Everyone who loves mountaineering and skiing knows very well that staying in the cold without an additional layer of warm clothing at best can result in several days of illness. To protect themselves from the loss of heat of their body, fleece overalls or jackets are well suited. Fleece blankets are no less popular, they warm well, are soft to the touch and very light. If the cloth is dirty, do not rush to put it in the washing machine. Consider how to wash fleece fabric carefully.

Fleece clothing has a different thickness. It is chosen, given the weather conditions in which it is located. A good fleece is made of very strong fabrics. To maintain its excellent thermal properties for a long time, you should always remember the proper care of clothes from this material.

How to Wash Fleece Fabric

What you need to know about fleece and its washing:

  • Fleece fabrics can have different designs, and care for them is different. Learn the label to your thing to find out which washing parameters the manufacturer allows.
  • High temperature negatively affects the quality of synthetic fabrics, including fleece. Therefore, fleece cannot be washed in hot water, dried automatically or on heaters, ironed.
  • Do not use aggressive detergents, stain removers, bleach. They destroy the fibers of the fleece, wash away the water-repellent layer, worsen the quality of fleece, for which they are so appreciated in frosts. For washing use special detergents and impregnation, it is permissible to wash with household soap or gel.
  • Do not screw and squeeze out. It can deform a fleece overall or a hat, and it is unlikely to be able to dress them.
  • Stains on fleece are easy to remove. It is enough to soap the area and hold it in the water for a while.

Washing in an automatic machine

  • Detergent – preferably liquid. Do not use conditioner, bleach.
  • Mode – delicate or handwash.
  • Temperature – 30-40 degrees Celsius.
  • Spin – no more than 400 (or turn off).
  • Drying – turn off.
  • Rinse – double.

If the clothes are equipped with zippers, buttons, first fasten them. Turn the fleece products inside out so that the outer layer does not collapse.

Fleece can be washed simultaneously with other things. But keep in mind that this synthetics, and intense colors can color other cloth. Therefore, choose things for washing so that their colors are similar to each other.

The washing process is as follows:

  1. Put things in the washing machine.
  2. In the detergent compartment, dial the appropriate amount of washing liquid. Typically, the optimal amount is 100 ml per unit of clothing. But be sure to read the instructions for your detergent.
  3. If fleece clothing has a water-repellent layer, then additionally with rinsing it is necessary to impregnate it with special means. To do this, add impregnation to the fleece (sold in sports stores) in the rinse aid compartment of the washing machine.
  4. Set the appropriate washing mode and water temperature to 40 degrees. On the label of the fleece article, the optimum wash temperature should be indicated.
  5. Check the settings for rinsing, spinning and drying, set them according to the recommendations.
  6. Start the washing machine.
  7. At the end of the wash cycle, you can pick up things from the washing machine and hang them out to dry.


  • The water temperature is 30-40 degrees.
  • Detergent – any, preferably a special liquid or laundry soap. If using a powder or gel, then it must be well dissolved before you wash the fleece.
  • For hand washing, it is best to use rubber gloves.

Before hand washing, you should also zip all the zippers and unscrew the clothes with the back side.

  1. Pour warm water in a suitable container (for example, in a bathroom).
  2. Dissolve the detergent. Household soap rubs on a grater and is dissolve in water. If only soap is at hand, but you do not want to do the soap shavings, soak the fleece in clean water and soap it with plenty of soap on all sides.
  3. Leave things soaked in soapy water for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Thoroughly wash things, paying special attention to removing dirt from the cuffs. You can wash several items of clothing at the same time, if the information on the labels does not prohibit this.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. After cleaning, the fleece should be properly impregnated. For this purpose, it is necessary to replace the water with a clean one and pour 100 ml of impregnation (or according to the instructions) onto one piece of clothing into it. Impregnation should dissolve well in water, so that it will be absorbed into the fleece for five minutes.
  7. Drain and rinse clothing under cold water until it is completely clean.
  8. Do not unscrew the fleece. Gently squeeze out water, hold it over the bathroom.

How to Wash Fleece


It is best to dry the fleece in the fresh air in a hanging position on the hanger, so that they do not get sunlight. So that the fabric does not stretch (for example, if you wash a hat or children’s clothing from fleece), spread the product horizontally on a terry towel.

Fleece clothing does not dry on the heater, as high temperature promotes deformation of synthetic fabrics. If you need to dry quickly, you can use a special automatic dryer installed at a low speed, but we do not recommend taking any risks.

It is forbidden to iron fleece, but it usually does not need to be done. If the need arises, then you can use the steam generator or hold it over the steam of a boiling pot.

How to Wash Fleece Fabric