Flies are carriers of infection. In the warm season, they enter the house, sit on food and dishes, leave traces of vital activity on all surfaces. Objects infested with flies not only look unpleasant. After touching them, you need to wash your hands so as not to catch an infection. If you do not take measures to destroy flies in the house, they will also multiply in a short time. The risk of infection increases tenfold. Let’s consider ways to get rid of flies in the apartment.

The problem of flies in the apartment is especially relevant at the beginning of autumn. A comfortable temperature for them is at least 23-25 ​​degrees of heat. With the arrival of autumn, it becomes cool, and insects look for warmer places, flying into apartments. If this is not the first year you have observed this picture in your home, then be sure to take care of prevention in advance.

How to get rid of flies in an apartment

In order not to have to solve the problem of destroying flies in the apartment, they should not be allowed there. For this, mosquito nets are attached to open windows. Also, these insects can penetrate through the entrance or balcony door and the ventilation hole. You can also attach nets to them.

Flies are attracted to pungent smells. They can come from food, used diapers, cat litter, food waste, spoiled vegetables in boxes. Garbage should be disposed of in a timely manner, food should be removed from the table, diapers should be thrown away. The table in the kitchen should always be wiped after eating. Dirty dishes should not accumulate in the sink. Flies cannot be given the opportunity to reproduce, and individual specimens can be dealt with easily and quickly.

If the flies did fly into the apartment, and there is no strength to endure the annoying buzzing, then it is time to get rid of them with special or improvised means.

Fly traps

  • Ultraviolet. They attract not only flies, but also other insects with the light they emit. Insects fly into the trap and stick to the sticky surface.
  • Ultraviolet with electric discharge. Similar to the previous ones, but without Velcro. Insects are affected by the electric discharge and they die.
  • Sticky tape. It is sold in the form of a roll. At home, it is unfolded and hung. Flies fly to the smell and stick. The paper is thrown away with the attached insects. WARNING! Sticky bait should not be hung over a dining table or cooking area, as flies may fall into your food.
  • Velcro is the cheapest option that is suitable for an apartment. Ultraviolet devices are more expensive and it makes sense to spend on them only if there is a regular and large accumulation of flies, as it happens in private houses.

    sticky tape against flies

    fly swatters

    Everyone who faced the problem of flies invading their homes killed them with a rolled-up newspaper. Many people use a fly swatter for this purpose. Today it has been improved. It is enough just to touch the device to the insect, and it will be shocked by the current discharge. Such a discharge is too weak for humans or animals, so it is not dangerous. But it is better to keep away from children.

    Insecticidal preparations

    The most famous of them is diclofos. It is sprayed from an aerosol indoors, and after 20-30 minutes the flies fall dead, having been poisoned by poisonous vapors. The disadvantage is high toxicity. People have to leave the house for at least an hour until the drug wears off.

    There are other sprays that are less toxic but just as effective. The main thing is to remove all food before spraying, and then wipe all surfaces with a wet cloth and collect dead insects with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

    There are also insecticidal baits on sale. Their contents are edible for flies, but contaminated with poison. It is always necessary to put away poisonous products so that children and pets do not find them and do not suffer from them.

    Natural remedies

    In the conditions of the apartment and the impossibility of treating it with insecticides (for example, due to the presence of children and animals), it is cheaper and more practical to use folk remedies. You can scare away, poison or catch flies. Choose the method depending on the availability of time and available ingredients.

    There are some scents that will help get rid of flies. Having felt an unpleasant aroma, insects try to leave the zone of its distribution. For this method to be effective, be sure to turn off the lights in the rooms before spraying the smell, open the window and illuminate it so that the flies find a way out and can leave the apartment:

    • The smell of essential oils is repulsive to many insects, including midges and flies. Oils of thyme, clove, geranium, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender and other herbs are suitable. Dissolve 10 drops of essential oil per liter of water and spray around the room using a spray bottle.
    • Alcohol or vodka. A very effective deterrent, but keep in mind that the smell of vodka takes a long time to dissipate from the apartment. It is sprayed on all surfaces of the room.
    • Light a lavender-scented candle.
    • Lemon and cloves. You can quickly build a repellent that is fragrant for people, but unpleasant for flies. Cut the lemon in half, take the clove seasoning and insert several blossoms into the lemon pulp. The combination of these products will give a strong effect, but with a limited field of action. This method is effective in scaring flies and mosquitoes away from the bed and giving you a good night’s sleep. But it will not be possible to completely get rid of insects.

    lemon and clove from flies

    • Twigs of tansy, laurel, peppermint. They can become an excellent decoration of the apartment in the form of dried flowers in vases or hanging bouquets. In addition, plants have a concentrated smell that repels flies.
    • Onion juice is also unpleasant for insects. They can be smeared in various places in the apartment or a window with a door so that flies do not fly inside. But you will also have to smell the aromas of onions – a dubious pleasure.
    • If the problem of flies in the apartment is regular, then you can grow indoor plants that repel insects with their smell. It can be bay tree, mint, rosemary. Put pots with plants on the windowsill and no fly will risk flying to your window.

    Using the principle of store-bought sticky tape, you can make homemade fly traps:

    • Mix lemon juice and water in equal parts, add 2-4 spoons of sugar. Boil a thick syrup. Take a sheet of cardboard and soak it well with syrup. Hang up. Attracted by the sweet, the flies will try the treat and stick to the cardboard. Important: throw away the cardboard with attached insects as the syrup dries, as it will become loose when it dries, and the caught flies will be released from the trap.
    • Prepare the sugar syrup. You can use jam or honey, if you don’t mind – then it will have to be thrown away. Take a plastic bottle and cut it so that 2/3 of the container is at the bottom and 1/3 at the top with a neck. Pour sweet syrup into the lower part by volume so that the inserted upper part of the bottle with the neck down does not reach the liquid. It will be a sweet bait. Flies will fly through the neck for sweets and drown there. The neck is necessary so that the flies cannot fly out until they are completely stuck in the liquid. Instead of a plastic bottle, you can use an ordinary can with a paper cone inserted into it or an inverted watering can.

    As you can see, there are many ways to get rid of flies in the house, and anyone can use the most suitable one or experiment and choose the most optimal one.

    How to get rid of flies in an apartment