The bedroom is a place of seclusion, where you can hide from worldly worries, rest, and relax. This room has a special energy that allows you to actually reset your thoughts and find the right solutions to any problems. An atmosphere of coziness and harmony is maintained if the bedroom is furnished according to feng shui.

If you decide to transform your bedroom, it is not enough to simply put a few feng shui attributes in it, leaving the overall interior untouched. The room should be completely cleaned, having carried out a minimum of general cleaning in it, and better still cosmetic repairs.

We choose a color

If possible, repaint the walls or put up new wallpaper. At this stage, it is necessary to correctly choose the feng shui color of the bedroom. Immediately reject any options with bright shades and pictures. They put pressure on the psyche, distract, prevent concentration.

The main task of the bedroom is rest, peaceful sleep, good health and harmonious relationship with a loved one. Ideal colors for this will be beige, cream, green and yellow. Small splashes of red are also allowed, which will help restore vital energy, but you should not overdo it, otherwise it will be difficult to relax.

How to furnish a bedroom according to feng shui

It is undesirable to choose white and blue wallpaper in the bedroom according to feng shui. If white color makes the room cold, blue is a symbol of water, i.e. does not promote well-being.

We continue general assembly or repair according to feng shui

To avoid quarrels and glass in the family, the bedroom door should not face the doorway of another room. If it is not possible to make a replanning, then try to keep the door closed all the time, as a last resort, you can hang some kind of light curtain, for example, made of beads, over the opening.

Thoroughly wash the entire room to a shine. Remove any heavy objects and decor elements from the bedroom, including bulky chandeliers, massive paintings. Audit all things. It is better to get rid of unnecessary things. Any things that you are unlikely to ever use, it is better to throw them away, or if it is a pity, then take them to the same garage or give them to the needy.


A feng shui bed is installed according to special rules. This piece of furniture is the most important in the bedroom.

  • The ideal position of the bed is with the back against the wall with two free passages on the sides. But keep in mind that this wall should not be adjacent to the bath or toilet.
  • In no case should the bed go directly to the exit, otherwise unnecessary energy will be delivered to you through the door. If there is no other way, then some kind of barrier is installed between the bed and the door, for example, a screen, curtain, chest of drawers, etc.
  • For this reason, the bed is not placed with its back to the window. If it turned out like that, then flowers, crystals, etc. are placed on the windowsill, which will absorb all the energy that enters the apartment.
  • The bed should not be reflected in the mirror.
  • A corner is a bad choice for a bed, as bad energy accumulates in the corners, which will affect sleep.
  • Do not hang a chandelier or heavy interior items above the bed. Also, exclude situations when the corners of other furniture or decor elements are directed at the bed.

Furniture and interior items

After choosing a place under the bed, you can start decorating the bedroom according to feng shui. Here, all the little things are taken into account, down to the smallest decor elements.

How to furnish a bedroom according to feng shui

Let’s start with the windowsill. Only indoor plants and crystals are placed on it. You absolutely cannot put any artificial flowers in the bedroom according to feng shui. But even living ones should be chosen carefully, as they can affect a person’s personal life and well-being. In a small room, it is better to refuse them or put them away from the bed. Plants are selected individually for the person who will sleep in this room.

It is possible to place a mirror in the bedroom according to feng shui, but following certain rules:

  1. The bed should not be reflected in the mirror. If so, it is better to cover it with a cloth at night.
  2. Refuse mirrored ceilings, as it is the same as closing the connection with the cosmos.
  3. If there are two mirrors in the bedroom, they should not reflect each other.
  4. The mirror is not hung opposite the door, so as not to interfere with the flow of qi.
  5. The best location of the mirror is in the corner.
  6. No fractional or small mirrors.

If you want to hang pictures in the bedroom according to feng shui, then choose images with children, animals or still lifes. No landscapes with stagnant water and autumn.

How to decorate a bedroom according to feng shui

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