A thermos is a very practical thing. It helps keep hot drinks warm for many hours. That is why it is very popular in various hikes. Many people use it at work because it is extremely convenient. But sooner or later it becomes dirty, and an unpleasant aroma appears in it. It is very easy to use the methods of how to clean a thermos from tea plaque, scale or odors.

How to clean the inside of a thermos

There are two types of thermoses: stainless steel and glass. The first are cheap, keep warm for a long time, but often get dirty. The second ones are significantly more expensive, but retain heat better and are practically not subject to pollution. Variants made of stainless steel are more common and get dirtier, which is why they usually have to be washed. This can be done using the handy tools listed below. They will give a chance to get rid of tea plaque, scale or the smell that accompanies them.

Important: do not use rugs and other metal objects, because they can scratch the walls, while spoiling the thermal insulation properties of the vessel.

How to clean a thermos inside

Citric acid

The use of citric acid is one of the most effective and simple methods. It easily destroys any contamination, while giving things a familiar look. It can be found in the kitchen of any house, which makes the method very accessible.

The process will not take much time:

  1. Wash the inside of the thermos with the usual means.
  2. Pour citric acid powder there (1 tablespoon).
  3. Pour boiling water for 12 hours.
  4. Pour out all the liquid, rinse with warm clean water.

To strengthen the effect, the procedure can be repeated twice. In cases where this does not help, you can use additional other methods.


The effectiveness of using lemon will be quite high. You only need to stock up on one ripe lemon and a sharp knife.

How cleaning is done:

  1. Wash and cut the fruit into small slices.
  2. Carefully fold it inside the vessel, pour boiling water over it.
  3. Close tightly, leave to infuse for 12 hours.
  4. Pour out the liquid, rinse well from the inside with clean water.

If this is not enough, the procedure can be repeated. After one more time, there will definitely not be a trace of scale left.

Baking soda

There is a box of ordinary soda in every apartment. It has good cleaning properties, is suitable for removing any impurities, and is also completely harmless to humans. All this makes it popular for washing dishes. Thermoses were no exception. It helps to quickly get rid of tea stains and any other types of dirt. As a rule, it is used together with pearl barley, which significantly increases the effectiveness.

How to clean with soda:

  1. Pour pearl barley (half a glass) into the thermos, add a tablespoon of soda.
  2. Pour the mixture with boiling water.
  3. Cover tightly, leave to infuse for three hours.
  4. Shake the container vigorously so that the cereal additionally cleans the entire inner surface.
  5. After pouring out the liquid, thoroughly rinse everything from the inside with clean water.
  6. Such a simple method can also be extremely effective in removing any odors that eat into the walls.

cleaning the thermos


A rather unusual way to clean a metal thermos from plaque and scale is to use ammonia. It significantly affects plaque, corroding its structure, after which cleaning becomes very quick and easy.

How to use it:

  1. Pour ammonia into a small bottle with a lid.
  2. Make 4 very small holes in the lid, thread the threads through them.
  3. Put the bottle neck down inside the thermos for 10 hours.
  4. Thoroughly wash the vessel walls and let them dry.
  5. During all 10 hours, the alcohol will slowly flow down the threads, while evaporating. Its vapors will affect scale and plaque, softening them. This is a safe and effective cleaning method.


Table vinegar (9%) helps to clean the thermos from old tea deposits. It effectively removes everything that can spoil the appearance of dishes or contribute to the release of unpleasant aromas. Instead of table vinegar, you can choose grape and apple vinegar. They will cope with the task no worse.

How to achieve results:

  1. Fill 25% of the volume of the vessel with the selected vinegar.
  2. Fill the remaining space with hot water.
  3. Close the mixture for five hours.
  4. Pour vinegar and water, rinse the walls thoroughly, then let them dry on their own.
  5. After drying, there will be no signs of the presence of vinegar. That is why it should be dried in an open form, and not wiped with a towel and covered.

Important: when working with vinegar, you should wear gloves to avoid burns on the skin.

Tablets for cleaning dentures

A popular way to clean the walls of a thermos from annoying dirt involves the use of special cleaning tablets that are designed for dentures. They give a good result, and you can buy them for a fairly low price.

How to use them:

  1. Fill the vessel with boiling water, throw 3 tablets there.
  2. Close the thermos for 12 hours.
  3. Pour out the liquid, wash the walls with detergent.
  4. After them, no harmful substances remain inside the thermos.


Many people are aware that one of the most popular drinks in the world perfectly eats away various pollution. He will cope well with tea stains. One bottle of drink, the volume of which corresponds to the size of a thermos, is enough for this.

How to clean with Cola:

  1. Warm up the Kola on a gas stove.
  2. Fill a thermos with it.
  3. Close the lid for 12 hours.
  4. Wash the walls well with warm water.

The thermos will be perfectly clean after these actions.


Such a radical method will help to quickly achieve results. After using the linen, there will be absolutely no traces of dirt. However, an unpleasant smell may appear, which will force you to abandon the use of the thermos. It is also important to consider that this method is only suitable for metal vessels, because the glass can be seriously damaged by laundry.

How to wash clothes:

  1. Fill 1/3 of the vessel with laundry, dilute with boiling water, shake.
  2. Pour the mixture.
  3. Thoroughly wash the walls with detergent several times, let them dry.

It is recommended to use this method only in extreme cases.

how to wash a thermos

How to clean a thermos from an unpleasant smell

In addition to tea plaque and traces of scale, using a thermos can spoil the unpleasant smell. It will not only cause negative emotions before filling the vessel, but also change the aroma and taste of the drink for the worse. All of the above methods of removing pollution can remove the smell, but if the thermos itself is clean, and only an unpleasant aroma is present, then it is better to use other means.


You can use mustard dry or in the form of a paste. It will eliminate all signs of unpleasant odors and return the opportunity to drink drinks with pleasure.

How to use mustard:

  1. Take 2 spoons of powder (or paste), dilute in boiling water.
  2. Pour the mixture into a thermos, close the lid for 12 hours.
  3. Wash the walls well with warm water.

If you make a thick mass from the powder with water, then you can smear it on the walls to remove plaque.

Table salt

Even ordinary salt, which can definitely be found in any kitchen, will help remove the smell. You need to make a salt solution from it, which will help solve the problem.

Cleaning process:

  1. Dilute a sufficient amount of salt in hot water.
  2. Pour the liquid into a vessel, leave closed for 10 hours.
  3. Wash the thermos from the inside, let it dry.

This is one of the safest methods.

how to clean a thermos


Rice groats will also help in eliminating the smell. This method is similar to the previous ones.

Removing odor with rice:

  1. Throw the rice in a thermos (200 ml).
  2. Pour it with boiling water (100 ml).
  3. Close the vessel for 10 hours, shaking occasionally.
  4. Wash thoroughly, removing the remaining grains.

You can also take dry rice. You just need to pour it into a vessel for a few days so that it can absorb all the smells.

If it smells from the lid

Sometimes the “aroma” comes not from the inside of the thermos, but from the lid with which it is closed. Conventional methods in this case will be ineffective. Achieving a good result will help the usual boiling of the lid in a salt or soda solution for 5 minutes.

It is not at all difficult to remove traces of scale with plaque and an unpleasant smell in a thermos. The owner only needs to use one of the readily available home remedies, as well as the availability of a small amount of time for its application. The whole main process will happen by itself.

How to clean the inside of a thermos from tea plaque – 10 recipes