A sharp unpleasant smell coming from shoes brings inconvenience to the person himself and to those in whose society he is. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to solve this problem. There are several ways to get rid of an unpleasant smell in shoes, the main thing is to correctly determine the root cause of the appearance of a specific aroma.

Reasons and first actions

Not every shoe smells. And if this problem appears, it is necessary, first of all, to eliminate the cause. Having identified the source of the smell, you can easily find a solution:

  • Cheap, unnatural material. Low-quality dermatin prevents air circulation. The leg sweats, the inner surface of the shoe is moistened, a smell appears. In addition, for the manufacture of cheap shoes and boots, glue of increased toxicity is used, which emits a sharp smell. The solution to the problem is not to buy cheap shoes or to wash your shoes and feet more often.
  • Non-dried shoes. It is impossible to allow wet shoes to remain without drying, the material deteriorates from moisture and a specific smell appears. It is easy to prevent its appearance – dry the shoes.
  • Sweaty feet, fungal diseases. Feet can sweat through pantyhose or synthetic socks. It is preferable to wear natural ones. The fungus must be cured. Sweating can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet or impaired body heat exchange.
  • Long-term use. Old shoes begin to decompose and give off a bad smell.
  • Antics of a pet. A puppy or kitten can go to the toilet in shoes. If you do not wash immediately, but only dry, the smell will not disappear anywhere.

How to get rid of unpleasant smell in shoes

It is necessary to check the shoes for the presence of odor every day. If it did not appear immediately, it can be said that the inner surface is contaminated. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, the dirt or your feet, you need to wash the inside of the shoes first and dry them. It also makes sense to throw away the old insole and put a new one. After that, the smell should disappear.

However, not every shoe can be washed. For example, some sneakers are forbidden to get wet, only dry cleaning is allowed. In this case, you will have to connect other methods of removing the stench.

Ways to eliminate unpleasant odors include:

  • drying,
  • use of absorbents,
  • disinfection,
  • using foot products if the problem is fungus.

The smell of dampness and sweat

If your feet are sweaty or you got caught in the rain or stepped into a puddle, you must dry your shoes when you get home. Otherwise, moisture will spoil the material, and the unpleasant smell of sweat and dampness will become persistent.

How to dry wet shoes correctly and get rid of the smell of dampness:

  • The easiest way is to use thin paper, for example, newspapers or toilet paper. Put a newspaper tightly inside, and after a couple of hours replace them with dry ones.
  • Buy bags with moisture-absorbing granules – silica gel. They lie in a box with shoes or are sold in shoe stores. Put them inside overnight.
  • Buy a shoe dryer.
  • If the shoes get wet every day, you can quickly dry them with a hair dryer.
  • If you have a pet, then a filler for cat litter with large granules will absorb excess moisture well. Often they are also flavored, so you will get rid of the smell of dampness at the same time.
  • An unusual way is to put women’s pads inside a boot or shoe. They will absorb both odor and moisture. Suitable for traveling.

How to reduce sweating of the feet so that the shoes no longer smell:

  • Use antiperspirants for feet every time before putting on shoes.
  • At night, you can apply Teymurov’s paste, wearing socks on top.
  • In the evenings, make aromatic foot baths from decoctions of oak bark, willow, chestnut, tea, sage and other herbs containing tannins. Tannins reduce the work of sweat glands. For a noticeable effect, baths are taken for 2 weeks for 15-20 minutes.

Pungent smell of fungus

If the problem of smell is frequent, then throw away poor-quality shoes. If it’s not about quality, then use a foot deodorant and get on with your treatment. Most likely, you have a fungus, it provokes the appearance of stench. Shoes in this case must be disinfected:

  • Treat the inner surface of the shoes with alcohol every evening. It will eliminate germs that cause an unpleasant smell.
  • You can disinfect the steam with water and chlorine by spraying it inside from a sprayer.
  • A weak solution of potassium permanganate is another good disinfectant. Wet a rag or a cotton pad in the solution, treat the shoes from the inside.
  • Freezing is another unusual way to get rid of the stench. First, put a pair of shoes in the refrigerator or freezer. Take it out overnight and leave it at room temperature. Microbes will slow down their vital activity, the smell will not be there for some time. The effect of the method will increase if you put any kind of absorbent inside the steam: salt, coffee beans, etc.
  • Tea tree oil. Dilute with water at the rate of 10 drops per half liter of water. Put cotton socks soaked in the solution on your feet, put on your shoes and walk like this for 20 minutes. The oil treats the fungus and disinfects the shoes, eliminating the characteristic smell.
  • Shoe dryer with ionizer. Effectively suitable to get rid of germs and fungus.

how to remove the stench from shoes

Handy remedies against unpleasant odor

In addition to disinfection and drying, it is necessary to absorb unpleasant odors. Various absorbents from improvised means will cope with this:

  • Soda or salt perfectly absorb odors. Make bags of thin cotton fabric, fill them with salt or soda, and put them inside your shoes overnight. Salt will absorb not only moisture, but also an unpleasant smell. In order not only to eliminate the stench, but also to give the shoes a pleasant aroma, you can put dry herbs of lavender, chamomile, and roses in a bag.
  • Coffee beans are another good and affordable absorbent. They will not only absorb moisture, but also kill the unpleasant smell with the aroma of coffee.
  • Activated carbon. Sold in a pharmacy. You can buy a special absorber with coal granules in a shoe store. Crush and put 5-6 tablets in your shoes at night. In addition to sweat, it will also remove the smell of rubber from new shoes.
  • Green tea in bags. Put a bag in your shoes, and in the morning they will smell fresh.
  • Mix 3 tbsp. l. soda with 1 tbsp. l. cornstarch and add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. Place this mixture in the shoes until they dry. The product will absorb the stench and add freshness.
  • Treat the inner surface with cotton wool soaked in vinegar or peroxide. This method removes the smell of cat urine well .
  • Absorbers with helium. It is made on the basis of an extract from algae, lemon extract gives a pleasant smell. Sold in shoe stores.

Care and prevention

At the end of the season, shoes are put away for storage. It must first be washed, dried, disinfected, dried again and put in a cardboard box. Throw a bag of absorbent granules there.

If the cause of the stench is in your feet, be sure to consult a doctor. It is better to treat the fungus under the supervision of a doctor. Also, the hospital will help determine the cause of increased sweating, it is not always a physiological problem, sometimes it indicates a violation of the hormonal background or the functioning of organs.

How to get rid of unpleasant smell in shoes