Dealing with a wrinkled shirt is not an easy task. If you preferred t-shirts and turtlenecks just because you avoided ironing, then it’s time to say goodbye to trivial outfits. After all, a chic ironed shirt is an example of refined style. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to iron a long-sleeved shirt, what tricks housewives advise to get an excellent result. Simple tips will help you not only to reduce the time with the iron in your hand, but also to get real pleasure from the housework.


True masters of the “shirt business” know that easy ironing begins with proper washing. When choosing a mode for a washing machine, limit yourself to the medium spin level. Clothes that have undergone 1,000 to 1,700 revolutions, as a rule, not only remain almost dry, but also wrinkle quite a lot. If you need to whiten a shirt, read how to do it in this article .
Washing the shirt in the washing machine

It is necessary to dry a shirt with a long sleeve by placing it on the shoulders. If you don’t have them at hand, then carefully hang it on a clothesline, straightening the sleeves and collar.

You can iron a long-sleeved shirt when it becomes slightly damp. It is very important not to dry the clothes. Otherwise, the lesson can turn into torture. If the thing is already dry, the sprayer will correct the situation. Spray the product half an hour before ironing or wrap it in a damp towel. Clothes made of natural silk should not be moistened in this way. Stains may remain on it, and the product will have to be washed again.

Adjust the operation of the iron

When the thing is ready for the touch of the iron, it is worth taking into account several important details: take care of the device, choose the ironing mode.

Check the cleanliness of the iron, the presence of liquid, if it is an electrical appliance with a steam function. Use only pure distilled water, it will help to iron without stains.

Read the label carefully. The image of an iron indicates that the item can be ironed. The dots in the figure indicate the maximum temperature for the fabric. Three dots – up to 200 degrees, two – up to 130 degrees, one – up to 120. The same conditional images are on the device’s relay. Choose the desired heating mode and start.

Place the shirt on the ironing board

To effectively iron the product, you need to take into account the procedure.

It is necessary to start ironing a men’s shirt from the collar , then proceed to the cuffs and sleeves. Then proceed to the bar, back, front of the shirt.

Remember that you need to start with small details and move on to large ones.

Depending on the fabric, the clothes are placed inside out or inside out. Delicate fabric is best ironed inside out.

To preserve the color, bright shirts should not be processed from the front side.
He will stroke the shirt properly

If there are decorative patterns or prints on the fabric, it is better to iron it from the wrong side. So the pattern will become more convex and last longer.

We iron in turn

  • Collar. Start ironing the collar from the wrong side. Go from the corners to the middle. Repeat the action on the front side.
  • Cuff. Approach the cuff also from the wrong side. If the cuff is double, unfold it. Iron on both sides, then wrap evenly and fix the fold with an iron.
  • Sleeve. It is ideal if there is a special section of the ironing board for the long sleeve. In this case, you should pull a sleeve over it. Scrolling it in a circle, iron the entire part of the product. If there is no device, then you need to iron the sleeve from the bottom to the top, having previously folded it along the seam. Remember that you should not leave the arrow on the sleeve. This is a sign of bad taste. The exception is military shirts.
  • shelf Read the fight against irregularities on the front of the shirt from the part where the buttons are located. It is necessary to iron from the bottom to the top. Pay special attention to the area of ​​fabric between the buttons. Then proceed to the part with loops. Do the same.
  • Back. As you iron the back, move from the right seam to the left seam, moving smoothly up to the sleeve area. Pay special attention to the coquette.

Hang the shirt on the shoulders so that it does not wrinkle. If you decide to fold it, remember that you can’t fold the thing while it’s hot.

How to iron a long-sleeved shirt

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