Ants live in colonies. Therefore, if at least one such insect is found in the house, measures should be immediately taken to destroy the arthropods. Otherwise, hordes of ants will be running around your home very soon. There are several ways to get rid of ants in the house forever, including folk remedies.

What danger are ants?

Can such small creatures harm a person? Of course it is. The damage can be moral, because it is not very pleasant when little paws run over your things and body. It causes discomfort, itching. In addition, sensing danger, an ant can bite, which is quite painful. A red itchy mark remains. Some people may be allergic to insect bites.

How to get rid of ants in the house forever with folk remedies

But there is another danger: like many other insects, these are also spreaders of infection. Here everything is elementary: an ant is able to carry harmful microorganisms on its legs. They come into contact with dirt and food, and then travel around the house, spreading infections on your belongings.

In addition, ants of such species as Argentine ants, woodpeckers, and termites can settle in the house. If the first are poisonous and live only in the southern regions, then the same termites are found everywhere and in a few years can significantly spoil the integrity of any wooden buildings.

Conclusion: ants of any kind must be dealt with by all available methods.

How to destroy

There are different ways to deal with ants in a private house:

  • Search and complete destruction of an anthill (if approached humanely, the colony can simply be moved to another place);
  • Use of special factory means;
  • Application of folk methods.

However, there is another point that stands out. This is cleanliness in the house. Any crumbs, leftover food attract insects, as they have an excellent sense of smell. It is the latter that explains the fact that ants always move from their nest and back in a chain, following one another.

Thus, having detected ants, it is necessary to immediately take a whole set of measures:

  1. Cleaning the house and maintaining cleanliness.
  2. Finding and destroying the nest.
  3. Use of special or folk remedies against insects.

Finding and destroying the nest

People running around your house are just foragers. Their task is to collect provisions for the entire colony, and especially for the queen. Therefore, the use of any special means most often by itself does not bring results. It is necessary to find an anthill with the head of the family in the form of a queen and get rid of it.

Colonies of ants settle in remote places of the house: in the ceilings, in cracks in the wall or floor, under the floor covering, behind the plinth, in the sewer holes, etc. You can find the den by following the insects. Ants do not eat on the spot, they find food and carry it to the anthill. Find an ant with a piece of food, watch where it crawls. It may take time, but it’s better than searching randomly and uncovering the entire floor and walls. Having detected a colony, it is necessary to get rid of it:

  • dig up and throw away from the house (humane way),
  • pour boiling water, acid or ice water over the anthill.

The main thing is that the uterus dies. Without it, the ants remaining in the house will leave the house on their own.

At this stage, there is one problem: the nest will be completely inaccessible, for example, under the foundation of a house that does not have a basement. In this case, you will have to hope that other means of combating ants will work.

Use of special means

Such products are presented in a wide range on the modern market. In order to combat ants in a private house, you can purchase:

  • Aerosols are sprayed around the room and poison insects, they are also poisonous to humans and animals. The disadvantage is that you can only get rid of forager ants, for which the intact and intact uterus will always find a replacement. Raid, Raptor are among the most popular aerosol products.
  • Powder and chalk. Depending on the method of application of this type of product, you can crumble it on the floor, dilute it in water, draw lines. The disadvantage of such drugs is toxicity for humans and pets. In addition, it is recommended to use chalk and powders together with aerosols, which are also dangerous for the residents of the house, as they contain various poisonous components. Therefore, if there are small children, cats and dogs in the house, it is necessary to act very carefully. Or leave home for several days during poisoning.
  • All kinds of baits and traps help a little. Here the principle is the same: you will destroy the foragers, but the queen will remain, accordingly, the insects will continue to reproduce and bother.
  • Gels are the most effective of all the means available in stores. Unlike powders, sprays and baits, gels are much more effective. A product of this type should be applied to those surfaces that ants have chosen. The gel consists of components that do not kill insects immediately. Thus, picking up bait, arthropods carry it to the nest, which gradually poisons the whole family. The entire colony with this approach dies out in about 2 weeks.

Folk methods

You can try to get rid of ants in a private house without any special means. At home you can:

  1. Prepare treats poisonous to ants from boric acid, borax or yeast. These products are poisonous to insects and help get rid of cockroaches . The principle of action will be the same as that of the gels – the ants will pick up the poison and bring it to the queen’s anthill, poisoning their relatives. Within 10-15 days, the colony will cease to exist.
  2. Scare away insects with unpleasant odors. With this method, you will get rid of the remains of ants after the death of the uterus and avoid their reappearance. Place repellent products near ant trails, and the insects will leave your home faster. Such products include: elderberry, clove, wormwood, garlic, mint, sunflower oil, tomatoes, chamomile. Some advise to fry a piece of old lard, but this option is doubtful.
  3. Build an ant trap with your own hands from improvised means. With the bait, you will significantly reduce the number of ants and catch individuals remaining after the death of the queen.

Ant poison recipes

By itself, boric acid or yeast is not appetizing to ants. Insects will not pick them up, let alone eat them. Therefore, you need to mix these substances with something tasty. Here are some recipes that are attractive to ants, as well as cockroaches and other insects:

  • Mix yeast or borax with any sweet product. Place where you see ants most often. Carrying treats to an anthill, insects poison the entire colony.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of boric acid with sugar, dissolve in water. Lubricate with the resulting solution all paths along which insects run and approaches to the colony.
  • Mix 3 components – boric acid, yeast, jam. Spread pieces of the prepared mixture along the ant trails.
  • Mix borax, glycerin, water, honey and sugar in equal proportions. Divide into pieces measuring a couple of mm, spread them near the entrance to the anthill, so that the insects take the treat to their home faster.
  • Boil the potato and egg, mix, add a spoonful of boric acid and a little sugar. If the mixture is dry, add a little milk or water. Roll small balls of 2-3 mm. Do not make large ones, otherwise the ants will not be able to pull them into their burrows.
  • Ants love meat. Combine some minced meat with boric acid. Put the pieces closer to the anthill. Keep in mind that the meat can rot and smell, so use very little and if you are sure of the location of the insects.

If you like to drink natural brewed coffee, then there is good news for you – do not rush to throw away the coffee grounds, it is just as dangerous for ants. Add a little jam to the thicket and treat the insects.

how to remove ants by folk remedies

How to build an insect trap

The main thing in the trap is for the ants to be able to reach it, but not be able to get out. Something sticky or quite liquid can keep insects:

  • Take a small container, pour water into it and dilute honey or jam. You should get a very sweet syrup. Put on the ant trail. Attracted by the sweet, the ants will climb up to eat and drown in the water. In addition, you can lubricate the walls of the container from the inside with vegetable oil so that insects cannot crawl up the slippery surface.
  • Take a wide double-sided tape. Stick it on a piece of cardboard. Put a sweet or meat bait in the middle of the sticky surface. The ants will try to get the food, but will be stuck and will not be able to move anymore.

Traps catch insects well, but this way you can get rid of only those ants that are caught. The colony will continue to reproduce as long as the queen is alive.

How to get rid of ants in the house