Recently, advertisements for various kigurumi shops can be seen here and there. Cute outfits that look like a jumpsuit, pajamas, carnival costume at the same time. Of course, the question arises, what is a kigurumi, how does it look, where to wear it. Initially, these were costumes of animators, mainly in the form of animals or characters from popular anime. Moreover, kigurumi completely covers the whole body and is an ideal way of reincarnation not only at a masquerade, but also in everyday life. Over time, this outfit went beyond the carnival costume and became more casual.

general information

These unusual costumes first appeared in Japan in the mid-1990s. This is also reflected in their name, which is formed from two Japanese words – “wear” (“kiru”) and “soft toy” (“nuigurumi”). Accordingly, those who wear such costumes are called kigurumin.

At first, they were used mainly as costumes for animators. However, soon the scope of their application expanded – the product was discovered by anime fans. Now you can meet people in such costumes even just on the street! But, of course, they are most often used by artists who work in shopping centers and theme parks. Sometimes these costumes are used for advertising purposes, although most often – just for fun.

Kigurumi can wear sports team mascots.

In a separate direction, kigurumi pajamas are allocated, which also cover the entire body and are also made in the form of animals or anime characters. The popularity of such suits forced designers to develop their own collections, and manufacturers to mass sew at least pajamas of this type.

What is kigurumi?

The need for costumes

The kigurumi costume has one feature – a loose cut. It does not constrain movements and provides its owner with maximum comfort. Thanks to this, the item of clothing becomes a universal thing, in which it is convenient to do a wide variety of things, including sports (sometimes even snowboarders choose such warm suits to have fun on the track).

Why does an adult need kigurumi outside of masquerade, comic-con and costume parties? In fact, to rest and relax. In Japan, with its rather strict corporate culture and mandatory dress code, such a suit allows an ordinary manager to turn into a funny animal or a favorite hero of a comic book or manga literally as soon as he leaves the office. In a soft and loose kigurumi, you can walk in the park or relax in nature, in Japan you will not surprise anyone with such costumes.

Kigurumi pajamas are not very comfortable to sleep in, but you can walk around the apartment and do household chores. In a country where there is no central heating, this is a very relevant costume. But even in domestic conditions it will be warm and cozy.

You can buy the same kigurumi for the whole family and arrange a photo shoot or pajama party in them. Children will definitely be delighted, and adults will also benefit from relaxing.

Kigurumi and anime

Of course, fans of anime could not pass by such costumes and began to actively use them. However, these are not quite the kigurumi that you can see on the street. In this case, fans of any manga or series change into such elaborate costumes and completely copy the mannerisms of their character and his behavior. Such people are called animegao in Japan. The term “Doller” is also used because they look a bit like life size dolls. But in reality these are completely different things.

To make sure of this, it is enough to read the description of anime kigurumi. Sometimes this is really an animal costume, but often fans transform into other characters, so kigurumi can include:

  • flesh-colored overalls;
  • wigs and bright accessories and jewelry that emphasize the character of the character.

In addition, according to tradition, the set includes a hard mask. Her facial expression remains static.

At the same time, masks can be of several types. For example, there are open masks that are easy to put on and take off because they cover only the face. There are also closed masks. They are more complex designs that have a special cover at the back. It simply won’t work to remove them without opening the cover. The inside of the mask is made of soft material so that it does not rub the face. Eye holes are made in the pupils of the mask, sometimes in the eyebrows.

Animegos participate in various festivals and shows, including television ones, are filmed in clips. The cost of their professional kigurumi can be several thousand dollars, so novice actors are forced to buy old costumes at a discount.

kigurumi pony

The main types

There are two more varieties of kigurumi. They are also popular:

  • One-piece suit. This type is characterized by a high level of detail. Volume ears, nose, horns, and other elements will definitely be made in it. This type of kigurumi is usually worn at costume parties.
  • Pajamas. This look is not distinguished by special attention to details, but it is made especially comfortable so that it is comfortable to walk or walk around the house.

If the first type of kigurumi is more often chosen by party lovers, then pajamas are absolutely universal, you can buy them as a gift for friends and relatives – it will be cute and funny.

The best material

It is very important to choose the right material for kigurumi. This is the only way to be sure of the comfort of such clothes. Suits are made from:

  • Fleece (polar fleece). This fabric was originally used for such suits in Japan. Fleece is a synthetic material that was developed to replace wool, so it is very warm. And despite the fact that it is a fabric made of artificial fibers, it is hypoallergenic. And this is a soft and pleasant to the touch material that allows air to pass through, but at the same time retains heat. Fleece is more expensive than other materials, but also of higher quality.
  • Velsoft is a relatively inexpensive analogue of fleece. It is also a synthetic material, perfectly retains heat and absorbs moisture. Velsoft practically does not wrinkle or roll, but it keeps its shape worse than fleece.
  • Cotton is rarely used for kigurumi in the traditional sense. However, summer pajamas are sewn from it. They are very comfortable and not hot at all, but cotton does not hold its shape well, so kigurumi made of it do not look so impressive.

You need to choose based on the specific situation. Velsoft is considered warmer compared to fleece. But this is not always considered a plus, since it will be easier to sweat in it during active movement on the street. And its hygroscopicity is lower than that of fleece, which means that it wicks away moisture worse. This makes it less convenient. If kigurumi is bought for sports or pajama parties, it is better to choose a fleece model, especially since such costumes are considered more detailed.

This material allows you to make kigurumi not just with hoods, but with more realistic and embossed faces of animals on them. All these ears, horns and other details will be made voluminous. Velsoft kigurumi differ in more modest processing, they are more often bought for the home. Personal preferences are also important – many people prefer fluffy Velsoft, others prefer smooth fleece.

Features of purchase and sewing

Those who are interested in kigurumi begin to look for where to buy such a costume. It is not necessary to order it in Asia. In Ukraine, many online stores sell Asian kigurumi. And there are already companies that sew them independently.

The main thing is to choose the right size. If we are talking about Asian products, it is not so easy to do this, because the costume must cover the whole body, and Japanese and Chinese kigurumi are often designed for a smaller height than European models. It is necessary to check the size grid for which height the manufacturer produces such a suit. If in doubt, it is always better to buy a kigurumi one size larger, especially since such a costume should be loose, it should not fit tightly to the body.

It is also very important to choose a fastener. “Zipper” is considered a more convenient option, although there are models with Velcro and buttons, which can also be quite comfortable.

In addition, you can sew kigurumi yourself. The advantage of such suits is that they are all sewn according to the same pattern. The only difference is in the choice of the color of the fabric and the finishing of the hood, which will represent the face of the animal. When cutting, it is important to take into account the direction of the pile so that it does not stick out. In addition, maximum attention should be paid to the central seam on the back. Only if it is perfectly adjusted, the shape of the product will hold well.

It is necessary to correctly process the step seam, which passes along both trouser legs with this cut. So that it does not tighten the product and does not deform it, you need to sew it with a special French seam. This is especially important when kigurumi is made for outdoor activities. Because then large mechanical loads fall on this seam.

At home, you will need a “zipper” to sew the product, it is the easiest to handle. But you need to sew it very carefully, taking into account the fact that velsoft and fleece are very elastic and can stretch a lot, so the stitches should be small. Knitwear is used for the cuffs of the product; fleece and velsoft are not suitable for this, because then this part of the suit will turn out to be very thick.

When wearing a kigurumi, you need to think about one more detail of the image – shoes. It is clear that sneakers are considered a universal option for the street, and for the house you can choose slippers with the face of the same animal that decorates the pajamas.

What is kigurumi: what it looks like, description and material of the costume