Cashmere is made from the down of mountain goats. Although this material is very warm, it also requires careful care, as it can deteriorate from any external aggressive influences, including washing. Therefore, before rushing and putting clothes in the washing machine, you should figure out how to wash a cashmere coat.

Study the label on the outer garment. It is located either under the collar or on the side on the lining. It will have markings recommended by the manufacturer explaining the care methods. Can a cashmere coat be washed? In what mode and at what temperature? Is it possible to iron?

If washing is strictly prohibited, then it is better to give the cashmere coat to the dry cleaners. There, it will be washed by professionals, using special technologies and means that cannot be recreated at home.

How to wash a cashmere coat

In the washing machine

In most cases, it will not work to wash the coat in the washing machine. This is due to the fact that natural 100 percent cashmere is impregnated with doublerin, which allows things to keep their shape. If you wash it, the collars and hem will start to curl, and the coat itself will look crumpled. It will not work to iron it.

In the washing machine, you can wash a cashmere coat, the fabric composition of which is represented by a significant inclusion of synthetic or wool fibers. That is, cashmere is not completely.

Set the washing machine to the “delicate”, “wool” or “cashmere” mode. The water temperature is up to 30 degrees. Spinning should be turned off, or no more than 800 revolutions. Detergent – mild for washing woolen products.

Put the coat in the washing machine as is. Before that, you don’t need to process it or try to soak the stains with any means. After washing, straighten and hang to dry naturally (without additional heating).


Basically, you can wash a coat at home only by hand. However, the conditions of the washing machine are quite cruel for such a delicate material as cashmere.

  1. It is most convenient to wash in a bathroom filled to a third with warm water (up to 30 degrees). Dilute a small amount of powder for washing woolen products. Do not use bleach even if your light coat has faded. Such aggressive means will irreversibly spoil the thing.
  2. Soak the coat for 20-30 minutes. Rub the dirtiest areas with a soft brush. Do not wring the fabric, ordinary washing methods will not work here.
  3. Rinse the clothes with clean water in the shower. Be sure to wash off all the soapy water.
  4. Hang the coat to drain. It is forbidden to squeeze and crush cashmere. When the water stops flowing, lay the cashmere garment flat on a cloth or terry towel to absorb the excess water. After that, hang the clothes on a hanger to dry.

Do not speed up the drying process with heating devices. Drafts and direct sunlight are also harmful for wet cashmere.

Do not deviate from these recommendations, otherwise irresistible deformations will appear on the coat.

how to wash a cashmere coat

When washing is prohibited

If the labels of the clothes categorically prohibit any washing, then you can wash them by contacting a dry cleaner. If this is not possible, you can try to refresh the cashmere coat in other ways .

To remove greasy stains, you can use absorbents, such as starch or talc. Sprinkle them on a cloth and leave for a couple of hours, if necessary, renew with a fresh one. Clean the remains of the product with a soft brush.

You can try to remove old stains on cashmere with gasoline. And the gasoline stain itself has already been removed with the help of an absorbent.

To remove old stains, a solution of ammonia and glycerin mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1 is used. Rub this mixture on the desired area, then rinse with clean water or wipe with a damp cloth.

To remove sweat stains from cashmere, first wash them with a soapy solution, then apply ammonia, which will remove the unpleasant odor. Then rinse with clean water and hang the coat to dry.

How to wash a cashmere coat at home

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