. He will iron everything that is needed and clean any pollution. They have the same price range, so you need to choose for reasons of convenience and necessity:

  • The steam generator is more compact, it is easier to find a place to store it, for example, hide it in a closet. When needed, get it and use it. The steamer due to the rack requires more space, a separate corner, and the appearance may not fit into your interior. If the rack is folded, it takes more time to disassemble, install and use.
  • A steam generator is heavier and not as maneuverable as a vaporizer. He is limited in movement, only at the ironing board. The steam cleaner is more mobile, with it you can easily move around the house.
  • If the steamer is not equipped with special clips for arrows, then ironing pants with arrows will be an impossible task. But it is not so simple with them either. The same applies to pleated skirts. If you have a lot of clothes, where you need to fix the shape of the fabric by ironing, then it is better to take an iron with a steam generator.

If you only need ordinary ironing, then buy an iron with a steam generator. If you want to get a multifunctional device to maintain order in the house, then a steam cleaner is simply necessary.

What is better, a vaporizer or a steam generator?