Today, keeping your wardrobe in order has become much easier, since a washing machine is in every home, and in the store you can see a wide range of laundry detergents. However, not all of them are suitable. From the incorrectly selected detergent can remain white stains. Offers a lot, you can be lost. Consider, how to choose the best powder for a washing machine, so as not to damage the appliance and clothes.


By composition, all the powders of the machine can be divided into:

  • Organic,
  • Inorganic.

Organic products are safe, contain natural ingredients, but expensive and poorly wash off strong dirt.

How to choose the best powder for a washing machine

Inorganic powders include surfactants, which combine well with fats and wash them out of clothing. If the surfactant is about 10%, before us is an effective powder against stains, but dangerous to health. It is better that the concentration of surfactants does not exceed 5%, and in powders for children’s things not more than 2% or not at all.

Be sure that there are no phosphates in the composition, they are dangerous, even though it is washing better with them. This quality is doubtful.

The powder composition of the automatic machine from detergents for hand washing is distinguished by the presence of components that suppress foaming. It is important that the washing machine does not damage.

The remaining components are designed to improve the quality of washing (soften water, bleach, give a pleasant smell to things, etc.). The amount of additives depends on the type of things that will be washed.

Powders by composition can be universal or vary depending on the purpose:

  • by color (white, black, colored products)
  • by type of fabric (for wool, silk, etc.)
  • for the purpose of clothing (children’s, sports, membrane, feather, etc.)

It is better to buy the powder with a suitable note on the package. They contain components that are safe for your things.


Detergents for the washing machine automatic are differ by: powders, gels, capsules. All of them have their pros and cons. The most popular and affordable option is powders. This is the optimal solution, suitable for any products. They are sold everywhere, they have an optimal price, they wash the dirt well. But there are exceptions to the rules.

The difference between gels is that they completely dissolve and are washed out better when rinsing. This is important if you have a low-power washing machine, or you wash large items (such as a blanket or pillow). Crystalline powder may not have time to dissolve sufficiently, leaving stains, or poorly washed out of the product, spoiling its quality.

Capsules for washing better wash out stains, since they contain detergents of a new generation. But they are not suitable for machines with a low speed of rotation of the drum.

Separately it is necessary to single out the balls for washing without powder. This option is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Requirements and performance of the quality test

To learn about the quality of the powder for a washing machine, it must be dissolved in water. The good powder will dissolve completely, and the bad one will remain flocculent, which subsequently will inevitably cause allergies and other skin irritations. Also, if the crystals of the powder dissolve poorly, they will leave white stains on their clothes, and on white fabrics – colored strips.

The powder must satisfy a number of requirements:

  • cope with various dirt;
  • do not cause allergies or skin irritations;
  • effectively clean the laundry, giving it a fresh look;
  • dissolve well and rinse with water.

How to choose  powder for a washing

Recommendations for choice

  1. Pay attention to the tag “automatic”. This means that the powder does not foam very much. A large amount of foam is harmful to washing machines, since it can disable it.
  2. Give preference to the detergents that have passed all the necessary research and certification.
  3. Read the composition of the powder. If it contains more than 2% surfactant and phosphate, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  4. Select the powder machine is necessary depending on the type of fabric. For many it may seem uneconomical, but to preserve the state of your things, you should choose a more suitable means.
How to choose the best powder for a washing machine