Sometimes a walk in the sun, a trip to the beach or other situations of being under the sun’s rays end in cosmetic defects. Today we will analyze why white spots appear on the skin after tanning. In some cases, such a phenomenon is purely a cosmetic defect, while in others it signals a serious disease. To understand whether you should panic, you need to determine the cause of hypomelanosis. Let’s consider in detail what needs to be done in this case.

Mechanism of appearance

Light spots can appear anywhere. Most often, they appear on the face, shoulders, arms, legs, back. Such traces can be large and small, with round and uncertain outlines. The mechanism of their appearance is explained by weak synthesis of melanin. It is a coloring pigment responsible for the color shade of hair and skin. It has a dark brown color and is produced in the process of tyrosine oxidation. Usually, its average amount is due to a genetic factor, but under the influence of the environment, it can change slightly.

Melanin is an important component of the immune system, it protects the body from oncology, the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This pigment neutralizes the negative effect of free radicals in the epidermis, prevents the development of biochemical processes of radionuclides.

Melanin is also present in internal organs. Albinism can be called a vivid example of a violation of its production.

Such people are much more susceptible to the effects of radiation and sunburn. Sometimes white spots after tanning are formed as a result of thyroid gland dysfunction or fungal infection.

Why do white spots appear on the skin after tanning

Lichen, Sivvat’s poikiloderma, vitiligo

Yeast fungi infect the skin, rapidly multiplying and blocking the normal synthesis of melanin.

Ringworm can appear as a result of various factors:

  • increased sweating;
  • humid climate;
  • deterioration of the body’s resistance.

Ringworm is a contagious disease.

Sivvat’s poikiloderma refers to atrophic pathologies. It is characterized by damage to the skin in the form of light spots accompanied by a rash. Most often, the disease manifests itself in the chest and neck. The pathology is poorly studied, so the real reasons for its development are unknown. Treatment involves prevention and elimination of external symptoms.

Vitiligo is characterized by the formation of white spots on the face and hands. There is a genetic predisposition to this disease. White marks are especially obvious when exposed to the sun. Pale areas appear and disappear suddenly.

Burns, scars, infectious diseases

If white spots appeared on the skin after tanning, they may be caused by the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Burns appear in the form of blisters and inflammations, after which light marks remain on the body. Another reason may be the uneven application of an emulsion on the skin for a safe stay in the sun.

After exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the whole body can have an even tan, except for scarred areas. They remain bright. This is explained by the specific structure of the tissue and the lack of melanin in such areas.

White spots on the skin after tanning can be formed due to the development of infectious diseases, which are characterized by a general decrease in the resistance of the body, deterioration of its protective functions. It can be syphilis, leprosy and other diseases. When taking certain medications and exposure to ultraviolet rays, white marks become more obvious. After recovery, light spots disappear.

Other reasons

The reasons for impaired melanin production and formation of depigmentation can be different. Here are a few more factors that can provoke the appearance of white marks on the skin:

  1. Innate tendency. There are genetic diseases caused by a lack of melanin. If the skin has a pale shade, the pigmentation may be inconspicuous. Under the influence of the sun, it becomes obvious.
  2. Kidney and liver diseases. The activity of internal organs also affects the condition of the skin.
  3. Hormonal deviations can provoke insufficient production of melanin.
  4. Frequent stress. Disorders in the work of the nervous system have a negative effect on immunity. This is expressed in the deterioration of the condition of the skin.
  5. Taking some medications. Certain drugs can cause a decrease in the level of coloring pigment or provoke its uneven amount. These can be contraceptives, biological supplements, antibiotics.

skin pigmentation after tanning

In addition to the listed reasons, impaired melanin synthesis can be caused by chronic diseases, a lack of vitamins and trace elements.

White spots on the body from the sun often appear in those who visit the solarium. This is explained by the rare change in body position during the procedures. Certain parts of the body are irradiated more strongly, due to which blood reaches them in insufficient quantity. This provokes the formation of light marks.

Hypomelanosis often occurs in children. Most often, a child has a similar problem caused by sunburn, excess ultraviolet radiation, the development of infectious diseases, a decrease in immunity, vitamin deficiency.

If a white spot has formed around a mole, you should urgently consult a doctor. Perhaps the processes leading to its disappearance have begun, sometimes this happens. Fading moles can also signal a malignant transformation. In this case, you need to undergo the necessary medical examination as soon as possible. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by consulting a dermatologist. The specialist will prescribe a set of tests and conduct adequate therapy.

