We are so used to the benefits of civilization that a banal malfunction of the device or lack of electricity will instantly put us on both shoulders. What to do if you find yourself without an iron at hand, and looking like a needle is simply necessary? To go from the scared team to the savvy team, use simple but effective tips on how to iron things without an iron, using the advice of experienced housewives and the tools at hand.

We dry things, avoiding ironing

Clothing with a high synthetic fiber content:

  • Just shake the clothes well.
  • When hanging, avoid bends and folds of the fabric. For this purpose, use clothes hangers.
  • All seams must be straightened, buttons and zippers must be fastened. This will reduce the likelihood of getting a crease.
  • Do not forget to straighten the decorative elements on the clothes.
  • For trousers, use special shoulder straps with clothespins. To prevent the pants from creasing, it is necessary to carefully fold them in half, straighten the belt area. Attach the bottom of the product with clothespins.
  • Hang the shoulders with things on a rope or drying rack.

This option to iron a thing using drying will not only smooth out wrinkles, but also save space if there is a lot of laundry.

Products with a predominant part of natural fibers, cotton, linen items are a little more difficult to iron without an iron:

  • Wet laundry should also be shaken.
  • Stretch a large cloth, towel or sheet, holding the corners. It is better to do this activity in pairs.
  • Then connect the corners of the product evenly. Fold the laundry in four.
  • For a perfect result, put a small press on top. You can use ordinary books wrapped in polyethylene.
  • Leave the folded things for 30-40 minutes. You should not keep them in this condition for a long time, otherwise the laundry will acquire an unpleasant smell.
  • Then unfold the things, fold them in half and carefully hang them up.

How to iron clothes without an iron

With the help of this method, you will forget about the need to iron bed sets. However, it is worth remembering that the iron is used not only for aesthetic, but also for hygienic purposes.

If we are talking about cotton shirts or pants made of natural fabric, silk dresses, then you need to approach the matter more carefully. You should work with such things in stages:

  • The first step will be delicate washing. Clothes do not need to be pressed too much. Ideal when the water runs off a little. The product will dry longer, but it will not have to be ironed.
  • The second stage will be the correct hanging. Wet clothes should be well ironed, eliminate wrinkles on the fabric, leave to dry.

What to replace an iron with?

If the trouble has already happened, the thing is wrinkled or dried with folds, do not despair. There are several ways to iron without an iron. Let’s consider the most effective:

  • Use of steam. To iron an item without an iron, create an area where evaporation would occur. The basic principle is as follows: the product must fall under a stream of hot steam. You can fill the bathtub with hot water and place clothes on the shoulders over it. In less than half an hour, the product will straighten up. Another option is to place the crumpled thing over a boiling kettle. Do not forget that the steam can burn the skin. Using the second option, hang the clothes so that there is no direct contact between the hands and the steam. Exclude the possibility of ignition.

How to iron clothes without an iron

  • Homemade solution for ironing. Ordinary table vinegar will help to get out of the situation. Mix it in equal proportions with water and spray it on the fabric. It will help to soften and iron it, stretching the thing under its own weight. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will disappear after a while.
  • Wet towel. Wrap the wrinkled clothes in a damp towel and leave for 30-40 minutes. The method works especially well for wool products.
  • Alternative iron. If there is no iron, you need to make it. You can use a metal mug, a saucepan, a pan. The main thing is that the surface is flat. Heat the “pseudo-iron” on the stove, make sure that no soot remains. To begin with, try the new device on a rag or a corner of the product to assess the degree of heating.

These little tricks will allow you not to spend the best years of your life at the ironing board and always look neat and attractive.

How to iron things without an iron

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