Ironing shirts is a labor-intensive business. I ironed one part, and the other has already crumpled, and everything has to be started from the beginning. And since women and men who have to follow a dress code at work, a shirt cannot be dispensed with in their wardrobe. Therefore, we will learn how to iron a shirt and bring it to perfect condition with the help of an iron.

Preparatory stage

Wash the shirt strictly according to the information on the label. If it is allowed to trust her washing machine, it is better to choose the “light ironing” mode and not to use spin.

How to iron a shirt

Dry the shirt on the shoulders, first of all, while the water is draining from it, over the bathtub. After that, transfer the shoulders with the shirt to the room or lay them out on the dryer in a horizontal position.

Stages of ironing

Do not overdry the product, as this significantly complicates the task of bringing it to an impeccably smooth state.

  1. See in which mode it is allowed to iron this product. If the label is missing on the product, it is better to start with the minimum temperature mode and increase it gradually. If the garment has a piece of fabric for the patch, try the ironing process on it.
  2. Sprinkle a dry shirt with water and iron in the “steam” mode.
  3. First start ironing the gate, laying it on the surface of the board with the inside out, then turn it over and do the same on the front side.
  4. Unbutton the sleeves. Along with the ironing board, there is usually a device for ironing sleeves . If there is none, you can wrap a towel in a roll and push it into the sleeve. If the sleeve is held on the roller weakly, take a thicker towel and wrap a new roller. First, iron the cuffs, then the other part. Pay special attention to the seams. If you need to point the arrow on the sleeve, lay it out on a board and iron it from side to side 3-4 times. The arrow should not split.
  5. On the narrowed part of the ironing board, spread the shoulder and beam seams and iron them carefully. Do the same with the other shoulder.
  6. Now lay out the shelf with buttons on the board. Iron especially carefully with the angle of the iron the gaps between the buttons, trying not to touch them. After ironing one shelf, move it on the board so that the side seam appears in the middle. It is also carefully ironed. The same actions are repeated with the second shelf.
  7. It remains to iron the back of the shirt, and this is the easiest stage. Especially if there is no fold in the middle.
  8. Now hang the shirt over the shoulders, fasten the top button to avoid creases. Cool the thing before putting it on, otherwise it will quickly become soft.

How to iron a polo shirt

Shirts are sewn from knitted fabric, which can lead to loss of shape over time. Correct ironing will extend the period of wearing it.

How to iron a shirt

The polo should be turned inside out so as not to lose the brightness of the color. After that, the shirt is put on the board and as one area is smoothed, it is turned along the axis. It is not necessary to iron the seams too intensively so that they do not stretch.

Polo sleeves, like the short sleeves of any other shirt, are ironed without arrows, for this they are stretched over a mini-board or a roll of a towel. Side seams are also ironed with the help of these devices.

The gate is ironed last. So that it does not lose its shape, it can be sprinkled with water and starch.

How to iron a shirt correctly

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