Pleated skirts and dresses are an integral part of the wardrobe of many women. In order for the product to retain its original appearance as long as possible, the pleating should be properly cared for. To do this, take into account the features of the material, as well as study the rules of washing, drying and ironing. Let’s analyze how to wash a pleated skirt correctly at home so as not to damage it.

It’s no secret that pleated skirts are most often sewn from delicate materials, for example, chiffon or satin. Less often – from knitwear, wool, denim or leather. Some materials are too susceptible to washing and ironing, so women do not risk buying such clothes.

To preserve the beauty of the product, just read the label on the inner seam and follow the care recommendations indicated there.

If there is no information on the tag that the fabric can withstand dry cleaning only, then the skirt can be washed. This can be done both by hand and in an automatic machine, but only by following the rules for processing pleated products.

How to wash a pleated skirt correctly

Features of washing

During the washing process, several points can be highlighted:

  • Preparation for washing, without this, clothes can be ruined, and beautiful folds will leave the fabric forever.
  • Hand or machine wash? Both options are suitable, but have their own characteristics.
  • What material is the skirt made of? This affects the choice of detergent and temperature regime.

We will talk about all this below.

How to prepare a thing for washing

So that the pleated skirt does not lose its original shape, prepare for washing in advance. For this:

  • Choose the correct detergent for the type of fabric of the product.
  • Before you start washing, carefully fold the skirt along the folds and place it in a laundry bag or a regular nylon stocking.
  • To better preserve the folds, sew them with white threads. This can be done with small stitches along the bottom of the product or along each fold. At the same time, the thread should not tighten the material, but should be held loosely.

If you ignore these recommendations, the folds on the clothes may lose their correct shape during washing.

How to wash a pleated skirt by hand

The pleated skirt can be safely hand washed. The main thing is to follow the proposed recommendations for processing products with folds. Hand washing rules:

  • wash in lukewarm water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees;
  • give preference to gels rather than powders, as the latter do not dissolve well in cold water and can leave dilutions;
  • before washing, soak the product in soapy water for 10-60 minutes, depending on the resistance of the dirt;
  • try not to twist or rub the material strongly during washing;
  • rinse the item of wardrobe in at least three waters;
  • do not squeeze the thing, but just hang it over a bathtub or other container and let the water drain.

In order not to lose the lightness of the product, add a little fabric conditioner to the rinsing water.

How to wash a pleated skirt correctly

How to wash an automatic machine in a washing machine

Automatic washing of such products is not prohibited. The main thing is to follow the standard rules for processing such clothes, namely:

  • for washing, choose only a delicate mode;
  • give preference to liquid powders that dissolve well and wash even in cold water;
  • set the machine to a minimum temperature setting that does not exceed 30 degrees;
  • if available, turn on the additional rinse program;
  • turn off the spin mode;
  • hang the product over the container on the shoulders, allowing the water to drain, then dry.

To preserve the attractive appearance of the folds of the pleated skirt, store and care for the product correctly.

Washing things made of polyester

Polyester is 100% synthetic material. Pleated items made of polyester can be washed both by hand and in an automatic machine. At the same time, follow the basic rules for washing similar products – set the delicate mode and do not exceed the water temperature above 30 degrees .

Before washing, it is better to turn the item of clothing inside out.

Iron the item only by setting the “silk” mode on the iron, or use an additional wet cloth. At the same time, just as before washing, turn the product inside out.

Tips for washing chiffon pleated skirts

It is better to wash the chiffon pleated skirt by hand. At the same time, choose special detergents for delicate fabrics. Use only lukewarm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 30 degrees. It is unacceptable to intensively shake or twist chiffon products. If you still prefer machine washing, then choose only the delicate mode without spinning and drying to process things.

You can iron the skirt only after thorough drying at the set temperature on the iron from 60 to 120 degrees or by turning on the “silk” function on the regulator. At the same time, it is not necessary to wet the material. For the safety of processing, put gauze or cloth under the iron. After ironing, let the product cool for 10-15 minutes.

Can pleated fabric be bleached?

Since pleated skirts are often made from delicate materials, use bleaches and stain removers with extreme care. Otherwise, you can damage the fabric, which will cause holes to appear on the product or the color will be greatly darkened. Do not use chlorine bleach. It is better to give preference to means that work with the help of active oxygen.

If you prefer improvised means, choose the most gentle ones, for example, aspirin or hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Mix several liters of water and a teaspoon of peroxide in a container.
  2. Dip a piece of wardrobe into the composition, and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Turn the thing over every 5-7 minutes.
  4. After processing, wash the product in the usual way.

How to wash a pleated skirt correctly

How to restore folds after washing

If for some reason the folds on the skirt have disappeared, do not despair. You can still restore them. This can be done in several ways:

  • By soap From the wrong side, rub the folds with a piece of soap. Apply the folds to each other and carefully iron with a hot iron.
  • A special solution with egg white. Dissolve soap shavings in warm water. Add egg white, a handful of starch and a tablespoon of vinegar to the soap solution. Dip a cotton cloth in the solution and iron the skirt through it. To prevent the liquid from sticking to the iron, put a sheet of paper on top.
  • Solution for fixation based on gelatin. Mix a solution of household soap with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of gelatin. Moisten the material with the substance and carefully iron it through gauze or paper.
  • Vinegar with water. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Wet all the folds on the skirt and iron through paper or gauze.

If the product is sewn from delicate fabric, you cannot use an iron. To restore folds in this case, use a steamer.

How to dry properly

Take drying your pleated skirt as seriously as washing it. You can dry the product in several ways:

  • Simply hang the item on the clothes hangers and dry naturally.
  • Dry the skirt by placing it in a stocking or laundry bag before washing.
  • Roll the piece of wardrobe with a tube and tie it with a thread on the belt, hang it and dry it completely.

Such manipulations will allow you to preserve the folds of the product without ironing.

Care rules and recommendations

So that the pleated skirt does not lose its original appearance for a long time, take care of it by following all the suggested rules. For this:

  • be sure to study the label on things;
  • do not neglect the washing temperature regime;
  • dry the skirt only on the shoulders;
  • iron in the mode required for the material.

A pleated skirt is a stylish part of the wardrobe, which can be easily spoiled if you neglect the rules of care, washing and drying of such products. For the maximum preservation of things, wash and iron the pleated skirt only in the required temperature mode.

How to wash a pleated skirt correctly