PVA stationery glue is an excellent assistant in everyday life and for schoolchildren . Children are happy to use it both during labor lessons and at home for creative self-expression. PVA is also widely used in work with documentation, accounting, and record keeping. An unfortunate misunderstanding sometimes happens when glue gets on clothes. What to do if this happened? Let’s consider how to remove PVA glue from clothes.

PVA glue is an aqueous emulsion of polyvinyl acetate with the addition of a plasticizer and other additional components. The main thing in this definition is that the glue dissolves in water, that is, it is water-soluble, so it will not be difficult to remove the consequences of unfortunate carelessness.

How to remove PVA glue from clothes

If the stain is fresh

If PVA glue gets on your clothes, do the following:

  1. Absorb more liquid composition with a paper napkin or toilet paper. Do this carefully so that the stain does not spread further on the clothes. Do not rub, do not smear!
  2. Soak the stained area of ​​the fabric in warm water using soap or dishwashing detergent. If necessary, rub the stain with a brush, removing all remaining glue. For the best effect, soak the product for half an hour in a soapy solution.
  3. Dry the clothes – no marks will remain.

It is important to act quickly, otherwise the stain may dry and additional efforts will be required with the risk of ruining the fabric.

What to do if the glue spot has dried?

If the PVA glue has dried, then you can wash it off using improvised means tested by experienced housewives. Do not forget to make sure that the chosen cleaning agent is safe for your clothes by applying it to an inconspicuous area. If everything is fine, let’s start cleaning:

  • Table vinegar . We recommend using this tool first. It perfectly dissolves PVA glue. Wet a rag or cotton pad with a 9% vinegar solution and apply to the stain. From the interaction with vinegar, the layer of glue will turn into a film and it will be much easier to remove it. Do not forget to wash the clothes in the standard way with soap.
  • Medical alcohol. Use it to remove stains from cotton and linen products. Any store-bought vodka or other alcoholic product is also suitable. Wet the cloth and apply it to the glue spot for a few minutes.
  • Prask is our faithful friend. The classic method of removing pollution of this kind is perfect in our case. Cover the place where the stationery PVA stain has formed with a cloth on both sides, iron it with an iron heated to a temperature suitable for this garment. For thin fabrics, you can use the steam function. Wax stains are removed in the same way .
  • Distilled alcohol . A universal remedy for any contamination. If PVA glue got on the suede, then before treating with ammonia, steam the product with a steam generator or hold it a little over a boiling pan. Dip a cotton ball in ammonia, apply to the fabric for 5-10 minutes, rub lightly. Repeat the procedure until the glue dissolves. When the glue softens, wash the fabric in warm water.

Use of solvents

Construction glue differs from clerical PVA by greater bonding strength and, accordingly, it is much more difficult to remove. If the previous tips did not help, then use heavy artillery – a solvent. The following agents are suitable: white spirit, turpentine, acetone, purified gasoline or store-bought solvent for paints, enamels, varnishes, etc.

Use the solvent with caution and only if the previous methods did not give results. Do the following:

  1. Pre-test the effect of the solvent on the fabric. Touch the wrong side of the clothes in an inconspicuous place several times with a cotton swab soaked in solvent, wait a few minutes, if the fabric has not changed in color, then the product can be used.
  2. If the stain is large and dry, scrape with a knife or the hard side of a sponge dipped in baking soda.
  3. Place a cotton pad with the solvent on the fabric for a few minutes. This will help dissolve the PVA glue and make it susceptible to water.
  4. Wash the place damaged by the glue with household soap or powder.
  5. Urgently rinse the clothes completely.

how to remove a stain from glue


Since PVA is a water glue, it freezes under the influence of low temperatures, becoming brittle. One of the proven ways to clean clothes:

  1. Put clothes contaminated with glue in the freezer for an hour or two.
  2. Break the dried construction PVA with a hammer.
  3. Scrape off the remaining glue with a knife, shake with a clothes brush.
  4. Remove the remaining stains with ammonia.
  5. You can wash clothes from glue in soapy water.


But not only low temperatures can cope with dried glue. Another way, no less effective, will be the use of pairs:

  1. You will need hot steam. You can use a steamer, a steam generator, a steamer, or do it more simply – heat water in a teapot or pan until it boils.
  2. Bring the fabric to steam and hold until the dried glue swells. It will turn into a jelly-like crust.
  3. Carefully remove the glue with tweezers.
  4. Dilute some ammonia in warm water and wash the clothes with laundry soap.
How to remove PVA glue from clothes