High-quality, regular cleaning in the kitchen is the key to cleanliness in the entire house. At the same time, it is necessary not only to clean visible surfaces, but also not to neglect inconspicuous corners. Such inconspicuous details include the kitchen hood – the most important device that saves from polluted air and high humidity. But over time, a layer of dirt appears on it, which simply cannot be cleaned. Let’s consider effective ways to wash the filter of a kitchen hood from grease without damaging the surface of the device.

How often should you clean the hood from grease

The rules of care for the hood include regular cleaning. This, firstly, allows the unit to serve longer, and, secondly, ensures good work and effect. The optimal time interval between cleanings is 30 days, but you need to follow the circumstances. If it is the summer season – the period of marinades and various foods, then even once every two weeks will clearly not be enough. If the kitchen is used for preparing a cup of coffee in the morning and warming up a pizza in the evening, cleaning is required once a season. It is necessary to proceed from the needs of the family and the model of the unit.

What will happen if the hood is not cleaned on time? The unit will clog, it will not pass dirt well, the fan will have to work with twice the energy and, therefore, reproduce the noise more strongly. Working in such a stressful mode, the hood will significantly shorten its service life and can break at any moment. In addition, an abundant layer of fat is extremely unsightly and gives the kitchen an untidy, dirty look, even if everything else is perfectly clean.

How to wash the filter of the kitchen hood from grease

How to clean the filter of the kitchen hood

Cleaning the hood is not only wiping the device body with a rag, but also cleaning the external filter. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Step 1. The device must be disconnected from the network after completing all work processes. On the bottom panel there are clips that fix the filter. They must be detached with one hand while supporting the filter itself. It is necessary to remove the game, and remove the carbon filter, if necessary. In combined and recirculation models, the carbon filter must be changed, it depends on the model of the device.

If the hood is new, you can get by with simple means, since it is not yet completely clogged with fat. Old devices are heavily worn, and here you will have to make maximum efforts – aggressive chemistry, abrasive agents.

  • Step 2. So, the unit is disassembled, you can start cleaning. The dismantled filter is laid out in a plastic container (basin), the main thing is that it is placed there completely. The cleaning agent is applied to the grate and left for several minutes – 20-30 or the amount of time indicated on the package of the detergent. If the filter is too dirty, it will take twice as long.
  • Step 3. With a metal or hard felt washcloth, you need to wipe off the soaked dirt, rinsing the mesh in the same water as needed. After cleaning the main dirt, the grates are washed under a stream of running water. If necessary, the procedure is repeated, but already in new water.
  • Step 4. Before installing back, the unit is thoroughly dried.

How to wash the filter of the kitchen hood from grease

Types of modern cleaning products

In order for the cleaning to be as effective as possible, you need to take a strong household chemical that breaks down fat well.

  • Means such as “Milam” are effective, but they must be used carefully, as they are not safe for the respiratory tract.
  • Cleansing gel “Shuman” from Bagi is intended for any, even the most stubborn dirt, but it should be avoided on the skin.
  • Gel Synergetic (Germany) is safe. They can be used to clean food surfaces: sheets, pans, frying pans. It is biodegradable.
  • Spray-express “One minute” from Sanita is fast-acting, the most common due to its affordability. In addition, it is universal: it can be used when working with stainless steel and other metals, however, it is impossible to clean aluminum and enamel.
  • “Anti-grease” from Popelushka is an affordable domestic spray, universal in its purpose.
  • Means in the form of a gel or spray “Antigrease plus shine” (Poland) from Silit-Beng copes well with fat deposits, plaque and soot, does not contain abrasive particles and does not scratch enamel.

We use folk remedies

If you clean the hood regularly, you can do without expensive purchased products. You will need a sponge, a stiff washcloth with a pile.

  • Household soap. It is rubbed on a grater, the shavings are dissolved in warm water. The surfaces and the filter are wiped with the resulting solution.
  • Citric acid. Dissolves in 1 liter of warm water in the amount of 3 tablespoons. Corrodes dirt well, deodorizes and gives surfaces a shine.
  • Ammonia. Take a glass of alcohol for 3.5 liters of warm water. Alcohol kills germs, makes surfaces shine and degreases.
  • Mustard powder. In the amount of 3.5 tablespoons, it is mixed with 1 tablespoon of ordinary shampoo. Vinegar is added there, also 1 tablespoon. All this is diluted with hot water to the consistency of porridge. It is applied for half an hour and removed with a stiff washcloth. Removes stubborn dirt.
  • Vinegar essence. It works well even in its pure form. Gives shine, removes dirt, grease, removes odors. In case of minor pollution, the vinegar essence is diluted in half with water.
  • Lemon. Surfaces rubbed with lemon slices will shine again. Lemon deodorizes and refreshes.
  • Decoction. It will help if everything is too launched. Pour water into a large stainless steel pan, wait for it to boil. There, they crumble shavings of household soap (two or three handfuls), add a little dishwashing liquid and a couple of tablespoons of vinegar. Then the bars are lowered there. Boil it in this way for 15 minutes, pull out the grates and easily remove the flakes of fat, rinse it under a stream of hot water. Then everything is dried and installed.

How to wash the filter of the kitchen hood from grease


In order for the hood to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not drag endlessly with cleaning, do not violate the deadlines, as dirt accumulates more and more and is extremely difficult to remove and creates additional difficulties during the operation of the device. If the violation of cleaning terms becomes a habit, it will significantly shorten the service life.
  • Do not use knives, cutting or piercing objects during general cleaning of the hood. The device can be scratched, damaged, or cut yourself.
  • Always use rubber gloves when working with any cleaning products (including traditional ones).
  • Do not install the device in a wet state. It is necessary to let it dry.
  • Do not use the preparation when cleaning washing powders and other abrasive particles.
  • Do not leave the filter soaked for too long – the water will quickly rot and there will be an unpleasant smell.
  • It is necessary to take into account the needs for general cleaning, as the terms directly depend on the frequency of operation. In the summer season, the hood is cleaned two or three times more often.

Cleaning the hood is a rather time-consuming task, but with useful information, it is easy to reduce the time of work and get an excellent result.

How to wash the filter of the kitchen hood from grease