Every man or woman in every house has at least one pair of pants with arrows on them. As a rule, these are clothes for going out, for business and important meetings. Therefore, such trousers should always look perfect – smoothed, without folds and bevels. A dry cleaner will cope best with this task, but you can also learn how to iron on your own so as not to damage the fabric and leave no marks. Let’s figure out how to iron pants with arrows, and note a number of ways that will help make them last longer.

To begin with, we will prepare an ironing board and an iron. If there is no board, you can use another surface for ironing, such as a table. Check your iron, its working surface should be clean, without soot.

Look at the product label. It must be written at what temperature the product can be ironed. Each type of fabric can withstand its own temperature regime: if the iron is very hot, you can spoil the fabric, at a lower temperature, the product will not be smoothed.
How to iron trousers with arrows

  • The highest temperature for ironing is used for linen products (about 200 ° C).
  • A slightly lower temperature is needed for cotton (about 170 °).
  • If the fabric is made of cotton with the addition of wool, it is better to iron at 120 ° -150 °.
  • For products made of silk and polyester, the adjustment must be set to a minimum – no more than 110 °.

When all the preparations are finished, you can start the ironing process itself.

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The classic way of ironing

Carefully straighten the pants on the ironing board. Start ironing from the top of the pants. It is the most difficult because of the many seams, folds, pockets, and straps. It is better to put a flat pad on the inside or, if there is none, pull the pants on the narrow part of the board. Place wet gauze or any white cotton fabric on top. When ironing, do not press hard with the iron so that seams and other irregularities do not appear on the front side. The area around the fastener should be ironed especially carefully.

After the top is ironed, fold the pants so that the inseams are on the sides of the leg. Iron it with an iron. It is advisable to iron the wrong side first. You can use gauze to protect the fabric from iron stains.

Now we proceed directly to ironing the arrows. At the top of the pants, find the front pleats. The arrows start from them. Next, straighten the legs so that the inner and outer seams coincide. The inside of the pants should face up. The formed folds should be ironed well, pressing the iron strongly to the fabric. Make sure the seams stay in place and the arrows don’t cross. Then turn the trousers over and iron the arrows again. Do not forget to use wet gauze.

Iron the second pant leg. When the darts are completely ironed, let the pants lie on the board and cool. Then the arrows will fix their shape.

Ironing pants with a lining

Most often, all business trousers are sewn on a lining. Therefore, first you need to iron them from the wrong side. Carefully ironed the lining fabric, pockets, fastener, as well as the inner side of the belt.

Pay special attention to the inner seams. They are usually covered with silk threads. Therefore, so that the threads do not melt from high temperatures, use gauze.

After you have carefully ironed the wrong side of the product, turn the pants inside out and repeat the process described in the previous section. At the same time, do not forget to carefully straighten the lining fabric so that when ironing the arrows on the front side, “folds from the lining” do not appear.
How to iron trousers with arrows

How to make arrows “long-lasting”

Many costume fabrics do not hold darts well. There are several tricks to “fix” the arrows.

  • Turn the pants inside out and rub the arrow points with laundry soap. Then it is enough to iron the arrows on the front side. The soap will melt and then harden, setting the shape.
  • Dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1 liter of water. Wet the gauze in this water, and then iron the arrows through it. Thus, the arrows will last much longer.
  • Burov’s fluid can be used to preserve arrows. The active ingredient is alum or aluminum salts. Dilution: 1 tablespoon of liquid per 1 glass of water. Wet the gauze with the resulting solution and iron the arrows.

How to remove gloss

It happens that after ironing, an ugly shine or gloss may remain on the pants. To deal with it, wipe the places of shine with water with vinegar diluted in it (1 tablespoon of vinegar for 1 glass of water). As a rule, the shine disappears.

How to iron trousers with arrows

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