Wrinkled pants are not only a problem for men. Many women have to solve this problem. How to iron trousers correctly? It’s not that simple, so our article will help you do it right.

In order to iron trousers, you will need:

  • An ironing board, or a flat surface on which you can iron clothes.
  • An iron, preferably with a steam function.
  • Gauze, other fabric will do. The main thing is that it is not very thick, white and cotton.

How to iron trousers


In order for the process to be easy and fast, follow the following rules:

  • First of all, make sure that the thing is clean. There should be no stains on it. If you iron the dirt with a hot iron, it will not be easy to wash it off. It is absolutely impossible to iron dirty clothes!
  • Decide on the temperature to which you need to heat the iron. Incorrectly set temperature can irreversibly spoil the thing. The requirements are indicated on a tag, which manufacturers usually attach to the inner seam. It looks like an iron icon with numbers corresponding to the heating temperature.
  • Lay out the ironing board and fill the iron with water. Make sure the soleplate of the iron is clean. If it is dirty, you can quickly clean it with a cotton swab dipped in table vinegar. That’s it, now you can iron.

Let’s go straight to the point

You should always start with the upper part of the pants. If you find gauze or cloth, iron through it. Place the belt on the edge of the ironing board and iron it on all sides, turning it over. It is more convenient to start with it, because the pants can get wrinkled in the process.

If the fabric started to shine after ironing, you should check whether you set the temperature correctly. Also, in this case, it may be better to iron from the wrong side.

Then move on to the leg. Match the lower and upper side seams together. The arrows must also connect. If this did not happen, correct them. Your goal is to fold the right and left sides of the pants together evenly.

Now it’s time to iron the arrows . It is best to move the iron by pressing it against the fabric, and not by guiding it along the line of the clothes. So you will not allow the appearance of folds. Arrows are recommended to end approximately seven centimeters from the waist.

A little life hack: to emphasize the shape of the arrows and fix it, use a piece of laundry soap, rubbing the arrows from the inside .

how to iron trousers with arrows

After manipulating the arrows, move on to the middle part of the pants. Use gauze and steam. Pass the iron several times along the pant leg, then iron the knee area in front and back. If this is not done, the knees will sag and have an unsightly appearance.

Carefully turn the pants over, repeat everything with the second leg. Do not forget that the pants should lie on the table without flickering and waves from the folds of the fabric.

Go back to the top of the pants. If necessary, iron the crumpled areas.

The final part

Pants are not dinner to be eaten hot. Let them cool after all you’ve done with them. You can hang them on a hanger or leave them on the ironing board for a while.

And finally, some tips for taking care of your pants:

  • When the pants rise a little, they will keep their shape for a long time. Use a clothes hanger.
  • Do not forget to take care of your trousers, wash them on time and keep them only in the closet.
  • After a walk, do not forget to clean the outer suit from dust and dirt with a special brush for clothes.

Do not forget: the way you look in the eyes of other people depends a lot on your clothes, and perfectly ironed pants will definitely make an impression on the people around you.

How to iron trousers correctly and easily

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