It is very difficult to wash a beautiful dress. It can stretch, sit down, water. In this case, you must take into account the fabric from which the clothes are made, and the presence of additional accessories (buttons, rhinestones, embroidery). In order for the outfit not to change its shape, it is important to dry it properly, and the final result will depend on ironing. Let’s consider how to wash a dress from A to Z.

To begin with, study the clothing label. It will indicate the composition of the fabric, as well as the manufacturer’s care instructions. If there is a ban on any washing, then you can clean the clothes only in a dry cleaner, and in extreme cases use dry methods.

Dresses are sewn from various materials: leather, velvet, knitwear, satin, wool, silk, viscose, chiffon, etc. Each type of fabric has its own washing characteristics, which we will now talk about in more detail.

How to wash a velvet dress

Washing velvet is contraindicated in most cases. It is wisest to give such a dress to the dry cleaners, otherwise you can spoil the fabric, the pile of which will become hard and unpleasant to the touch after drying. It is permissible to wash synthetic and cotton velvet yourself, but other types of fabric are better to entrust to specialists.

Velvet dresses are resistant to dirt, so washing may not be necessary. Usually it is enough to wipe the fabric with a damp cloth, carefully cleaning the pile from dust.

You can give clothes a fresh look by steaming. This is done with a steamer or over boiling water, simultaneously combing the velvet with a soft brush.

If you decide to wash, you cannot expose velvet to high temperatures, so it should be washed in water not higher than 30 degrees.

How to wash a dress so that it does not sit down and does not flow

So that the dress does not fade after washing, the detergent is chosen soft, preferably liquid, without the addition of bleaches and other aggressive substances. To preserve the paint, people recommend adding a little vinegar to the water.

It is forbidden to spin and twist a velvet dress, so if you wash it in a washing machine, turn off the spin. Also turn off the automatic drying function.

When washing, turn the product inside out, so there is less risk that the structure of the pile will be damaged.

Dry only horizontally, spread out, away from heating devices and direct sunlight.

It is forbidden to iron velvet. To smooth out the folds, you can use steam or put a warm, wet towel on this place and leave it for several hours.

How to wash a knitted dress

Knitwear is a very comfortable and pleasant fabric. Its products are always fashionable. However, washing such things is quite difficult, because any mistake, and you can find that the dress has sagged or stretched after washing.

The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Hot water causes the fabric to fall apart and shrink.

It is better to buy a special detergent, but powder for colored clothes is suitable.

A multi-colored or black and white dress is better to hand wash without soaking, washing each color separately so that they do not mix. In the machine wash, such products fade.

Washing in a washing machine is permissible on the “delicate” or “knitwear” mode.

Knitted clothes are dried horizontally. Do not hang it on a clothesline or clothesline, as it will stretch and deform.

Ironing is done from the wrong side.

How to wash a dress so that it does not sit down and does not flow

How to wash a leather dress

It is strictly forbidden to wash products made of genuine leather. The skin does not tolerate contact with water. In the best case, salt stains will appear on the dress after washing, which are difficult to remove. In addition, it will deform, shrink, lose color. In other words, say “no!” washing the skin

You can clean a leather dress in other ways, which are described in this article  using the example of a leather sheepskin coat.

Artificial leather and eco-leather can be washed by hand, but in no case should you soak. This is done like this:

  1. the dress hangs or unfolds,
  2. water with detergent is collected in a bowl,
  3. wet a soft sponge and wipe the surface of the skin with it, not soaking too much,
  4. in the same way, but with clean water, rinsed,
  5. dry away from heat sources, otherwise the leather substitute will crack, deform, become hard.

How to wash a satin dress

Satin is a very expensive material, so after wearing such a dress once, you have to immediately send it to the wash. If you put a stain, then only dry cleaning can deal with it. No matter how much you want to save money, it is very difficult to wash a stain from satin yourself, and if you do, the fabric will change color a little in this place, which will be very noticeable.

It is only recommended to refresh satin dresses by hand. To do this, warm water up to 30 degrees is collected in a bathtub or other large container, and a liquid detergent for delicate washing is diluted. Do not use bleaches, because this will only turn the satin yellow. Wash the clothes by hand, then rinse, and at the end soak for 5 minutes in warm water with a little vinegar added.

It is forbidden to twist, because mechanical influences will cause creases on the atlas. It is better to hang the dress on the shoulders and lift it up, letting the water drain. It dries in the same position. Iron inside out in a wet state on the “silk” mode.

How to wash a woolen dress

The main thing here is accuracy and tenderness. Woolen products should not be exposed to high temperatures, should not be twisted, washed only with mild detergents for wool.

It is better to hand wash in water up to 25-30 degrees. The dress is soaked, washed carefully – do not rub or twist it, otherwise the loops will be deformed, the fabric will stretch. You can rinse in cool water with the addition of softening gels.

To avoid twisting, wrap the dress in a terry towel. As the excess water is removed, spread it horizontally, straightening all the folds.

Iron through wet gauze.

How to wash a dress so that it does not sit down and does not flow

If the woolen dress sat down after washing, that is, a number of  tips  that will help solve this problem.

How to wash a silk dress

Manually only. No washing machines, because when wet, the structure of  silk fibers  becomes less strong, so it can deform or tear from any mechanical influences. For the same reason, even hand washing should be extremely delicate.

Barely warm water, a mild detergent and a rinse-out conditioner are all you need. Twist only through a terry towel. Dry on a rack, completely straightened. Iron while still wet. Overdried silk is difficult to straighten, neither steam nor splashing with water will help, which, by the way, will only leave stains on the dress.

How to wash a dress so that it does not shed

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