Have cockroaches started at your neighbors, and you are afraid that they may move into your home? Don’t know how to protect yourself from this? No problem! So that you can prevent the appearance of pests in your home, let’s figure out what cockroaches are afraid of in the apartment. What are these parasites running away from? Unbearable conditions for these insects can create all sorts of things.

Let’s list what cockroaches do not tolerate and try to leave unpleasant conditions:

  • Low temperatures, in particular, frost below -5. But this method is unlikely to help, you will not freeze the apartment all the time until all the cockroaches have been moved from the neighbors.
  • The presence of various animals in the house, including cats and dogs.
  • Pungent smells. All caustic odors, such as the “aroma” of enamel, putty, paint, as well as the odors of some plants, can rightly be included in this category.
  • Insecticides. Many ready-made preparations and folk remedies of this type not only kill insects that have already managed to get into the apartment, but also scare away those that are just trying to get into the house.
  • Lack of water in the house. If you limit the access of pests to it, they will leave the house very quickly.

All these factors negatively affect the insect population. That is why it is worth understanding in more detail what these pests do not like.

What are cockroaches in the apartment most afraid of?

Unpleasant chemical smells

The easiest way to fight cockroaches is with household chemicals that have a sharp “aroma”. What activities are cockroaches most afraid of? You can single out several “aromas”, the most unpleasant for these insects. Among these:

  • gasoline;
  • naphthalene;
  • kerosene;
  • alcohol.

Are parasites afraid of vinegar? Yes, but only in those cases, if its “aroma” remains in the apartment for a long time. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly add this agent to water for washing floors and be sure to wipe those places in the house where pests can appear: the kitchen and the bathroom.

You can also use chlorine. The principle of its use is the same: you need to treat with a chlorine solution those areas in the house where cockroaches can appear. If you know that your neighbors have these insects, it is recommended to additionally treat the threshold of the apartment and the area behind it in the common corridor with this solution – then the pests will not move to you.

Boric acid

You can fight cockroaches with the help of ordinary boric acid. This tool will get rid of those pests that are already in the house. It is used as follows:

  1. 2 milligrams of boric acid powder is mixed with minced meat.
  2. The minced meat itself is rolled into small balls and spread in all places where cockroaches can be. It is best to place them in the kitchen behind the baseboards, near the ventilation shafts, as well as near the entrance door.
  3. Within two weeks, such balls need to be updated.

Tip: if you don’t want to spend time preparing balls with minced meat, you can simply sprinkle boric acid near the baseboards and ventilation. If there are not many cockroaches in your home yet, this remedy will be no less effective against them.


You can drive away insects from your home easily and quickly with the help of ammonia. You need to work with it as follows:

  1. To begin with, you need to add a teaspoon of this product to a bucket of water and mix it thoroughly.
  2. The resulting solution should be used to wash the floor throughout the house, as well as to wipe surfaces, for example, kitchen counters.
  3. After that, the apartment will need to be well ventilated – in this case, the smell of ammonia will not bother people, but it will be able to scare away pests.

Important: do not forget that folk remedies such as ammonia require special care in their use. When working with them, be sure to use personal protective equipment – a respirator and gloves. Remember that ammonia poisoning can have very serious consequences.

What plants do not like cockroaches

If you do not want to fight these parasites with the help of household chemicals, you should find out which plants they are afraid of. Most of all, cockroaches do not like:

  • musk;
  • mint;
  • honeysuckle;
  • cedar;
  • eucalyptus;
  • anise;
  • red elder

These tools will also allow you to prevent the infestation of insects in your home. To achieve the desired effect in this case, it is recommended to spread fragrant plants near doors, ventilation shafts and windows.

Speaking about the smell that cockroaches are afraid of, it is not necessary to spread them around the plant, you can replace them with essential oils. Most of all, insects do not like oil based on eucalyptus or mint. If there is such a thing in your house, it will be enough to process the gaps near the door and ventilation shafts so that pests do not enter your apartment. If you have already discovered a small colony of parasites in your house, you will need to act a little differently – you should apply oil to the places where the insects are the most – this means will make them leave the room.

Are insects afraid of the cold?

Are these insects afraid of the cold? Because cockroaches are cold-blooded, they are very susceptible to temperature changes. So, when it cools down to +5 degrees, these pests fall into hibernation, and when the ambient temperature reaches -5 degrees, they die completely.

Also, domestic cockroaches are quite sensitive to high temperatures. Yes, if you pour boiling water over the lair of these pests, the adults will die immediately. That is why this method is recommended to be used together with other folk remedies against parasites.

what are cockroaches in the apartment afraid of?

Pets against cockroaches

Cats and dogs are usually afraid of cockroaches. This is due to the fact that such pets often attack insects themselves. Meanwhile, they should not be considered an effective means against cockroaches. Very quickly, pests adapt to animals and can even create a fairly large colony in a home.

What animals are most afraid of parasites? Domestic birds and lizards that can feed on beetles pose a real threat to them. Other species usually do not pose a danger to them.

There is also an opinion that some animals tamed by humans are afraid of these insects themselves. For example, there is a version that elephants are afraid of cockroaches. But in fact, this is more of a myth than the truth. Cockroaches will not be able to cause serious damage to such a large mammal, and the elephant itself will most likely not notice these insects.

Does light scare cockroaches

Many people notice that when the light bulbs are turned on, these parasites start to run away and hide in the cracks. Why are these pests afraid of light? The fact is that insects of this species are nocturnal. The sudden appearance of light is a danger signal for them, so they run away.

At the same time, insects will feel fine in the kitchen at night with the lights on, if there are no people in the room. Therefore, such means of pest control in the house cannot be called reliable. But in natural sunlight, it is quite difficult to meet a cockroach in an apartment, since they usually hide in their shelters during daylight hours.

Does ultrasound repel parasites?

What do these pests not like except sharp smells, cold and light? They do not tolerate the influence of ultrasound, the frequency of which cannot be heard by the human ear. This kind of ultrasound is used in modern traps. It does not kill the insects themselves, but makes the house unsuitable for them to live in.

If ultrasound affects the pest population for a long enough time, red cockroaches simply leave the home. The disadvantage of this method is that over time pests can return to the house. Most often, this happens when the owners of the apartment find that there are no more parasites in their house, and they stop using the ultrasonic device.

Which tool is considered the most effective

So, we figured out what cockroaches in the apartment are really afraid of. Which of the presented means is the best to use so that these pests do not multiply in your home? In fact, all the presented methods of dealing with parasites, except for boric acid, are good for those cases when there are no insects in your house yet, or their colony is quite small. Then any option will be effective enough.

If nothing works, in such cases it is much better to immediately contact the SES and carry out sanitary treatment in the apartment. This will give you the opportunity to get rid of unpleasant “neighbors” once and for all.

What are cockroaches in the apartment most afraid of?