For modern housewives, the multicooker has become a real salvation. With its help, you can prepare many delicious, juicy dishes with minimal effort and time. At the same time, just like most kitchen appliances, it requires careful care and regular cleaning. Let’s consider how to clean the slow cooker quickly and easily.

Before you start cleaning, do the following:

  • Wait for the slow cooker to cool down. You cannot wash a hot device, the temperature difference can damage the coating.
  • Turn off the device from the mains.
  • Remove all removable parts: bowl, lid, steam valve, moisture collector.
  • Prepare the detergent. You can wash the multicooker only with liquid detergent and a soft washcloth, wipe with a microfiber cloth. You can use baking soda to remove grease and soot and remove unpleasant odors.

How to clean a slow cooker


The bowl is the main element in which the food is directly prepared. Many mistakenly believe that it should be washed like ordinary kitchen utensils. But this is far from the case. Most manufacturers cover the bowl with a layer of non-stick coating, for which the usual rules for cleaning dishes are not suitable. Do not use a dishwasher for cleaning, only a gentle hand wash.

To clean the multicooker bowl, liquid foaming agents and a soft sponge are suitable. Take out the removable element, wet it and carefully wash it with a washcloth with detergent, do not rub, the dirt should easily come away from the walls. If there are burnt food residues, do not rub, otherwise you will scratch the non-stick coating and the multicooker will burn regularly. It is easy to remove pollution in the following way:

  1. Pour warm water into the bowl;
  2. Add a little liquid detergent;
  3. Leave for 15-20 minutes, food residues will melt and they can be cleaned with a sponge.

If this did not help, then you can prepare a gruel from soda and water, distribute it on the walls of the multicooker bowl and leave it for half an hour. It is a simple cleaning that confidently competes with expensive products. Even strong carbon deposits can be washed off with soda.

You can clean the bowl of the multicooker from soot in the same way as a pan with a non-stick coating .

The bottom of the slow cooker

With repeated use, the bottom of the multicooker may form spills and flames. It is possible to clean the heating element of the kitchen device from dirt with the help of ordinary baking soda:

  1. First, the bottom should be wiped with a damp cloth and soda should be poured over the contaminated areas;
  2. After 10-15 minutes, carefully remove the soda, and along with it, the dirt.

Instead of soda, you can use citric acid or vinegar.

Moisture collector

Cleaning this element is necessary after each use of the multicooker, as all the liquid and fat collected on the lid roll into the moisture collector. For cleaning, it is necessary to pour out the water from the container, and then use liquid kitchen soap or dishwashing liquid. To eliminate the smell of food (for example, if you cooked fish), use soda or vinegar.

Lid and steam valve

The steam valve of the multicooker is usually removable, which facilitates the cleaning process. First, you need to wipe this element with a sponge or a damp cloth, and then carefully wipe it dry.

how to wash a slow cooker

If the lid of the multicooker is removable, it is not difficult to wash it, as well as the steam valve. If it is not removable, it is necessary to boil away the dirt and fat. For this:

  1. Pour 0.4 l of water into a bowl, add a slice of lemon;
  2. Turn on the “Steam” mode on the device for 20 minutes;
  3. Pour out the water, cover the slow cooker with cellophane for half an hour;
  4. Gently wipe the cover, remove dirt with a sponge or cloth.

The principle of cleaning is similar to how to clean a microwave oven .

Outer surface

From the outside, the multicooker is not so prone to dirt, but fat can get on it, and dust accumulates on top over time. In no case do not wash or wet the housing of the multicooker. To clean the surface, as with most household appliances, a damp cloth is suitable. For spot pollution in certain areas, you can use a small amount of baking soda.

Importantly! Before cleaning the electrical appliance, it is necessary to disconnect it from the mains to avoid damage. After cleaning, be sure to dry all parts before using.

You can clean the multicooker quite quickly and easily, using ordinary cleaning products and the rules listed above. With careful use and regular careful care, it will delight you with a variety of food for many years.

How to clean a multicooker