If you have silver items in your home, you may notice that they start to darken over time. This is a natural oxidation process. As for the silver jewelry that you wear often, it tarnishes even faster. Why does silver turn black on a person’s body so quickly? Is there a reasonable explanation for this or are the omens telling the truth? And let’s find answers to these questions.

Regardless of the reasons why silver has turned black, it is easy to clean it at home – read the detailed instructions here .

Why does silver blacken on a person's body

Scientific rationale

In fact, there is nothing unusual in the rapid tarnishing of silver jewelry. To understand this, let’s understand what exactly your rings, earrings and chains are made of.

Point 1. Silver is a soft metal that easily breaks and deforms. Jewelers solved this problem by making an alloy of copper and silver. A test on silver jewelry just shows the ratio of metals in the alloy. The higher the assay, the higher the ratio of silver.

Point 2. Copper is prone to oxidation. When interacting with sulfur, a layer of patina will form, which gives the products a dark shade. The more copper in silver jewelry, the faster it oxidizes.

Point 3. Sulfur, due to which copper oxidizes and jewelry silver darkens, is part of air, water, cosmetics and, most importantly, human sweat. Sweat contains salts of sulfuric acid, and the greater their concentration, the more sulfur is formed, and the faster silver blackens.

Conclusion: the human body sweats, the sweat comes into contact with silver jewelry, a chemical reaction occurs, and a black coating of patina is formed.

What affects the rapid darkening of silver

And why does my silver darken faster than my friend’s? – you ask. The answer is simple: it depends on your individual sweating and the concentration of sulfates released in sweat. Lifestyle and health affects how much sulfur is released with sweat:

  • During physical activity, sulfur is released more. Therefore, when going to the gym, doing repairs, lifting weights, remove all silver jewelry.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder lead to an increase in salts in sweat. Blackened silver can be an excellent signal that it is time to consult a doctor.
  • Some drugs are excreted from the body through sweat, which also increases the concentration of sulfur.
  • Stress. The body reacts to strong emotions by profuse sweating, which in turn accelerates the tarnishing of silver.
  • Hormonal changes in the body (pregnancy, problems with the endocrine system, menstruation) lead to changes in the composition of sweat. In some, the concentration of sulfates increases, and silver products turn black.
  • Frequent baths, trips to the pool, bathhouse, sauna and other water treatments. If at the same time you do not remove the jewelry, the silver, coming into contact with the sulfur in the water, begins to oxidize faster.
  • The use of cosmetics, which includes sulfur.
  • High humidity in the house. If for some reason the humidity in your apartment has risen , then the silver will begin to be covered with a patina, even if it does not come into contact with the body.
How to clean blackened silver at home

A little about superstition

Why not. In various legends, silver appears as a remedy for evil spirits and a metal with powerful energy. Silver products were used for magical rituals. Even in the church, silver is used for sanctifying water. In this regard, it is not surprising that among believers and supporters of magic, many omens appeared, explaining the reason for the blackening of silver on the human body.

  • The ring on the finger turned black – they put on the crown of celibacy.
  • The bracelet darkened – they tried to harm you, but the silver protected it.
  • The chain or cross on the neck has turned black – damage has been inflicted, and its strength is determined by the degree of darkening.
  • Blackened silverware – an evil spirit has settled in the house.

Whether you believe these superstitions or not is up to you.

Why does silver blacken on a person’s body