Do you have rodents in your house and you don’t know how to get rid of them? Is it possible that you are afraid that mice will crawl to you from the neighbors? At the same time, you don’t want to poison them with strong poison? To get rid of rodents without using radical means, let’s figure out what mice are afraid of. Frightened animals will quickly leave your home. In fact, rodents are not as brave as they may seem, especially when you fear them more. You can put aside fear, scare away mice from your home with sounds, smells, plants and other animals. Read about everything in detail in the article.

How to understand that pests have appeared in the house

How do you know if there are small rodents in your home? It is enough to pay attention to the following signs of their stay in the house:

  • the appearance of gray soft droppings that hardens after a few days;
  • musty smell in the house;
  • the appearance of holes in the floor and walls, around which pieces of chewed paper lie;
  • unusual noises at night: rustling, squeaking.

If you notice several of these signs in your home at once, you can be sure that you already have mice in your home. It is time to take the necessary measures to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What are mice afraid of?

How can you get rid of rodents

You can get rid of small pests in the house in various ways that are safe for humans and pets. The most effective in this case will be:

  • Pets are cats and dogs. It should be noted that only those species of these animals that hunt rodents repel pests.
  • Mechanical traps. You can buy them in hardware stores or make them yourself using improvised means.
  • Folk remedies. This category includes special mixtures that cover rodent burrows, plants that repel pests, as well as household chemicals that are harmless to humans. These tools are the most effective, so it is so important to know which plants and household chemicals are the most dangerous for rodents.

Also, rodents, like many household pests, are affected by some other environmental factors: sudden switching on of light, loud sounds, and ultrasound. All of them make the environment in the house unsuitable for such populations and force the mice to leave the house.

In order to rid the house of pests, you can use one or several means at once. So that you can do this without any complications, let’s analyze all methods of rodent control in more detail.

What plants will get rid of pests

It is not difficult to figure out which grass mice dislike the most. The mouse is frightened by a huge number of smells, including the following aromas:

  • black root (the most deadly mouse killer);
  • mud (used to protect linen from rodents);
  • musk;
  • tarragon;
  • black currant, elderberry (used mainly in non-residential premises, for example, in basements);
  • grouse.

Also, these animals are afraid of the smell of mint. To get rid of them with the help of this herb, in most cases it is enough to spread it near the mouse kidneys and leave it for a while. If the pest colony is small, they will leave your house very quickly.

If there are quite a lot of rodents in the house, mint, tansy or wormwood may not help. After some time, rodents will even be able to get used to them. In this case, you need to start using cilantro against them. This seasoning can be purchased in almost any store, regardless of the season.

How to scare away pests with the smell of cilantro? It is recommended to sprinkle the powder of this spice near the burrows, as well as those places through which pests can enter your home. To achieve greater effectiveness of this tool, it is recommended to regularly renew the layer of cilantro near places where rodents gather. It is also desirable to apply any mechanical methods of getting rid of pests in addition, in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

how to get rid of mice in the house

What smells can drive away rodents

Not only herbs can drive away mice. Mice run away from various sharp chemical “aromas”:

  • vinegar;
  • chlorine;
  • ammonia.

It is also easy to use these tools at home. To do this, you will need to prepare several small rags, moisten them with ammonia, chlorine or vinegar and place them in mouse holes. These rags will need to be changed from time to time to prevent the rodenticide from weathering. Thus, in just a few days, the smell of vinegar or chlorine will allow you to completely clean your home of rodents.

Important: when choosing this or that drug to fight rodents, consider the type of room in which it will be used. So, if you want to get rid of pests in a storeroom, shed or other non-residential building, you can freely use any of the presented means. But you don’t need to use ammonia or chlorine at home – these chemicals can have a bad effect on people. It is much wiser in such conditions to use rags soaked in vinegar.

What sounds are unpleasant for pests

How to determine the sound that home parasites are afraid of? It is not difficult to do it at all. It should be remembered that mice, like any other pests, are very afraid of all kinds of sharp and loud sounds. Very loud music from a music center, a washing machine running at high speeds, the sound of a perforator, and much more can frighten them.

