Did not notice a painted bench in the park, grabbed hold of the railing that was not dry after painting, or were sloppy during repairs – as a result: a bright stain appears on your clothes. It is important not to be sad, but to quickly start removing it. The way to wash oil paint from clothes is simple – fat will help you.

It is important to remember:

  • Do not try to wash off oil paint with water. Water does not dissolve such stains.
  • It is easier to remove a fresh stain. If it has time to dry, then it will be much more difficult to remove the dye, since you will have to repeat cleaning many times, which will negatively affect the condition of the fabric.
  • Before using a dubious “stain remover”, test it on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing.
  • Place an unnecessary white cloth or napkin on the wrong side. They will absorb the paint while you work on the front side. Do not use a colored cloth as a blotter, otherwise the dye may dissolve on it, and this will cause you to get new stains.
  • You need to wipe the stain from the edge to the center in a circular motion so that the mark does not spread.

How to wash oil paint from clothes

Effective means

It is important to remember that oil paint is fat-soluble, so recommendations for water-based and other water-based paints will not help here. In this situation, water is not a helper, but only a pest. Oil paint can only be washed off with fat. And after the paint comes off, it will be necessary to wash off the greasy stains , which is much easier.

  • Oil based on vegetable oil . This substance is used as a base in oil paints, it is in it that the dye is dissolved. So, you just need to dissolve the stain more strongly to wash the dye off the clothes. Buy oil at a hardware store. Place a cotton cloth under the stained mark, on the reverse side of the soiled cloth (it is needed as a blotter, later it will only be thrown away). Wet a cotton pad in oil, apply it to the stain, leave it for 5-10 minutes so that the paint dissolves. Then again wipe the mark with a cotton pad in oil until it comes off completely. Wash off the remaining greasy residue with dishwashing detergent or ammonia.
  • Vegetable oil, butter, margarine, fat . Any fatty substance will do, even oil-based medicine (if there is nothing else at hand). Works similarly to oil – dissolves oil paint. Apply the chosen product in a thick layer to the contaminated mark, leave for half an hour to an hour. Next, soak with a cotton pad or washcloth, absorbing the fat along with the dye. Repeat the procedure. Wash in warm water with dishwashing liquid.
  • Food glycerin . It is made on the basis of animal or vegetable fats, so it can dissolve oil dye. Suitable for delicate fabrics. Heat a small amount of glycerin in a water bath. Soak a cotton pad in hot glycerin and apply it to the paint stain for 5-10 minutes. The dye will absorb into the glycerin, wipe it off, apply a clean layer. At the end, wash in warm water.
  • Stain removers . In stores, you can find special stain removers that are suitable for oil paints. You can find out about it on the label. Examples of drugs: Hvylinka, Agidel, Vycy, Original and others. Carefully read the instructions, use the stain remover only with gloves.

The listed options are the most effective and safe for clothes.

how to remove an oil paint stain

Extreme measures

The use of aggressive solvents threatens to damage the fabric, change the color of the clothes in the place of treatment. You should resort to extreme measures only if the above did not help in any way:

  • Acetone . An excellent solvent that can wash away even oil paint. However, acetone discolors colored fabrics, and artificial silk can dissolve – be careful. Apply the liquid to the damaged clothes, wait 5-10 minutes for the effect, rinse, repeat the procedure.
  • Gasoline . It perfectly cleans clothes for oil stains, but you need to use only purified gasoline. You can quickly get one in lighters. Use a cotton swab dipped in gasoline to go over the dyed clothes. Repeat until all the dye is gone. At the end, wash with ammonia to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Instead of gasoline, you can use turpentine, kerosene, white spirit.
  • White clay + gasoline. Prepare gruel from these products. Apply it on clothes contaminated with oil paint. Leave to dry. The dye will absorb into the clay. After drying, shake and rub the area with a soft brush. The method is suitable for hard fabrics.
How to wash oil paint from clothes