Often, attempts to completely remove midges from the house remain unsuccessful. There are two main reasons here: firstly, the fight against annoying insects involves the implementation of a whole set of measures, secondly, one should first determine which type of pest one has to “fight”. There are several ways to get rid of midges in an apartment.

As a rule, midges of several types may appear in the apartment:

  • Drosophila (they are also called fruit, wine, fruit);
  • Mushroom mosquitoes;
  • Sewer flies.

Disgust should be singled out separately. Their main habitat is water bodies, so if you live nearby, they can sometimes fly into your apartment by accident.

Most often, you can face the problem of the appearance of fruit flies. We will talk about them.

How to get rid of midges in an apartment

Fruit fly (Drosophila)

Fruit flies do not pose a direct danger to human health, the appearance of such hordes in an apartment often becomes a real disaster. At the same time, they reproduce rapidly, laying eggs on the surface of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. The category of food most attractive to drosophila includes bananas, citrus fruits, and aromatic cheeses.

There are dozens of subspecies of fruit flies, but they all have similar qualities. Such an insect reaches 3 millimeters in length, has a bulbous oval body. Color, most often, with a brown or dark yellow shade.

Drosophila can be distinguished from other insects by determining the source of appearance. If they settled in a bag with fruits or vegetables, near a garbage can, sitting on wet towels and lips, you can conclude with 100% certainty that it is a drosophila.

The lifespan of flies is short – less than a day. Therefore, it is easy to get rid of them – it is enough to eliminate the source of their appearance and products that contribute to reproduction.

Spring cleaning

In order to remove midges from the apartment quickly and permanently, it is necessary to carefully get into the kitchen:

  1. Find and destroy the cause of the appearance of insects. It is probably something made of fruit or an uncorked bottle of wine. If there are no visible reasons, check under the table, near the trash can, maybe some of the food has fallen and is now rotting in an inconspicuous place, becoming a breeding ground for midges.
  2. Getting rid of the source is only half the battle. Check all the products and throw away those that are rotten (midges may have already laid eggs on them). If the cheese or bakery products were lying open, then it is better to get rid of them too.
  3. Thoroughly wash all dishes, especially those from which vegetable stew, juices, wine, honey were used.
  4. If there are different wine bottles, the dishes should be tightly closed.
  5. Check the kitchen furniture, refrigerator, appliances and sink for food crumbs and drips. Wash everything with detergent.
  6. If there are curtains hanging in the kitchen, wash them. It is also necessary to thoroughly wash the rags and sponges used to wash the dishes.

After eliminating the habitats of midges, vacuum and wash the floor. As a rule, these actions are enough to get rid of annoying insects.

If there is no time for cleaning

If you notice insects, but you are in a hurry to work or go on business and cannot do the cleaning right now, then use special insect repellents. They will help stop midges before your return. Remember that cleaning will still be required.

  • Insecticidal aerosol (for example, diclofos). It is forbidden to use in the kitchen, dining room or near food, as it is a toxic poison chemical. Spray in the toilet, bathroom and in living rooms so that flies from the kitchen do not move to other rooms.
  • Sticky tape against flies. Hang in the place of the largest concentration of insects. Some of them will stick to the Velcro. A dubious remedy, as it reduces the number of midges, but does not eliminate them forever.
  • Fumigator against flies and midges. There are plates and liquid ones. Will effectively get rid of insects from the apartment. Put on at night. The disadvantage is an unpleasant smell.

how to remove fruit flies

People’s advice

There is no time to run to the store – make a trap yourself or prepare a repellent for midges from improvised means. It will only take a few minutes.

Method 1. Fruit bait:

  1. Pieces of banana, apples or grapes are placed in an empty bottle;
  2. With the help of a nail, a couple of dozen holes are made in the container;
  3. The trap is placed in the immediate vicinity of the habitat of insects,
  4. In a couple of days, the bottle will be full of midges, as they can fly in, but not get out.

Method 2. Liquid trap:

  1. Drosophila flock to the smell of beer, dessert wine, apple cider vinegar. Pour some water, your chosen drink and a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the bottle.
  2. Leave the bottle open. Insects will fly to an attractive smell. Once in the water, they will be caught by a soapy film and will not be able to fly away.
  3. All that remains is to tightly close the vessel and get rid of midges.

Method 3. Frightening smells. Drosophila do not tolerate the smell of camphor, garlic and cloves.

  1. Achieve the appearance of a strong aroma from the chosen “repellant”. Heat the camphor in a frying pan or in the microwave until the smell of wormwood appears. Cut the garlic into slices. Boil cloves.
  2. Walk around the entire apartment, spreading the chosen smell. Garlic can be spread in likely places of residence: indoor flowers, near the bread box, garbage cans.
  3. The smell will drive away insects, or at least drive them to one place, preventing them from flying to other rooms.


With the listed points, we have eliminated the obvious habitats and breeding grounds of midges. But this is not enough, because insect eggs can be found in the most unexpected places. The next stage is more about everyday little things, helps to prevent midges from appearing again, so that all the initial efforts are not in vain.

  • The table, especially the kitchen table, must be kept perfectly clean, there should be no crumbs, food residues, or sticky spots on it.
  • Wash the surfaces of the stove and sink thoroughly with detergents at least once a week.
  • Take out garbage from the apartment regularly.
  • If there is a garbage can under the windows, then it will not be superfluous to install mosquito nets so that Drosophila do not fly into the apartment.

how to clean the kitchen from midges

The fight against fungus gnats

If small flies are found in indoor flowers, and the condition of the plants has deteriorated, it is necessary to take measures to destroy insects of this species. This is no longer a drosophila, and the methods of struggle here are different. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Watering flowers must be temporarily suspended, as the larvae laid by fungus gnats can develop exclusively in a moist environment;
  • It is worth buying special trap leaves with a sticky surface, which will help get rid of adults;
  • After the destruction of insects, you need to follow the watering regime to prevent repeated overwetting of the soil in flower pots.

Sewer fly

If it is found that midges are flying from the sewer, it is necessary to carry out thorough cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, eliminate sources of stagnant water, throw away garbage, and clean the sewage system . The latter is done using a pipe cleaning gel.

How to get rid of midges in an apartment