Having discovered a bedbug in your house, you are unlikely to know how the pest got into the house. You could bring them on your clothes, bugs could arrive from neighbors through the ventilation ducts, come with a used sofa or wardrobe, or come back with you from a vacation in exotic Egypt or Thailand. In any case, you need to get rid of bedbugs, because such “neighbors” can deprive you not only of normal sleep. Bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions, hepatitis B and even plague. So, how to get bedbugs out of the apartment on your own and forever.

How to understand that there are bedbugs in the apartment?

It is difficult to see bed bugs just like that, they are very small and hide in dark places, so you may not suspect that insects have settled in your home for weeks. But over time, you will discover some changes that will indicate the presence of bedbugs:

  • If someone in the household started to itch, and in the place of itching you find small pimples and swellings in the form of tracks, then it is most likely an allergic reaction to bedbug bites.
  • There may not be an allergic reaction, but during the bite, a little blood is released, which remains in the form of small red dots on the bedding.
  • Black dots with a diameter of 1 mm can appear on the wallpaper, on the sofa, on the plinth, behind the cabinet, bedside table or in other places. These are bug excrement.

How to remove bedbugs from the apartment yourself

If at least one of the points is detected, then it’s time to treat the apartment for bedbugs. You can remove them in different ways, but it is better to act comprehensively:

  1. Do a general cleaning in the house. The goal is to find a nest of bugs. Move the cabinets and bedside tables, these insects settle in dark places.
  2. Check the walls and floor coverings. If there are areas of wallpaper coming away from the wall or poorly laid linoleum, bed bugs may be there. Look for rugs, paintings and other decor.
  3. Wash textiles (bedding, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, blankets, soft toys) at the highest temperature (minimum 50 oC). Cotton linen can be washed at a temperature of 90 degrees. Hot water will destroy insects that have settled on the fabric.
  4. Steam all upholstered furniture, carpets, toys, decor that cannot be washed.
  5. Use special means to destroy bedbugs, or you can try to remove them with folk remedies.
  6. Bedbugs are living insects, so the treatment is repeated after 1-2 weeks.


There are various special means for the destruction of bedbugs:

  • Aerosols and sprays. Convenient, suitable for processing hard-to-reach places and soft furniture. Examples of drugs: Raptor, Raid, Mikrofos, Kombat, Dikhlofos.
  • Powder and chalk. Suitable for population control and prevention. Only those individuals that fall on the line drawn with chalk or powder are destroyed. It will not work to remove bedbugs in this way. But if you know, for example, that they came to the apartment from neighbors, then you can reduce the likelihood of their reappearance by drawing a “border” with a poison. Examples of drugs: Mashenka chalk, Fas double, Fenaksin, Chistyi dim.
  • Insecticides for wet cleaning. A liquid concentrate or powder that is diluted in water for house cleaning. All surfaces and hard-to-reach places are processed, bugs are effectively removed. Examples of drugs: Forsyth, Cat, Karbofos, Get, etc.

The advantage of insecticides is efficiency. The disadvantage is toxicity. During processing, only the person engaged in this, wearing gloves and a respirator, should be in the room. It is best to remove children, animals and even indoor plants from the house. Follow the instructions for the drug. As a rule, after treatment, the room remains closed for at least 5-6 hours. Sometimes it is better to leave the house for 1-2 days for the effect. This is followed by thorough ventilation, and cleaning only after another couple of days (depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations). Chemicals will remain on surfaces (furniture, toys, etc.), it is important to wash everything thoroughly.

how to remove bedbugs

It is difficult and dangerous to remove bedbugs with chemical preparations on your own, so it is better to contact specialists. Or you can try effective folk advice, which is safer for people, but no less dangerous for insects.

Essential oil

The essential oils of some plants emit powerful aromas that can repel bugs. This ability has oils: eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, citrus, tea tree.

Oils can be used separately or by mixing several types. Oil treatment will not kill bed bugs, but it will help limit their spread. If pests are found, it is necessary to process things where insects can settle or from where they need to be driven away:

  • Grease the legs of furniture (sofas, chairs). The strong smell will deter bed bugs from entering the seat.
  • Add 2-3 ml of oil to the rinse water to prevent parasites from getting stuck in the laundry.
  • To treat the entire apartment, take 1 liter of water and 40 drops of essential oil. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and thoroughly spray all furniture, including carpets, curtains, bedspreads. Such treatment is effective when carried out at least 3 times a day.

Boric acid

This tool has long been used to remove various pests, including cockroaches or bedbugs. It has many advantages:

  • Low cost,
  • No toxicity.

If essential oils can repel insects, then boric acid can destroy and remove them physically. Once on the bug, the acid eats it completely. Having discovered the nesting place of insects, it is necessary to quickly cover it with boric acid, preventing the pests from hiding.

If there are pets or children in the house, exclude the possibility of their contact with the acid. After treatment, thoroughly rinse the area from the product.

Use of boiling water and steam

A method proven over the years to combat bedbugs is the use of boiling water. A large amount of water is heated to boiling, then all cracks and joints are carefully poured with water. It is important that it is boiling water, not just hot water.

But it is convenient to process things and furniture with a powerful steam generator and an iron. If there are bedbugs in the house, make it a habit to steam all textile items regularly. So you will destroy all the insects.

Aromatic herbs

Many herbs, like essential oils, have a pungent smell. Herbs such as tansy, wormwood, bog, and cardamom will help.

  • Tie fresh grass into small bundles and spread in all possible places where bugs live.
  • Swamp can be dried and crushed. Fill the cracks and joints with the resulting powder.
  • Wormwood can be rubbed on the skin, then during sleep no bug will dare to approach you.
  • Herbal infusion is effective in the fight against pests. It is necessary to grind 1 kg of fresh wormwood (or another herb from the list) and pour 8 liters of water. Allow to infuse for several days, pass the infusion through cheesecloth. Use the resulting liquid to treat places where parasites live.

Turpentine, kerosene

Turpentine is used in the mixture. You will need 200 ml of turpentine, 200 ml of kerosene, 50 g of naphthalene. Liquid is poured into cracks and joints, and furniture is treated. The living space should be freed from children and animals, all work must be carried out in gloves, because the mixture will be toxic. After processing, thorough ventilation is mandatory for at least 12 hours.

Camphor oil can be added to turpentine. For this, the means are mixed in equal parts. Items of furniture and mattresses are treated with the tool. After this treatment, ventilation is required every day for 7 days to finally remove bugs and the smell of turpentine.

how to get rid of bed bugs


Dilute 1 to 1 with water and use a vinegar solution for wet cleaning around the house. Not only hard surfaces can be treated in this way, but also walls, wallpaper, and soft furniture. Acetic acid can also be added to the laundry (0.5 cups per 1 load of the washing machine).

It may be possible to effectively remove bedbugs, but keep in mind that everything will smell like vinegar, and it will take a long time to air out.

Valerian tincture

A budget and effective tool. Valerian has a characteristic smell that repels bugs for a long time. The tincture is sprayed in places where bugs live. However, such processing can be carried out only when cats are not at home – the aroma excites their nervous system.


This method is suitable only for country houses and cottages. The point is that in severe frosts (at least -20 ° C) in the house, the heating is turned off and the windows are opened. Freeze for several days. Insects, unable to withstand the low temperature, die.

If it was not possible to remove bedbugs with folk or purchased means, then it remains to contact a specialized pest control service.

How to remove bedbugs from the apartment yourself