To make your housework easier, you need to rationally approach the time of house cleaning. If you do things on the days of the week in a certain area, it will be much easier to cope. Choose one room for each day where you will tidy up. You can do it in the form of a table, so as not to forget. We will give examples of how to make cleaning the house easier by spending just a couple of minutes a day before or after work.

Plan for the week

Divide each room of the house according to its days of the week, and exercise on the chosen day in that room. Our recommendations will help you in this:

  • On Monday, we clean the living room. You can disassemble the documents, tidy up the table and shelves, wipe the dust and the floor. If there are adult children, do not hesitate to involve them in helping around the house. When all things are in their places, it is much easier to clean them, so organize high-quality storage systems;
  • On Tuesday we clean the bedroom. We clean the wardrobe, change the bed linen, put order in the closets and chest of drawers. Also, if something needs to be sewn, repaired, it can be done on this day;
  • We clean the nursery on Wednesday. You can collect a wardrobe for a week, prepare a change of clothes for kindergarten if the children are small. We tidy up the table and toys, water the flowers. If the children are already big, then they will be able to clean themselves, under the supervision of their parents;
  • On Thursday, we clean the bathroom. We disassemble cosmetics, change towels, wash the sink, mirror, sanitary ware. On this day, you can iron your clothes or spend time taking care of yourself;
  • On Friday, we clean the kitchen. Here it is necessary to wipe the dust from the facades of the cabinets, wash the appliances and tidy up the refrigerator. We change towels and make a menu for the week;
  • On Saturday we buy products and necessary things. We choose household goods, clothes, prepare food for the week, if we are used to doing everything at once. The rest of the time can be devoted to the man;
  • On Sunday, we enjoy rest with the family. Do not forget to water the flowers.

Here is an approximate plan for the week that you can draw up for yourself so as not to complicate life.

how to make cleaning the house easier

Of course, each woman may have her preferences in cleaning, cooking and other household chores.

On the computer, you can draw tables for cleaning the premises and enter in them everything that needs to be done for that day. This will allow you not to forget about the routine.

Plan for the month

Dividing your affairs for a month, first of all, set aside a couple of days for general cleaning. Also divide what you will do every day, what must be done at least once a week, and for which things once a month is enough.

Every day:

  • clean things and clean stains . So it is easier to cope with cleaning in the future;
  • we prepare salads and fast food, but hot food can be made once every 3 days;
  • wash stains, in the summer it is better not to collect things for hand washing, but to rinse them immediately;
  • shopping for every day – dairy products, bread, butter, things that have run out and are needed urgently.

Once a week:

  • wet cleaning throughout the house;
  • cooking unusual dishes to pamper the whole family. It can be done on a day off. Pizza, cake or pie, in short, what the hostess is especially good at;
  • change of bed linen, towels. Washing things;
  • purchase of goods for long-term storage: meat, fish, vegetables.

This arrangement is adopted in almost every family, with the exception of laundry. With the presence of a washing machine, you can wash as much as you need, and not collect laundry all week.

What must be done once a month:

  • cleaning carpets and windows, disposing of unnecessary things, discarding boxes;
  • preparation of semi-finished products: dumplings, minced meat, cutlets, etc. Provided that you cook them yourself, and not buy them in a store;
  • cleaning curtains, tulle, blankets;
  • we buy goods for long storage: tea, coffee, kitchen goods, dishes, if there is such a need;
  • we buy goods for cleaning the apartment, household chemicals.

how to clean the floor covering

Cleaning rules

When cleaning an apartment, there is a rule – we always start from the top. Ceiling, chandeliers, cabinets and only then soft furniture and floor.

Cleaning is best done first in the bedroom, then in the living room, and lastly in the bathroom. If you do not start the apartment and carry out general cleaning once a week, then you just need to maintain cleanliness.

What other secrets should the hostess know:

  • If there is little time for cooking, then use different appliances: a dishwasher, a slow cooker, a blender, and other household appliances.
  • When there is time, prepare semi-finished products as a reserve. This will make it easy to make a delicious lunch or dinner out of them.
  • If possible, it is easier to plan the menu so that there are always products in the house to prepare the necessary amount of food.
  • Try to use the oven more often. Meat and vegetables cooked in it are much healthier.
  • When buying household chemicals for the house, remember that it is not necessary to use advertised brands. Some products cope with cleaning no worse.

Every housewife has her own rules of housekeeping. Try to immediately teach children to follow the general rules. They will know when you need to change your underwear or what to wipe the stain with.

If you never go to the store, leave a list of necessary things and give errands to your family. Let them also participate in this matter. Do not try to do everything yourself, involve household members in collecting and cooking. This is also their house, let them help even in small things.

Use these simple tips, and cleaning the house will be quick and pleasant, and housekeeping will not be difficult.

Tips on how to make cleaning the house easier