The beauty of a fur coat is undeniable, but until it gets dirty. In the best case, it can be worn for 5-10 years without washing. But sooner or later you will still have to face the need to wash it. The best solution, of course, is to contact a dry cleaner. In fact, this is the only effective and fur-safe way to wash a natural fur coat. But there are options available at home.

The signal to wash the fur coat can be one or more of the following moments:

  • she began to smell unpleasant;
  • fur became dull;
  • the lining is clogged with dust and dirt.

How to wash a natural fur coat

First, determine for yourself whether you can wash a fur coat at home. More precisely, it was correct to ask the question a little differently: “Are you ready to take a risk and wash your expensive mink?” It is not a fact that it will survive home washing.

Be prepared that the fur coat will most likely shrink by 1-2 sizes after washing and lighten! Consider this. If you are still ready to wash, then you can read on.

How to clean a mink fur coat – read in detail here .

We use gentle cleaning methods

Try to wash the fur coat without soaking. Shake it out, vacuum with a nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Assess the “extent of the disaster”. Mark the areas that need cleaning. If the pollution is not significant, then try to clean them with clean water. Hang the fur coat on a hanger, pour a bowl of water with a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees. Take a chamois brush and wet it in water to clean the fur. After that, comb the fur and let it dry. When dry, comb again. As a rule, this is enough to return the shine.

Some advise to try the same procedure, but with snow. This is even better, as less excess moisture will be absorbed. If there are clean drifts of snow on the street, then wipe the fur with snow, but not too much. There is no need to press and crush. Then comb and dry.

But if these methods did not help to wash old stains, remove the smell, then contact a dry cleaner. There they know how to wash a mink coat, they will quickly put it in order without damage. If, for some reason, the services of professionals are not available to you, and you are ready to risk a fur thing, then dare to try to wash it yourself. Let’s consider how to do it.


Is it possible to wash a kidney or mouton in a washing machine? Can not. There are many reasons for this, starting from the fact that the fur simply will not survive even the most delicate regime, and ending with the fact that after absorbing water, the fur coat will become incredibly heavy, and with such a weight your washing machine simply will not cope (as a result, you will spoil and thing, and technology).

The fur coat is spun only by hand.

  1. Be sure to dust the fur coat before washing.
  2. As a washing agent, it is better to take a liquid detergent for fur or mohair. It not only opens the pile perfectly, but also prevents it from getting tangled. You can also wash with regular shampoo or gel for washing animals.
  3. You can wash a muton fur coat in water at a temperature of up to 45 degrees, a mink coat – no higher than 30.
  4. For washing, you need a large container, for example, a bathtub. The size of the container should be sufficient so that the fur coat does not wrinkle from top to bottom, it should be straightened.
  5. Pour water into a third of the bathroom, dilute the detergent and lower the item into the water. Press it down, hold it with your hands under water until it is completely soaked. Leave to ferment for 15 minutes. The dirtiest places can be slightly wiped with a brush in the direction of the pile.
  6. Drain the water. Fur cannot be twisted. To get rid of excess water, run the palm of your hand from top to bottom, thereby expelling the liquid.
  7. Rinse the fur coat in the shower with cold water, washing out the water as in the previous point. Pour clean water into the bath and lightly press the coat so that it is completely rinsed. Drain the water and expel the water.

how to wash a fur coat

How to dry

This is probably the most difficult. A wet fur coat weighs a LOT. Few hangers can handle such a weight. You can proceed as follows: put a seat for the bathroom (if you have one) and spread a wet thing on it. Instead of a seat, you can use any two boards.

When the main part of the water drains (after about 3-5 hours), put a chair with a back in the bath, hang a fur coat on it, try to straighten it as much as possible. Leave it to dry for 8 hours.

When the fur dries, you can try to comb it with a regular wooden or plastic hair brush. Do not scratch wet areas, as you can tear out the lining.

After the fur is completely dry, comb it again and move on to the most important thing – fitting. That’s all!

What to do with a damaged fur coat after washing

If you are looking for an answer to this question, then you already know the answer to the question of whether it is possible to wash a muton fur coat or any other natural fur coat.

There can be many options:

  • If the fur coat has shrunk, you can give or sell it to a thinner person. Or sew it, making a beautiful fur vest or hat out of it. Can be cut for fur inserts in other clothes or products.
  • If the fur coat has become hard or shed, it can be used as a rug or bedding for animals. If you have a small child, then pieces of damaged fur can be used as elements for a developmental tactile mat.

Or any other option. Show imagination, and the mink will serve you for a very long time, even if it is not in its original form.

How to wash a natural fur coat at home?

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