To remove pests from your apartment, you need to make sure that such sounds are constantly in the house, otherwise they simply will not have the necessary effect. As for the duration of the sound of such noises, it can be short. To drive away mice, 15-20 minutes of cod or loud music a day is quite enough. It is desirable that these noises appear not only during the day, but also at night – then the pests will not be able to feel safe.

Important: do not use the presented method if you have cats or dogs at home. Constant noise can greatly harm their psyche. Also, do not use it in any case if you have small children. In such cases, it is better to use equally effective, but much less noisy means to fight rodents.

How to get rid of mice in the apartment


Rodents also do not tolerate ultrasound of certain frequencies. This is what is used in modern devices for scaring off small parasites. It affects their nervous system, due to which pests quickly leave the premises and do not return to it. This method is considered one of the most humane and effective.

Important: if you decide to fight mice in the house using ultrasound, pay as much attention as possible to choosing a special device that scares them away. Remember that some types of such equipment can harm your pets, including cats and dogs. Some of them are dangerous even for children. Do not be lazy to ask whether the selected device option is safe for all your household members, and it has passed the appropriate certification at the time.

What pets will help get rid of rodents

Among domestic animals, mice are most afraid of cats. These small domestic predators can destroy up to 57 rodents in an average year. In most cases, upon contact with a mouse, the cat immediately attacks it, it either kills its victim, or plays with it until the latter dies. Cats cope well with any kind of rodent, except for large gray rats, since the latter often surpass them in size.

House mice are also afraid of some breeds of dogs. Like cats, these animals guard their territory and try to destroy any animal that comes across it.

Important: remember that not only an adult animal can scare away mice, but even its smell. Take advantage of this feature. If there is no cat or dog in your house, ask friends or neighbors for a couple of days. If there were not many pests in the apartment, after such a reception they will completely leave your home.

As for people, mice are afraid of them, but only partially. Rodents try not to get into their eyes, but easily settle in their homes.

how to catch mice in the apartment

Are mice afraid of bright light?

Rodents, like cockroaches or other pests living in an apartment, are afraid of light, especially when it is often and suddenly turned on indoors. However, to drive them away with the help of such a tool, you will have to work hard. Pests can be eradicated from the home only by frequent and sudden switching on of light, preferably at night. To achieve a good effect in this case, it is advisable to combine this method with any other, for example, with fragrant herbs – mint or wormwood.

Important: if you just leave the light on in the apartment, you will not achieve the desired effect. Rodents quickly adapt to this feature, and over time their population will only increase.

Does water harm mice?

Almost all types of rodents swim quite well, so they are absolutely not afraid of water. If you want to get rid of them using just such a tool, you will have to build special traps for rodents. They should be made from deep, smooth, slippery containers half filled with water. The pest will fall into such containers and will not be able to get out of them on its own.

Important: if you have one or two mice in your house, this method can be quite effective. But he cannot cope with a large population of these mammals. That is why during an influx of parasites it is recommended to use other methods that have a more massive impact. For this, it is enough for you to know which plants and chemicals mice do not tolerate.

How to prevent the appearance of rodents in the house

So, we figured out what house mice are afraid of. But it is equally important to know how to make sure that they do not get into your home at all. For this you need:

  • Monitor the condition of basements (in a private house), walls, regularly check them for mouse holes. This will give you the opportunity to quickly react to the appearance of rodents, before their population had time to grow.
  • Be careful with food supplies. It should be remembered that the smell of food can attract pests. If you have stocks of grain and sugar, you need to go through them regularly, since it is in them that mice appear most often.
  • If you live in an apartment building, monitor the condition of the public basement, as it is in it that parasites are most often found. If mice have already appeared there, it is necessary to abandon independent attempts to remove them and immediately call a special service.
  • Place bunches of fragrant herbs, such as mint, at the entrance to the home. Rodents will not penetrate into such housing.

Using these recommendations, you can easily protect your home from the invasion of mice and other small pests. The main thing is not to forget to perform them regularly, otherwise they may not give the desired effect.

What mice are afraid of: how to get rodents out of the house