Every person likes to wear jewelry. Some wear gold, others silver, and some just jewelry. Silver products have always been surrounded by mystery and mysticism. Such decorations could disinfect water and get rid of disease. Silver looks noble, has many advantages, but still there is one disadvantage that silver products carry. This metal has the property of darkening, as the oxidation process takes place in it under the influence of moisture, sunlight, and the influence of sulfur. With the help of improvised materials, silver shines again. After reading the article, it will become clear how to clean a silver chain from tarnishing at home.

Dry cleaning of silver

It can be cleaned with a dry and wet method. Dry cleaning includes the following options:

  • Soda . How to clean a silver chain with soda? Pour soda on a towel and put a silver chain on it, wrap it and start rubbing as if washing. It is important to rub the decoration strongly all over. After that, carefully remove the silver and wipe it with a soft napkin, it is not necessary to wash it.
  • Tooth powder . The decoration is rubbed with a toothbrush on which there is powder. After cleaning, rinse with warm running water.
  • Hard fabric . You will need cloth, silver is rubbed with this material.

How to clean a silver chain from tarnishing at home

Wet cleaning of silver

It is necessary to start cleaning the product by washing it in a soapy solution to which dishwashing detergent is added. After soaking bracelets, chains, rings, after some time it is worth cleaning them well with a brush or cotton swab. This method does not always give a positive result.

  • Foil + salt . Silver chains are folded on a sheet of foil. Pour 4 teaspoons of salt and add a small amount of water. Carefully wrap everything and put the pans down. All this is poured with a solution of soap (one teaspoon of household soap, a glass of water). Bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Let it stand for fifteen minutes and there will be no trace of the blackness.
  • Soda with water . To clean the silver chain from blackness, baking soda and water in a 1:3 ratio will help. It is necessary to rub the chain with the resulting mixture until the original appearance of the product appears. As soon as the cleaning is finished, it should be washed with running warm water and allowed to dry.
  • Nasathyr . Nasathyr cleans silver at home. Not very dirty chains and rings should be wiped with a wet cloth, the problem will be solved. If the silver is heavily contaminated, it is worth putting the products in undiluted ammonia, but keep it for no more than 10 minutes.
  • Lemon + vodka . This method also has cleansing effects, only it takes a night for the effect. Pour into a bowl: soap solution, vodka, lemon juice, two teaspoons each. Mix everything and send silver jewelry there. In the morning, everything is washed with warm running water.
  • Alcohol + toothpaste. Another effective way to clean silver. We take alcohol, water and toothpaste. Mix the necessary ingredients in equal proportions and immerse the silver in the mixture for half an hour. After the allotted time, process the products with a soft toothbrush.

Wipe the silver with a cloth soaked in vinegar (concentration 3-9%). For a better effect, soak in the same solution for two hours.

  • Circles . Coca-Cola, a favorite of many, will help in cleaning. Jewelry should be placed in a drink for several hours, and all oxidation will be removed.
  • Oil . Cleaning with olive oil does not require much effort. It is worth moistening a small piece of cloth with oil and putting jewelry in it, after twenty minutes wash it in warm water and dry it.

The question arises as to which means to choose: home or still special ones. This question cannot be answered unequivocally, as each tool has its pros and cons. Only each person individually can decide and choose such cleaning of his products, which will be convenient and profitable for him.

Rules for the care of silver products

In order not to worry about damaged silver products and not to think about how to clean silver from tarnishing, you should immediately take care of them.

How to clean a silver chain from tarnishing at home

Silver is an amazing metal. It gets more beautiful over the years. Under the influence of negative factors, silver darkens and does not look beautiful. There are rules for storing and wearing silver to keep it in good condition.

  • It is worth removing silverware if you are going to visit a sauna or a bathhouse. At high temperatures, silver items tend to darken. In the same way, there is contact with sulfur, which is released with sweat, and sulfur in particular has a negative effect on silver.
  • When cleaning at home, the silver chain should also be removed. It can be damaged and contaminated.
  • When taking medicinal products, it is important to know that the composition of the secreted sweat changes. Therefore, it is worth removing silver during treatment.
  • Wipe silver items with flannel daily and store separately from all jewelry. Preferably in a box with fabric upholstery on the inside.
  • If the silver is not used for a long time, it should be taken out of the box and aired. It is important to wipe with a flannel napkin.
  • After wearing, wipe with a soft tissue soaked in ammonia to remove oxidation for the day.
  • To slow down the darkening of the jewelry, cover it with clear nail polish and let it dry. Silver will remain bright for a long time.

After cleaning the silver, it should not be worn immediately. It takes time to create a natural protective film, which is formed over several days. Pure silver should be laid out on a soft napkin until it dries completely.

Silver jewelry is loved by many people, both women and men. Everyone can afford to buy this metal. It is for this reason that silver is so loved by all people. The main task is the ability to properly care for the precious metal, and if necessary, to clean it. Take it as a rule: if you wear jewelry, immediately wash it with soap to permanently maintain the shine.

How to clean a silver chain from tarnishing at home