Preventive measures

Most often, depigmentation of the skin occurs as a result of excessive exposure to the sun and failure to use protective products. To avoid the appearance of white spots, you should remember the following rules:

  • gradually increase the time spent in the sun;
  • do not sunbathe immediately after swimming, before sunbathing you must wipe yourself with a towel;
  • try to stay in the shade;
  • observe personal hygiene;
  • use means that protect against burns, giving preference to creams with a high SPF factor;
  • use decorative cosmetics with caution;
  • apply only high-quality sunscreen emulsion to the skin;
  • drink at least one and a half liters of liquid per day; do not sunbathe from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at this time solar radiation is the most dangerous;
  • monitor the diet, nutrition should be balanced;
  • to undergo annual examinations in a timely manner.

If you want to get a good tan, you need to spread sunscreen evenly over the skin. If possible, protect exposed areas of the body with clothing made of natural cotton fabrics. It is important not to forget the headdress and glasses with dark lenses.

Getting rid of light spots

If, however, the appearance of white spots on the body from the sun could not be avoided, the best solution would be to consult a specialist. He will help to understand why the problem arose and give valuable recommendations. Only after a medical examination can you use home remedies to get rid of depigmentation. If the doctor has ruled out dangerous diseases, then it is worth considering the following options for solving the problem:

  • try to wash off the uneven tan, each time it will become paler;
  • do a light peeling using a scrub;
  • even out the color by using cosmetology services (solarium, laser therapy, professional masks);
  • in the absence of medical contraindications, it is allowed to use home compositions with a whitening effect.

A proper diet, which involves the consumption of a large amount of fruits and vegetables, greens, and vitamin-containing products, will help speed up the synthesis of melanin and make the skin color more uniform. It is important to include in the diet food that contains natural antioxidants. It is necessary to try to drink more liquid.

Fruit masks made of honey and fruit, kefir, sour cream, potatoes are perfect as home remedies. A cucumber also has a whitening effect, it is cut into slices and applied for a few minutes to the problem area. If small white dots appeared after a sunburn, and at the same time the pain did not go away, a decoction of oak bark and chamomile will help get rid of the problem. It is useful to make masks from dill and parsley.

There are biologically active additives whose action is aimed at increasing the production of coloring pigment. Before starting to take them, you need to consult a doctor. It is necessary to carefully study the composition of these funds in order to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

Steam exposure, hard washcloth

The cells of the epidermis are constantly renewed. If you stop tanning, the dark shade will disappear after a few weeks. Of course, this process can be accelerated. Visiting a bathhouse and sauna allows you to get rid of an uneven tan faster, the same can be said about taking a hot bath. The main thing is that the skin has a steam effect. If you need to remove a cosmetic defect for a short time, you can resort to self-tanning.

The use of scrubs and hard sponges also allows you to return your beauty faster. If you scrub the skin once a week, then you will be able to exfoliate the surface layer of the epidermis. You can buy a ready-made composition or make it yourself by combining crushed coffee beans, cane sugar, finely ground salt and shower gel. It is necessary to achieve the consistency of porridge.

A face scrub should have a more delicate composition. Suppose you can mix Hercules with cream in the same proportion. If you do not want to mess with the preparation of the product, you can resort to using a body brush.

Folk remedies

There are many home recipes that allow you to even out skin color and get rid of hateful patterns on the body. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Peeling from Hercules and fatty sour cream. It is necessary to grind 300 grams of oatmeal using a blender or coffee grinder, add 3 tablespoons of sour cream and mix well to obtain a homogeneous mass. A similar composition is applied to problem areas every day, it is best to do it after a warm bath. It is recommended to carry out the procedure within a week.
  • Honey-fruit mask. For its preparation, you will need 3 tablespoons of honey, 2 juicy peaches and a banana. The ingredients are crushed with a blender, the resulting mixture is shown to be applied 15 minutes after showering. This must be done within 5 days.
  • Coffee peeling. You should add 3 tablespoons of ground coffee in 70 ml of olive oil. The procedure is done 3-4 times a week. The tool should not be used by those with sensitive or inflamed skin. It is also worth refusing such a mask to people suffering from allergies to the components of this potion.
  • If the uneven tan does not go away, you can try a remedy made from sour milk and fresh parsley. To prepare the mask, you will need to first grind the greens. The tool is applied to the skin every day for a week. It is advisable to do it before going to bed.

Thus, if light spots appeared on a tanned body, it is necessary to first find out the reason for their occurrence and only after that take actions to eliminate them.

Why do white spots appear on the skin after tanning