Things made of wool look noble and comfortable, but they are very demanding in care. When washing in a machine, clothes can stretch or, on the contrary, decrease in size, after which it will simply be impossible to wear them. Wise housewives have already discovered ways to stretch a woolen sweater or other clothing.

Causes of shrinkage

A number of factors can contribute to this, which housewives should be aware of in order not to face unexpected troubles, and even more so not to lead to a situation where you can just say goodbye to the thing. The reasons are as follows:

  • Incorrect detergent. Many powders and gels can change the fiber structure and deform the fabric. Therefore, before sending wool to the washing machine, you need to carefully study the manufacturer’s recommendations for caring for delicate fabrics.
  • A sharp temperature drop. It is not recommended to wash wool at a temperature above 30 degrees, otherwise the fibers will definitely react to hot water. It is also worth giving up spinning at high speeds and active rinsing.
  • Incorrect washing mode. In order for the item to retain its original appearance, you need to choose the appropriate mode (“wool” or “delicate wash”).
  • Poor quality material. In this case, it is almost impossible to avoid deformation of the thing.

How to stretch a wool sweater at home

Thus, the key to proper washing is a delicate mode, the right gel or powder, and careful rinsing and wringing. If it is not possible to ensure this, it is best to wash by hand using a high-quality detergent. Only regularity and careful care will help keep a woolen item in its original form.

Ways to save things

If the product still shrunk after washing, you can use one of several methods to increase the size of the woolen sweater. To do this, you need to lower it into ice water and leave it for a couple of minutes so that all the liquid is absorbed. No powders are used. After that, the product is wrung out using a large towel laid out on a flat surface.

As it dries, it is necessary to carefully stretch the places that sat down. You can attach the edge of the sweater with pins, and then pull it to the desired size. You will need a lot of pins, as all parts of the garment must be stretched, but not stretched to the point of losing shape.

If the jacket has become short after the next wash, it can be hung on the shoulders in a wet state, and a rolled-up towel can be placed in the shoulder area. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary deformation of the product, as it will naturally stretch under its own weight.

Cuffs, sleeves, necklines and hems of the skirt should be stretched with the utmost care so as not to deform the fabric and permanently spoil the thing.

how to wash wool

Experienced housewives have already adapted to washing woolen products, using only improvised means that help stretch a sweater made of wool. For this use:

  • iron and table vinegar;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • evaporator;
  • alcohol, turpentine and ammonia;
  • repeated washing cycle;
  • water;
  • hair balm;
  • dry cleaner’s.

Any of these methods is available and will avoid the situation when things lose their presentable appearance after washing. But it is not worth abusing them, it is recommended to use such measures only as a last resort.

Vinegar, iron and steam

The woolen item should be wetted with water so that the shoulder area and collar are dry. Next, it should be wrapped in a large terry towel to remove excess moisture. Ordinary table vinegar is combined with water in a ratio of 1:3 and sent to the atomizer. The sweater is hung on the shoulders and carefully pulled to the desired size, while regularly spraying with vinegar solution. After the end of the procedure, you should go over the product with an iron.

It is important to understand that you should never touch wool with a hot iron!

You can use a steam generator or an iron with a steam mode to stretch a wool sweater that has shrunk. It is heated to a temperature not higher than 120 degrees and passed over the product through a towel. After that, a special mode for delicate fabrics is set and the thing is processed without anything. When using a steam generator, the step with a towel is not required.

Hydrogen peroxide and a special mix

2 tablespoons of peroxide should be diluted in 10 liters of cold water, and then immerse the woolen item in it for 3-4 hours. Then the product should be dried by spreading it on a horizontal flat surface, having previously stretched it in length and width to the desired size. As soon as it dries, it should be removed.

You can also make a composition with ammonia, alcohol and turpentine. This is an express tool that will definitely help you pull out a knitted cashmere jumper at home and restore its previous size. In 5 liters of water, it is necessary to dilute 2 tbsp. l. turpentine, the same amount of alcohol or vodka and 6 spoons of ammonia. The wool is immersed in this solution for only 1 hour, and then thoroughly, but gently, rinsed. Dry the thing in a horizontal position. The sweater will definitely return to its new state, become elastic and very beautiful.

A couple of good ideas

You can try to re-wash the thing on a delicate mode. It is necessary to spin at minimum revolutions, and when washing, add a specialized agent for washing woolen clothes to the drum. The washed thing is hung on the shoulders and left to dry completely.

Ordinary water will also help to expand or lengthen the jacket. You need to pull the sweater on your body (even if it is small in size) or use a mannequin, having previously moistened the fabric with plain water. After complete drying, the clothes can be removed. This is not the most pleasant and comfortable way, but it is very effective and safe for the fabric.

There is also a more radical method of correcting the size of a knitted turtleneck made of wool or acrylic – this is re-cutting the product. The thing should be torn apart at the seams, wet every detail with water. Then dry the jacket parts and sew along the seams. This method is not suitable for everyone, but it is not worth checking it off either. In extreme cases, you can contact the atelier.

Hair balm also copes well with this task. The thing is soaked in cold water to which balm or hair conditioner has already been added. When the product is well wet, it should be rinsed slightly in clean water and laid out on a flat horizontal surface. The hair product will make the wool soft and pliable, which will restore the original appearance of the clothes. It will even slightly improve the condition of the fibers, which will not allow them to roll.

how to wash a woolen sweater

If the hostess cannot decide on radical measures to increase the size of the sweater, then a professional dry cleaner will come to her aid. As soon as it became noticeable that the thing has lost its shape, you should immediately go to the specialists.

In any case, it is recommended to take any measures to stretch clothes immediately after washing. Otherwise, when the thing dries, it will be very difficult to do anything with it. At the same time, as it turned out, there is still a way out.

Problem warning

In order not to look for an answer in the future, how to stretch a woolen sweater after washing, you should properly care for it, and then the problem will disappear. The rules of quality care are simple and clear:

  • should be washed by hand on the delicate or manual mode of the washing machine, but with minimal spinning and careful rinsing;
  • ordinary shampoo or special gels for washing wool, which should be indicated on the package, will work well as a detergent;
  • you need to dry woolen clothes by spreading them on a table or floor, having previously laid a terry towel on them.

By following these simple rules, housewives will forever forget about exhausting stretching and attempts to restore the lost size of things. If the incorrectly washed product cannot be stretched, then it will simply go to the trash can, which is not what you want.

How to stretch a wool sweater at home