The world looks completely different through the eyes of children. Bright and colorful colors must be present in it. Therefore, small “artists” strive to decorate the environment we are used to. It seems to them gray and too gloomy. Of course, bright paints and gouache are used, which leave traces not only on furniture, walls, carpets, but also on the clothes of the “artist” himself. What to do with your child’s creativity is up to you, but for traces of paint, the answer is clear – rather in the wash! Let’s consider how to wash gouache from clothes and what improvised means can help.

In order to wash off the paint without a trace , it is important to act quickly and use appropriate cleaning products. Gouache is the easiest to remove stains among other coloring compositions, but it also has its own nuances.

How to wash gouache from clothes


Before starting the procedure for removing gouache stains on your clothes, you should learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. Gouache refers to dense and stable paints.

  • If the gouache has not had time to dry on the clothes, it is easy to wash it off. Put the thing under a jet of warm water, rubbing the fabric, wash the dye with soft movements. Hand wash with soap or machine wash.
  • If the problem was not noticed immediately, the paint managed to form a thick crust, then it will not be so easy to deal with dried spots – a more rational approach is needed here than ordinary washing.

Of course, you can pay a visit to a household chemical store and buy a stain remover that is used when washing delicate fabrics, but we recommend that you do not go anywhere and use the tips from our treasury of home recipes.

Methods of cleaning with improvised means

First, clean the clothes from gouache clots. Remember the fabric in the place of contamination, the paint cracks, then shake it with a soft brush. Next, choose how to wash the clothes (do not forget to test the experimental tool on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric):

  • Household soap . They can remove fresh traces of paint. Gouache contains many artificial components, and it is difficult to predict how they will behave when washed. Therefore, first soak things, soaping them with soap, in running water. After 15 minutes, rub the stain and rinse. With a probability of 50%, it will be possible to wash off the stain. Didn’t work out? Use a different detergent.
  • Dishwashing detergent will help to wash off the colorful stains. Make a foamy solution from water and a few drops of the product, in which soak the clothes for 30 minutes. Then wash in the usual way. To enhance the effect, you can mix gel for dishes with ethyl alcohol – such a tool will wash off even acrylic paints .
  • Nasathyr and glycerin will come to the rescue in the current situation. Wash the clothes in running water without using chemicals. Let things dry a little, and treat the spots with a glycerine-cloth mixture (take the ingredients in equal proportions). Leave for 30 minutes to soak. Then wash in the washing machine.
  • Vinegar plus kerosene, gasoline or other solvents. Take a cotton pad, wet it with a mixture of gasoline and heated vinegar in equal parts. Treat the gouache marks and leave for a few minutes to soak in. Then remove the remaining product and paint from the product and wash it by hand.

how to remove spots from gouache

  • Eucalyptus oil will help to cope with severe pollution. Pour it on the stain and wait a few minutes. This tool will be effective for clothes of any shades, and for white things it will be just perfect. Eucalyptus oil softens paint stains, which simply disappear after regular washing.
  • Toothpaste will be effective in the fight against fresh gouache stains. Apply it to the problem area and see how after 5 minutes, the paint will start to disappear. Wash off the residue with water.
  • Mustard . Mix the dry powder with water to a paste-like state. Apply this solution on the spots. Allow to absorb and wash off.
  • Butter is an unexpected but effective ingredient. Mix a small amount of washing powder with one teaspoon of butter. Apply the resulting mixture to the contaminated area and rub well. After washing with soap and water. This tool perfectly removes oil paint stains .

Summing up, we can note that removing gouache stains is a time-consuming process, but it is possible! We suggest using special aprons and gloves when working with paints.

How to wash gouache from clothes