A mink fur coat is not only very beautiful, but also a whimsical product that requires careful care. If it is not properly cared for and stored, after a few years the mink will turn from an object of pride into an object of disappointment. Let’s figure out how to store a mink fur coat out of season. After all, it is not enough to simply hang it on a shoulder in a closet or on a hanger – this method will only spoil your favorite mink. To preserve beauty, more actions are required, which are described below.

How to dry fur from moisture

Moisture has the most negative effect on the condition of fur. Therefore, after returning home from the street, dry the fur coat thoroughly. How to do it?

  1. Shake the fur coat, clean it of snow and drops of moisture. If the fur gets very wet, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth without pressing.
  2. Hang the product on the appropriate size hangers.
  3. It is recommended to dry away from direct sunlight, otherwise the mink may fade.

How to store a mink coat

Preparation for the summer season

The mink fur coat likes to be “walked” periodically. However, in the summer, for known reasons, it will not be possible to do this. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare the mink for the summer season, so that after its end, the mink outerwear does not lose its attractive appearance.

If the fur coat is rubbed or dirty during the winter, take it to a dry cleaner or clean it yourself, following the recommendations .

After that, perform a number of simple actions that will help you store fur outerwear in the summer without damage:

  1. Hang a fur coat on the shoulders, air it on the balcony. It is better to do this in the dark, as the influence of direct sunlight has a harmful effect on the appearance of the fur.
  2. Comb the fur with a brush with rare teeth (you can buy a special brush).
  3. Straighten the sleeves, collar, pleats (if any), fasten the buttons.
  4. It is recommended to store outerwear in a special fabric cover. At the same time, it is better to give preference to options made of natural fabric. So you will not only protect the fur coat from dust and rubbing, but also allow the fur to breathe.

mink storage

Where to store?

It is necessary to store the fur coat in a dry, dark place. At the same time, it is important to monitor the temperature regime. Mink is very fond of coolness, so storing the product in a warm place can damage it.

It is important to take care of protecting clothes from moths. For this, it is recommended to prepare special cloth bags filled with dried herbs. Dried lavender, citrus peels are good for this purpose. But the use of aerosols should be abandoned, as they have a negative effect on the condition of the fur. If the moth has already started, and you already notice the first traces of its vital activity, you still cannot do without an aerosol. When choosing a product, it is advisable to give preference to options specially designed for mink fur.

A mink coat should not hang next to other outerwear, it is better to store it in a special separate place. Remember that from time to time the fur coat needs to be pulled out, aired, and shaken. This will allow it to keep its shape and avoid creases.

A mink fur coat is a rather expensive product. And, in order for it to retain its attractive appearance, ensure proper care.

How to store a mink fur coat at home

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