Any coffee machine needs cleaning from time to time. Especially if you often make coffee. Limescale adversely affects the durability and function of appliance. But it is important to wash it properly. Consider how to clean a coffee maker from limescale up improvised means or professional detergents.

Signs that the coffee machine is needed in cleaning:

  • Coffee takes a long time to prepare.
  • The jet from the coffee maker became thinner. Scum formed on the tube, on which the drink flows into the cup.
  • The taste of coffee has changed, not saturated, with incomprehensible flavors.
  • Foreign smells have appeared.
  • White, light and gray impurities are found in the coffee cup.
  • The coffee maker has consumed more energy.
  • The appliance produces atypical sounds. Or it works louder than usual.

Important: the coffee machine is cleaned at least three times a year, optimally every three months. If you rarely use appliance, then you should clean the scum at least once every six months.

How to clean a coffee maker from limescale

Cleaning with vinegar

The easiest way is to clean the limescale with vinegar. This product perfectly copes with the scum in any household appliance.

  1. Prepare the mixture from one part of the vinegar and two parts of water.
  2. Pour the solution into the water tank.
  3. Turn on the coffee machine.
  4. Wait for the mixture to boil, about 15 minutes. Then turn off the device.
  5. Leave for 10 hours, turning off the appliance from the outlet.
  6. Pour out the mixture, wash the coffee machine several times with warm water.
  7. Prepare three to four cups of coffee to clear remains of the mixture (always pour into the sink). You cannot drink such a drink, it’s just for washing!

Vinegar often leaves a taste if it is bad to rinse the coffee machine. Do not be lazy to clean several times with plenty of water to get rid of the taste and flavor.

Cleaning with citric acid

Citric acid is a cheap and effective means. It is also used for cleaning washing machines.

  1. Stir in one liter of water 35 grams of citric acid and pour into the coffee machine.
  2. Wait for the water to boil, and then turn off the appliance completely from the outlet.
  3. Rinse all the parts several times.
  4. Pour warm clean water into the coffee machine and boil it. Do it two or three times.

After you finish cleaning, prepare several control cups of the cafe, pouring them out.

Cleaning with soda and salt

This is also a popular method of cleaning. It is still possible to clean an electric kettle.

  1. Fill the tank with warm water mixed with a teaspoon of soda and salt. Leave for 3-4 hours. Do not turn on and boil.
  2. Pour out the cleaning mixture, wash the coffee machine.

Also prepare a couple of cups of coffee that you do not need to drink. This procedure allows you to clean the remains of soda and salt.

How to descale a coffee maker

Special detergents

Improvised means are good, but it is better to use special detergents recommended by the manufacturer of your coffee maker.

Usually, descaling tablets are used. Each brand produces its own product, designed specifically for this appliance. But the original detergents are usually expensive. They are sold in household or hardware stores.

Household chemicals is useful because less can damage appliances and drink. They are specially designed for cleaning. Improvised means cheaper, but at the same time and not less effective. The main thing when cleaning the coffee machine is to wash it several times with warm and cold water. Then you will get rid of the taste and smell, and new portions of the drink will be safe.

What cannot be done

You can read or hear a lot of different advice, but not all of them are safe, although they can clean the scum.

  • The use of bleach will well clean the walls of the glass coffee machine. However, the use of aggressive detergents leads to the fact that hazardous substances are deposited on the walls of the device. Even numerous rinses will not help. Coffee will be poisoned by chemicals. This will negatively affect your health.
  • Soap (solid or liquid) comes into contact with the oils of coffee, and the coffee maker will have an unpleasant soapy taste for a long time.
How to clean a coffee maker from limescale