Products made of natural wool require careful care. And if we are talking about outerwear made of wool, the care process is quite complicated. Of course, a woolen coat should, first of all, be carefully worn, however, even in this case, there is no guarantee that the thing will not be remembered. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to properly iron woolen outerwear. We will talk about how to iron a coat today.


Before ironing, the material must be prepared. In particular, you need to take into account all the important nuances of washing and drying a coat . This will significantly simplify the ironing process, help maintain an attractive appearance for a long period of time.
How to iron a wool coat

Here’s what to remember:

  1. When washing by hand, you need to wash the fabric as carefully as possible (the material cannot be rubbed, as this can provoke the appearance of coils and creases). If the coat is machine washed, it is recommended to use special laundry bags. This will protect the material from damage.
  2. To dry the coat, you need to hang it on a hanger, having previously straightened the fabric. But it is impossible to squeeze and twist the product.
  3. Use special detergents for washing (quality powder suitable for the chosen washing mode). Do not forget about the air conditioner. This product will soften the fabric, so it will be easier to iron.
  4. Do not dry the coat to the end. It should be ironed slightly damp, otherwise it will be simply impossible to completely remove all creases.
  5. The iron should not be too hot or cold (a hot iron will spoil the material, cold ironing will not work).

We start ironing

Experienced housewives know a lot of tricks that help to iron a woolen coat with high quality without spoiling its appearance. Here are some of them:

  1. Before ironing the coat, it is necessary to carefully straighten it on the ironing table, turn out the pockets. You should start ironing from the wrong side of the coat. If the coat has a dense lining, it must be ironed as well. At the same time, the use of additional fabric is not necessary at all.
  2. Special attention should be paid to ironing the sleeves. For this purpose, it is good to use special ironing boards of small size.
  3. After the sleeves, it is necessary to iron the shoulders. To do this, a solid rounded surface of the appropriate size is placed under them.
  4. Next, carefully iron the collar, lapels, small details.
  5. Now you can start ironing the front side of the coat. Do not forget to use wet gauze to protect the fabric. The ironing order is as follows: sleeves, back, collar, lapels, shoulders.
  6. Finally, the seams are ironed. Here it is important to remember that you need to press the iron hard enough, but so as not to stretch the fabric.

ironing a coat

What is better to iron?

Of course, you can use an ordinary iron, having previously set the appropriate temperature mode on it. However, for ironing woolen products, especially outerwear made of wool, it is recommended to use an iron with a steam mode, or a steam generator specially designed for ironing.

How to iron a coat made of wool: the procedure

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