Owners of PVC windows often have a question, why insulate such structures. This product should be distinguished by ideal thermal insulation and tightness. But even the best models may not provide the expected effect in case of installation errors and improper operation. It is necessary to take into account a number of nuances in how to properly insulate plastic windows. If it blows, first of all you need to find a place where the tightness is broken.

The need for insulation

PVC windows will create a reliable barrier for cool air in the first years, if they are made and installed well. Also, they will not be afraid of noise from the street, as well as drafts. The older the double-glazed windows are, the more often they have problems. The owner is often to blame for them. Various defects sometimes manifest themselves in the first year. Improper installation contributes to this. The reasons for organizing additional thermal insulation are as follows:

  • does not correspond to the installation technology;
  • shrinkage of the house, which often happens in new buildings;
  • wear of rubber insulation;
  • incorrect installation of slopes.

How to properly insulate plastic windows

As for the insulation made on the basis of rubber, the manufacturers first inform people how to properly care for it.

The problem is that few people follow these recommendations. Meanwhile, the structural element must be regularly inspected for defects.

If you ignore this rule and do not provide proper care for the insulation, it will soon become thin and cause the formation of microcracks in the window structure. The surfaces will not adhere closely to each other, accordingly, thermal insulation will also deteriorate.

Blows windows even if they were not made of quality materials and in accordance with the climatic conditions in the area.

Identification of weak points

Identifying areas where the tightness is broken is a priority task. This is the only way to guarantee effective insulation of PVC structures. Only the frame can be neglected at this stage. Plastic, consisting of many chambers, performs the function of a good insulator, and therefore it is not prone to drying out, like wood.

Through which structural components can cold air pass:

  • pressure components that wear out over time;
  • a block that supports a double-glazed window;
  • worn seal;
  • mounting foam applied with violation of technique;
  • slopes and window sills.

Double-glazed windows almost never become a source of problems with external thermal insulation. As an exception, only the situation with its depressurization stands out. In this case, you can provide him with additional insulation, because there is no such thing as extra heat, especially in winter.

To determine leaky areas, it is enough to run your hand over the entire structure. In certain places, you will be able to feel a breath of cold air. Some experts recommend using an ordinary lighter. It is necessary to light it and walk around the perimeter of the window, keeping the optimal distance, the flame will deviate where there is even a small draft.

Usually, insulation of plastic double-glazed windows can be done with your own hands. The exception is cases when it is necessary to insulate slopes from the outside, and the apartment is above the 2nd floor. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that complex insulation will be needed if a number of defects are detected. If you properly insulate the windows and seal the defects in the ebb area, you can provide yourself with the desired comfort in the room. Some apartment owners prefer to change the old window completely and replace it with a new one, but this is a hasty decision. Simple devices such as film are available to remedy the problem.

Adjusting the pressure system

Shrinkage of the building and climatic factors contribute to a slight skewing of the window sashes and a small deformation of the seal.

This leads to a violation of thermal insulation, but it is possible to restore the former tightness in a matter of minutes. This requires knowledge of the characteristics of PVC windows and experience with tools.

Adjustment of the pressure system is carried out with the help of special eccentrics, concentrated in the area of ​​the flaps. In order for the closing of the sash to be tighter, the elements must be unscrewed clockwise, using a 4 mm hexagon. It is necessary to look at the notch located on each element of this type. When they are directed outward, the pressure can be considered weakened, and if in the direction of the sealing material, then strengthened.

Sometimes the standard regulation of hinges, which also have their own mechanism, necessary to ensure the tightness of the pressure, helps to insulate a PVC window. Here, adjustment is made with a hexagon. It is necessary to follow a simple rule: when the tab is extended, the sash fits tightly to the surface. To move it, you need to turn the tool counterclockwise, if the loops are on the left side, and in the direction of the arrow on the clock, if they are located on the right side.

It is even easier to deal with a stick. Remove the old shutter with the help of a thin spatula, and install a new one in its place, which is available for purchase from the same company that sold and installed the windows.

