Lizun is an interesting, unusual toy and at the same time a tool for cleaning the computer keyboard, small parts in the most difficult to reach places. However, in addition to the unconditional benefit, slime can also bring harm: if you throw it anywhere, it will quickly absorb and it will be very difficult to clean it. Alternatively, the product may dry, which is also problematic for removal. Fortunately, there are several good ways to remove slime from clothing or textiles without damaging the surface.

Hot water

This method can be used if the slime did not stick, but managed to leave a stain on things. So, hot water is poured into the basin and the thing is placed there. The matter is done. After the water has cooled, the item is washed by hand or in a washing machine in the usual way.

Importantly! Check whether you can put things to be washed in hot water. On clothes, it is indicated on the label.


If the toy has managed to stick and dirty things, the cold method will help. The thing is put in the freezer, having previously wrapped it in polyethylene.

As an option, you can use pieces of ice, for example, if the freezer is jammed.

Two hours are enough for the slime to harden. After that, the slime will easily break off into pieces. You can use a knife: after lifting a piece, it will be easy to remove it from the fabric. True, traces will remain, but this problem will be solved by the hot cleaning method.

How to remove a crawler from clothes, hair, carpet

Special agent against stains

You can use special means for removing stains – “Vanish” and similar. They easily remove glue, chewing gum and similar sticky substances, so removing slime will not be a particular problem for them. The product is poured onto the stain and left for 10 minutes. After that, wash the thing with powder and rinse.

“RW-40” is also suitable – a means for cleaning machine parts. It is applied to the area, wiped off and left for a few minutes. The thing is washed in the usual way and rinsed.

Tools at hand

  • Dishwashing liquid

To remove stains, you can use any usual dishwashing detergent: Fairy, AOS, Myth, Biolan. Pour a few drops of the product on the contaminated area and leave the thing alone for 2 hours. Then the thing is sprinkled with powder, you can rub it with a brush. If the attempt fails, the procedure is repeated.

  • Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is also suitable for solving the problem. It is abundantly applied to a cotton pad and applied to the thing. Wait at least 15 minutes and wipe off. After that, the thing is washed and polished.

  • Sea salt

Salt perfectly corrodes even persistent stains. It should be applied to the area and rubbed well for a minute. Then the solution is left to react for 10 minutes and wiped again, adding a fresh portion of salt. Repeat the procedure. After that, the clothes are washed with powder and rinsed.

  • Gasoline

You can also use gasoline. Cotton wool is moistened, applied to clothes and rubbed. After the procedure, the item is washed, and an air conditioner is used to remove the smell of gasoline.

  • Household soap

Stinking brown laundry soap can wash away even dried slime. Lizun is soaked in water and rubbed with a piece of household soap, while achieving abundant foam. The thing is left for several hours, preferably overnight, and in the morning it is sent to the washing machine.

There is a similar method. A piece of soap is rubbed on a grater and the shavings are soaked in clean water. This mixture is rubbed on the dried spot. Wait 6-8 hours and wash with powder. In very difficult cases, the procedure is repeated 2-3 times.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

A cotton pad is abundantly soaked in hydrogen peroxide and applied to the stain. The hydrogen is carefully rubbed in and the slime particles are cleaned. Here you need patience, the whole procedure will take at least half an hour. After the stain is cleaned, the clothes are washed in the usual way.

The disadvantage of this method is that hydrogen peroxide brightens things, so it is not suitable for black and colored things.

  • Kitchen salt

To remove slime stains, not only sea, but also ordinary table salt is suitable, however, in combination with ammonia and lemon juice. Nasathyr is taken 3 teaspoons, lemon juice – 20 drops. The stain is wiped with the mixture, gradually removing the particles. You can leave it for a few minutes for the reaction, and then repeat it again. After the thing has become more or less clean, send it to the washing machine and wash it with powder.

If the thing has been contaminated for a long time (more than 3 weeks), first the stain is poured with ammonia and wait for at least half an hour, and then the procedure is performed with salt.

How to remove a crawler from clothes, hair, carpet

Dry cleaner’s

Sometimes it happens that all methods turn out to be inactive. Then the only way to save the thing is to send it to the dry cleaners. It is quite expensive, but effective.

How to clean fur

If it is more or less easy with fabrics, then cleaning fur from a licker can become a real nightmare. The risk of bald spots is a major problem and you will need to handle fur clothing quite delicately to avoid this. Experienced housewives advise using acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone. A cotton pad is abundantly moistened and applied to the damaged fur. Acetone will begin to corrode the composition of the slime and move away from the thing. You need to carefully clean the particles of slime with your hands, trying to carefully pull it out of the pile, and not tear out the hairs. But if you are still not sure how to carry out such a procedure carefully, then it is better to give the thing to the dry cleaners and not risk it. The same applies to clothes made of wool or down.

How to remove a creeper from a carpet and upholstered furniture

Sometimes children can dirty upholstered furniture or carpet. As a result, the toy is absorbed into the pile and spoils expensive things or furniture. “Vanish” is suitable for cleaning carpets. The composition is poured onto the contaminated area, wait at least 15 minutes. The stain is wiped with a brush, trying to wash away the slime particles. After finishing, wipe with clean water and dry.

If the toy has not yet dried, you can apply a fresh piece of slime to the stain and use it to remove the old one. Here everything will happen according to the principle of the saying “wedge is knocked out with a wedge”.

You can try to scrape off the dried slime with a knife or other sharp object. True, this method is not suitable for carpets with a large thick pile, as bald patches will remain.

Brown laundry soap without additives and fragrances also helps. They make shavings that are soaked in water and rubbed on the problem area. With the help of a hard brush, the slime is wiped off, repeating the actions if necessary. After cleaning, the surface is wiped with a clean cloth and dried.

How to remove slime from hair

If the creeper got on the hair, you will have to act as carefully as possible. All hair is quickly removed with an elastic band – they should not stick to the contaminated area. To begin with, you need to dry the slime, so it is appropriate to use a hair dryer, using a warm temperature and gradually increasing the heat. After drying, the slime is combed out with the help of hands, trying to avoid the appearance of bald spots. The procedure is quite long and painstaking, but you can’t rush it, as you can spoil your hair. After combing, the head is washed with shampoo, dried and combed.

Removing slime is a painstaking procedure that requires patience and skill. It is difficult to single out one, universal method: a combination of several means is better here. Having chosen the method that is suitable for a specific situation, you can easily save the thing and save more than one thousand rubles.

How to remove a crawler from clothes, hair, carpet