Such an unpleasant situation as blood stains on underwear or sheets is familiar to every girl or woman. However, do not rush to throw away your favorite things, because this problem can be easily and simply solved. Let’s consider how to wash blood from menstruation, which means to use.

Menstrual blood is more difficult to wash off than ordinary blood that is released during cuts. The fact is that the secretions during menstruation are only stained with blood, but actually contain a whole set of enzymes, particles of the mucous membrane of the uterus, and vaginal secretions. That is why menstrual blood does not coagulate.

Important ! When starting the process of removing blood stains, we do not recommend using hot water for washing. Fresh stains are removed in cold water, and old ones in warm water.

Useful ! There are situations when it is not possible to wash things. We recommend soaking them in cold water until you have free time.

How to wash blood from menstruation

Fresh stains

Menstruals are easier to wash immediately after they are detected on the fabric. As long as the blood has not had time to dry, and the vaginal secretions have been absorbed, it is easier to remove them. In such cases, the proven advice of housewives will come to our aid:

  • Household soap . For white things, take with the bleaching effect. Suitable for removing “Antipyatin” stains. Soak a period-stained cloth in water at room temperature. Rub thoroughly with soap, rinse. If the bloody spot remains, then rub with soap again and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse under running water and wash in warm water.
  • Coca Cola . If you don’t have time to wash (you are in a hurry to get to work, or you want to sleep already), then soak the product for 6-8 hours in a carbonated drink. Rinse, the period should lighten. After that, load the laundry into the washing machine, add another 100 ml of kohl to the powder, and start washing. Blood stains will not leave a trace.
  • Vinegar . Before treating a period stain, you should soak the clothes for two hours in cold water. Drain the water. Take vinegar, dilute 1 to 1 with water and pour over the contaminated area for half an hour. You are guaranteed clean linen without stains!
  • You can wash off fresh blood from menstruation with soda. To do this, prepare a solution: mix soda with water until it becomes a paste. Apply the mixture to the desired area, leave for an hour, and then wash and rinse.
  • Fresh traces of menstrual blood are also removed with salt water . Pour cold water into the container in which you will soak the laundry. Pour a few spoons of salt and immerse the product in the solution. After soaking, wash the stains with laundry soap and rinse.
  • Starch copes well with menstrual discharge. Boil a few spoons of white powder in a glass of water. Treat the contamination with an adhesive solution and leave it for some time. You will only need to rinse and wash things when the starch is completely dry.

Note : The starch method is suitable even for the most delicate fabrics. If you have silk underwear, feel free to start washing and don’t be afraid of anything!

Dried spots

If the stain from menstruation has long dried out, then it is very difficult to wash it off using the methods described above. You will have to repeat the cleaning procedure again and again until the blood is completely removed. It is possible to make it easier – to use means that are more effective in such situations.

If you prefer special cleaning agents and cannot imagine the washing process without household chemicals, then pay attention to the stain remover “Vanish” or another brand that you prefer. Use the tool strictly according to the instructions.

Remember! It is best to use oxygen bleaches that do not contain chlorine. Since chlorine is not suitable for synthetic fabrics and can spoil the pattern on the product, if there is one.

remove blood stains

Tools from the home first aid kit will help:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive and effective option to remove bloody traces of any nature. Pour peroxide over traces of blood on the clothes, leave for two hours to soak and wash the clothes in cool water with ordinary soap (Antipyatin soap is suitable).

Nuance: peroxide is used only for light products made of dense cotton or satin.

  • Nasathyr is a universal means for removing stains at home. It can be applied to both light and multi-colored fabrics. Preparation of cleaning solution: mix 1 tbsp. l. of alcohol in 1 liter of water until completely dissolved. Soak the laundry in this solution for one hour, then wash and rinse as usual.

Tip: if there is no ammonia in the first-aid kit, do not worry. It can be replaced with liquid for washing windows.

  • Glycerin is a wonderful tool that is best suited for any tissue. Before starting to treat stains with it, heat the glycerin to a warm state. Apply the product to the area of ​​the product contaminated by menstruation and leave it to soak for an hour. Then wash things in cool water with laundry soap.

When using any of the proposed means, be sure to check their effect on the fabric on an inconspicuous area. If we are talking about blood-stained underwear, the delicate fabric may not withstand the effects of aggressive products.

How to wash blood from menstruation