No schoolchild can do without a school backpack. Backpacks are used not only by them, but also by students, as well as by ordinary people in their daily needs, as they are convenient. All things get dirty at some point, and at some point you still need to clean your bag. Let’s analyze whether it is possible and how to wash a school backpack from dirt. It is not so difficult to keep it looking attractive, but there are little secrets in this matter as well.

To wash in the washing machine or not

Can I put the backpack in the washing machine? Manufacturers say that it is better not to do this, as the knapsacks have a special protection against water, which disappears during washing. In order to understand whether you can wash the briefcase, you need to read the information on its label, in which the recommended conditions for cleaning the product are written. It is usually located inside the backpack, as a rule, in one of the largest compartments.

how to wash a school backpack

If the manufacturer says that it can be washed, then the washing machine is already waiting. It is important to observe the temperature regime and carefully follow the recommendations on the label. But if washing is not recommended, then it is better to take the knapsack to the dry cleaners.

How often can you wash? There are two ways to go:

  • do not wash the backpack at all;
  • wash without restrictions.

In the first case, after some time it will absorb a lot of dirt, which will be difficult to remove. If you wash a backpack very often, its fabric will lose color and rub off, it will not be as attractive as before.

Therefore, the product should be washed if it is sufficiently soiled. If the backpack is used every day for school or walks around the city, then it should be washed once or twice every 3 months. If it is needed for hiking and tourism, then once every 2 years.

Preparation for the process

In order not to spend a lot of time and effort on washing, it is necessary to properly prepare the backpack in advance: take out everything that is in it. Look carefully at all the small compartments so that you don’t accidentally forget bills or, for example, a case for glasses. In no case should there be ballpoint pens in the backpack, as they will leak during washing and spoil the fabric with ink. All plastic parts should be disconnected; if they are not removed, they are fastened.

If the briefcase has a plastic frame, it should be removed. If there is time, you can vacuum inside to get rid of dust, as it is useless in an automatic washing machine. Since stains are not removed during washing, they must be removed in advance using stain removers. It is necessary to apply the product to the contaminated area and wait 10-15 minutes, after which send it to the washing machine.

When buying stain removers, you need to look at the conditions under which they can be used, they are all sold for different types of fabric. Before use, you should read the recommendations, as there are products with which you need to work with gloves.

Removal of greasy stains

If the contamination appeared recently, you can sprinkle it with salt or starch. You need to rub salt on the stain and wait 2-3 hours. If she is completely dressed, then you can repeat the procedure. But if the salt remained on the fabric, then you need to shake it off and start rubbing the stain. And if it is dry, then mustard powder will help. You need to add a couple of drops of water to it and mix it with the powder, then leave it to dry, after that you need to clean the place with a brush.

If the stain is very large and cannot be removed, you can wash it using ammonia: 1.5 tbsp. l. dilute in 1 glass with water, treat the stain with a soaked cotton pad and leave for 3-4 hours.

Dishwashing detergents also help in removing stains: they are foamed, applied to the place of contamination, wait 10-15 minutes, then brush and rinse with water.

how to wash a knapsack

Traces of ink and chewing gum

If the stain is fresh, it will come out easier than the old one. It is best to remove it with ethyl alcohol. After wetting a cotton pad with liquid, you need to apply it to the stain. If it is old, then you should leave the disc for 10 minutes. Do not rub the stain very hard, as it may spread even more. The procedure must be repeated several times, over time the ink will come out, but you need to wait. Under no circumstances should you use alcohol with shades, for example, alcoholic beverages. The ink stain will go away, but it will be replaced by color separations that will need to be removed.

Attempts to remove gum by scraping are futile. Most of it can be removed, but the remnants will go deep into the fabric of the backpack and leave no chance to get them out.

The most reliable and proven method is freezing. The knapsack is packed in a regular bag and put in the freezer for a couple of hours; in winter it can be taken out to the balcony. After freezing plasticine or chewing gum, they are easily removed.

how to wash a backpack

Getting rid of the unpleasant smell

To get rid of excess odors in the backpack, washing is usually suitable, but if it is not enough, there are additional methods.

To give the fabric a good smell, it is necessary to soak the backpack for 20-25 minutes in a solution with the addition of vinegar: approximately 1 cup per 10-12 liters of water. Then it must be thoroughly rinsed with cold water. Sometimes the briefcase acquires an unpleasant smell after washing. Vinegar will also save from this, as it removes odors well and easily weathers itself.

If the backpack does not need to be washed and you do not want to wet it, then you can put a small bag with sea salt or activated charcoal in each compartment. You need to keep these substances for about 2-3 days. If during the use of the backpack dust or small pieces of paper have accumulated on its bottom, then it is necessary to turn the knapsack upside down and tap it over the bathtub or basin. To shake debris out of zippered pockets, you need to turn them inside out. It is best to vacuum the backpack with a vacuum cleaner, using a special nozzle for cleaning furniture.

To clean the outside of a briefcase, you need to know its material. It is best to simply wipe leather products with a damp cloth or use a shoe spray that can be bought in specialized stores. Only dry methods should be used for cleaning natural fabric.

The method of washing soft backpacks

All zippers must be closed to avoid deformation. To wash a backpack with an orthopedic back, you need to use a laundry bag: it will protect the metal elements of the product from scratches. If any part comes off during the operation of the washing machine, it will be in a special bag and will not get into the drain hose.

Soft backpacks should be washed in a specific mode recommended by the manufacturer.

If it is not possible to see the necessary conditions for washing on the label, then it is best to choose a delicate mode:

  • the maximum water temperature is 35 °C, but it is better to choose the optimal one – 15 … 25 °C.
  • it is not necessary to use push-ups.

When washing soft backpacks, it is necessary to select liquid-type products. They will not leave unnecessary spills on the backpack and are easily washed off. Powder is added less than usual.

The backpack itself takes a long time to dry. It should be hung by handles or straps. Until the fabric is completely dry, you need to keep the backpack in an open state. When the outer part dries, then it is turned over and the inner part is dried. Wet knapsacks should never be dried on batteries. You can use a fan heater by placing it in front of the backpack. It is possible to hang it on the balcony and fix it with clothespins, but it is important to monitor weather conditions and precipitation.

Expensive backpacks are best taken to the dry cleaners, as they can be completely ruined by hand washing at home. But ordinary and inexpensive types can be cleaned independently, as they do not require special care.

How to wash a school backpack