In order for the hair to be beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to take care of it. For this, it is necessary not only to choose the right cosmetics, but also to buy a good comb. It is also important not to forget that hygiene products need care, they must always be clean. That is why we will consider how to clean a comb from dirt at home. Important: choose the cleaning agent according to the material of the comb.

Why clean?

Unfortunately, not all women understand the importance of regular cleaning of hair accessories, and meanwhile, after each combing, the following remains on the brush or comb:

  • Fallen hair.
  • Particles of dirt settling on the hair.
  • Skin fat.
  • Particles of hair care and styling products

The accumulation of all these types of pollution leads to the multiplication of bacteria, which in turn can cause skin diseases and dandruff. In addition, if you comb your hair with a dirty tool, it will very quickly take on an unattractive appearance.

Important ! If you have no problems with the scalp, then the accessory should be fully cleaned once a week, if some problems have been noticed, then the care should be carried out once every 3 days.

How to clean a comb from dirt at home

Features of materials

Depending on the goals, hair accessories can be distinguished by material and shape. There are wide massage brushes, narrow combs for parting, round combs for styling. They can be made of wood, plastic or metal, have natural or artificial bristles.

All these features must be kept in mind, as some cleaning agents can be dangerous for natural materials, others can oxidize metal. To avoid such mistakes, consider how to clean the comb in each case.


A wooden comb must be cleaned carefully, because natural materials are more susceptible to the influence of external factors and easily become unusable.

Importantly! The most important rule in working with wooden accessories is that they cannot be exposed to water for a long time, the wood will delaminate, and the thing will become unusable.

  1. Cleaning any product should begin with the removal of major dirt: from hair and dirt.
  2. Wood can be easily cleaned with alcohol, use any alcohol product, it can be cosmetic tonic or vodka. Alcohol can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Wet a tampon and wipe each tooth with it. Alcohol will easily remove grease and dirt stuck to it.
  4. After completing the procedure, wipe the comb with a dry tissue and leave it in the air until it dries completely.

Advice! To clean wooden combs at home, use improvised means: toothpicks or matches.

how to clean a wooden comb


Plastic is considered one of the most practical materials. It is inexpensive and easy to care for. The plastic comb can be cleaned in several ways:

  • Prepare a soapy solution: 1 tbsp. per 1 liter of warm water. l. shampoo and 1 tbsp. l. ammoniacal alcohol. Place the tool so that it is completely covered with water, leave for 30 minutes. If dirt remains on some areas, clean it with a sponge or an unnecessary toothbrush. Finish cleaning by rinsing under running water.
  • There is a homemade method of preparing an antiseptic that not only copes with dirt, but also kills germs. Mix 1 tbsp. table vinegar and 3 tbsp. warm water, leave the hair comb in the solution for 20-30 minutes, rinse the accessory in clean water.
  • The comb is prone to greasy dirt, men’s shaving foam will help to deal with them. Spread a small amount of product between the teeth and leave for 30 minutes. During this time, the foam will soften the dirt, which will be easily removed with a piece of cloth or a napkin.
  • If you need to disinfect the tool, use a solution of chlorine with water in a ratio of 1:10. The duration of the procedure should be at least 60 minutes, chlorine kills germs and fungi, this method is perfect if you are a hairdresser and deal with a large number of people.

Advice! You can replace alcohol and acetic acid with lemon juice.


This material is rarely used for the production of daily care tools, but metal accessories are used for styling.

A round comb can be cleaned with baking soda.

  1. take an unnecessary toothbrush,
  2. moisten with water and dip in baking soda,
  3. walk along the comb.

how to clean a metal comb

Importantly! Metal should not stay in water for a long time, it is also important to dry the thing well, this will protect you from rust.

Metal can also be cleaned using purchased products. Use a universal powder, such as “Pemolux” or “Biolan”, their active components will dissolve fat. After cleaning, rinse the thing well so that the chemical residues do not get on the hair.

Another way is to make a solution using washing powder. Dilute 1 tbsp in the required amount of water. l. powder, soak the product for 15-20 minutes, brush the teeth with a brush and dry the product well.

Natural bristles

Combs with teeth made of natural bristles are quite expensive, they are valued for the comprehensive care they provide. However, you should not forget about the care of such a tool, like hair, it requires weekly washing. Distribute a small amount of hair shampoo on the surface of the bristles, leave the comb for 10 minutes. Pour warm water into a small bowl and rinse the item. The tool must be allowed to dry well.

In this case, you cannot use alcohol or such strong acids as vinegar, this will damage the bristles and make them too hard.

Importantly! It is better to dry such combs with the bristles facing up, otherwise it may deform.

Massage tools

It will be more difficult to clean the massage comb from plaque and hair, because due to the complex shape, all the dirt accumulates at the base of the accessory. A small plastic comb will help to get rid of hairs. For other impurities, prepare a solution:

  • 1 liter of warm water.
  • 10 ml of shampoo.
  • 10 ml of 9% vinegar.

Mix all the components, leave the brush in the solution for 20 minutes, then rinse it in running water, let it dry.

Advice! Massage brushes are difficult to dry, leave the tool on a terry towel with the teeth down.

Now you know how to quickly clean any kind of comb, but this is not all the useful tips we can give.

Recommendations for daily care

A good comb is a guarantee of hair health, which weighs no less than shampoo or hair conditioner. In this case, the term “good” refers not only to the quality, but also to the condition of the instrument. Some good habits will help you keep the accessory clean at the right level:

  • Get into the habit of daily hair removal from the comb and weekly cleaning.
  • A comb for daily care must be changed every 3-4 months.
  • Do not use a tool with teeth that have fallen out or broken, with a torn base, as you will damage the structure of the hair.
  • Disinfect the accessory periodically. For this, you can use pharmaceutical products, alcohol or men’s cologne.
  • Try to have your own comb – first of all, this is a matter of personal hygiene.
  • If you carry a combing tool with you in your bag, put it in a case.
  • Always allow the tool to dry thoroughly after combing wet hair.
  • If you want to give things a light pleasant aroma, add a few drops of aromatic oil to any cleaning solution. Prefer orange, lemon, rose or tea tree oil.

All the useful tips are given, you just have to listen to them, especially since we also talked about the importance of comb cleanliness. Such care does not bring any difficulties, especially if it is carried out regularly. But your hair will say “thank you” with its beauty and health.

How to clean a comb from dirt at home