After adjustment, you need to make sure that the tightness has become better, using your own palm or a lighter. If the master did everything correctly, and the window blows, then you will have to resort to changing the seal.

Sealer change algorithm

A high-quality rubber-based seal lasts quite a long time, but a number of rules must be followed here. According to the requirements for the use of PVC windows, the seal must be often lubricated with special substances, but almost no one does such maintenance manipulation. For this reason, it turns out that after 5 years, the rubber dries out and allows cold air from the street.

The problem sometimes lies in the seal installed under the glass or in the one installed around the perimeter of the sash. Changing the seal in the double-glazed unit is not so difficult, but requires a responsible approach. If you have doubts about your own skills, it is better to ask for help from a specialist.

When changing the seal under the glass, the following steps are followed:

  1. remove the plug;
  2. the substrate is dismantled, and together with it, the double-glazed window;
  3. remove the worn seal;
  4. put a new sealing material through the groove.

It is necessary to cut the tape that exceeds the required length by 3 cm in advance. The new gasket is put in place, being careful and not too tight on the material. Excesses should be cut off. For reliability, it is permissible to fix the seal with glue.

After that, the glass unit is installed. Installation of substrates is also required. Dowels are a fragile element, for this reason, it is necessary to remove and re-install it carefully so as not to break it, otherwise you will have to buy new products.

The seal around the perimeter of the sash may also need to be changed. In this case, it is recommended to remove the sash. First, decorative products are removed from the hinges, and then, using the mounting handle, the pin is pulled from the hinge. It remains to carefully unscrew the sash, remove the seal that has served its purpose from its surface. It is necessary to install the seal from the upper area of ​​the leaf, pressing on it, but not pulling it. The edges of the sealing tape should be fixed with glue.

After that, it remains to put the sash: the pin is easily fixed with your own hands. Later, the decorative overlay is returned to its place.

Window sill sealing

Installing a PVC window is often associated with significant defects, especially noticeable in the space between the window sill and the wall surface. Some installers throw all kinds of garbage into the cracks. It is certainly better when the area under the window sill is filled with construction foam, but this material is not ideal either. The foam gradually compresses, forming significant gaps. Through them, the cold passes into the house.

In order to properly insulate the window, you will need to remove the old foam and fill the space with new foam. It can expand due to solidification. The remains are later cut off, some builders advise filling small cracks with a silicone-based sealant. Next, plastering and application of material for decorative design is performed.

If possible, the window sill area should be insulated from the outside. For this, mounting foam is suitable, but in some cases foam plastic is also used. The upper part is covered with a layer of plaster on the grid, after which it is finished.

Work with slopes

Today, when installing windows, additional slopes are often installed. They look quite beautiful and are made of dense types of plastic. A crack forms between the decorative slats and the surface of the wall, which allows cool wind to pass into the house without much effort, and therefore in order to normalize the thermal insulation of the double-glazed unit, it is necessary to insulate in the area of ​​​​the slopes. All actions must be done in the following order:

  1. remove excess mounting foam;
  2. if the surface is uneven, it is allowed to cover it with plaster;
  3. slopes are treated with a primer, antimicrobial agents are also suitable to prevent the formation of mold;
  4. take foam plastic and cut out the area corresponding to the slope.

To make the cut area stick better, you can scratch a little from the opposite area. Next, mounting glue is applied and gently pressed to the slope. They fasten the corner, putty the surface and fix the cash register.

There are various situations when you need to insulate a plastic window. Blows from there for various reasons. It is quite possible to independently change the components that have become unusable at home. Step-by-step instructions help with this. Metal-plastic Euro windows are also not as complicated as it seems. Even an unqualified home craftsman can compact them to the required parameters. Depending on the problem that caused drafts in the apartment, you can insulate plastic windows from the inside if it is blowing. It is easiest to work with single-chamber double-glazed windows. Replacing unsuitable components is almost as easy as in the case of wooden windows.

The effect of compaction is especially felt when winter comes. If the home owner wants to preserve heat in the house, he needs to consider additional methods of sealing the double-glazed windows. This is the best way to ensure that it does not blow from anywhere.

How to properly insulate plastic windows