Choose different curtains for window frames. Recently, blinds were considered fashionable, but roller blinds look much more attractive and stylish. With their help, you can adjust the lighting in the room. These curtains protect the premises from the sun, give an original look to any room. Leroy Merlin sells a wide selection of unique products for different spaces. After purchase, you need to figure out how to assemble roller blinds correctly.

General view and popular systems

The mini system provides opening of ordinary roller blinds on a small shaft. Due to the small volumes of the mine, it is possible to place them in separate sashes of PVC windows. Plastic fasteners can be assembled without drilling, as a result of which the unity of the frame is not disturbed.

how to collect roller blinds

To assemble the roller blinds and prevent the fabric from sagging on the window sashes, the iron lower guide is reinforced with two magnetic holders. They are glued to the frame with double-sided foam. At the same time, the roller shutter has the ability to unfold on any plane, and it can be easily opened.

Due to the fact that the system has a low price and effective miniaturization, this provides it with a fairly good demand. When manufacturing such systems for windows, they often do not include the function of the perfect blackout effect and leave parts through which light can penetrate. By default, the mini-system uses direct winding of the web on the shaft.

Roller blinds can be assembled and installed in 2 ways:

  • when the device is on the window frame (mini) – closes the illusory part;
  • when installed from above or inside the opening, the device covers the glass part, the frame and the proportions of the wall itself.

In order to choose the right product, it is necessary to determine which version of the roll corresponds to the design and active advantages. Subsequently, for the purchase, it is necessary to organize the measurements of the window and collect the roll of curtains. Almost all roller blinds and blinds companies offer standard products, but if for some reason you need to make an order in individual sizes, then this is possible.

The following features must be determined during measurements to assemble the roller blind mechanism:

  • Fixing the blinds should not prevent the maximum opening of the window sash.
  • You need to pay attention to the handle – will its configuration be an obstacle when lowering the roll.
  • Do the dimensions of the product correspond to the characteristics of the windows?
  • Can the location of the window hinges help to fully hang the curtains, otherwise it will be necessary to move the material, which negatively affects the overall appearance of the system.

Mounting options

If you bought blinds, but it is not clear how to assemble them, you have 2 options – learn to do the work yourself or call a specialist who will arrange everything correctly and in a short time. If you like to do the process yourself, you need to know how to assemble blinds correctly.

Roller blinds consist of:

  • control device;
  • staples;
  • additional fastening system for opening windows (not always available);
  • control limiter (necessary to prevent unnecessary scrolling of curtains);
  • bracket for fastening to the sash;
  • handles for fixing the lower bracket in the final position.

Preparation for installation of the product

Before hanging the roll, it is necessary to make sure that the product will perfectly stick to the slope on the window after placement. For this, as a rule, a special device is used – a level. It is necessary to attach it to the window and find the level of water in a small hole. Otherwise, the curtain will actually turn unevenly when opening and closing, which will lead to the formation of holes on the sides (uneven fit of the fabric) and rapid failure of the entire system.

Purchased Inspire rolls can be attached with a little time. How to properly install curtains on plastic windows is usually written in the instructions for the product, but not all the details of the work are described in it. And they can be hung not only on plastic window systems, but also on ordinary wooden frames. Almost all models are specially designed in such a way that they can be installed on any window system without exception. But still, before hanging the curtain, it is necessary to carefully inspect the structure, to study its main working nodes.

Device on a plastic window

Rolled curtain options are a fairly well-known and elegant model for interior decoration that looks great in any room. This type of curtain is often used to equip plastic windows. Such curtains are simple in design, convenient, do not require complex maintenance, and with the choice of quality materials and competent fasteners, they will serve for many years.

The device of rolls on a plastic window is made by different methods. Here is an example: there are two most famous options, each of which can be easily implemented with your own hands.

  • The most famous homemade method is that the attachment itself will be made in the window opening. The roll is installed either in the plane of the wall or in the ceiling, and the curtain falls when the plastic window is opened. This method is quite versatile, but it is associated with a certain risk. In order to fix the blinds on the ceiling or wall, you should drill several holes in which to place the profiles for the structure. If you prefer this method and you need to make it with your own hands, you must be careful enough to exclude gross errors and unnecessary defects.
  • The second known method of attachment is quite similar to the previous one in its principle. The only difference is that the canvas itself is fixed not on the wall or ceiling, but on the window. Usually attached to the frame. To perform the work, you need to drill several holes in the plane of the frame, into which special fasteners will be placed later.

When choosing this step-by-step method, it is necessary to demonstrate the greatest accuracy, because during drilling there are risks of destroying the plane of the window. If there are no doubts about one’s own abilities, then one can proceed with the task. But if there is a possibility of a negative completion of the work, then it is better to seek support from specialists who will cope with this work perfectly and skillfully.

Both of these methods are now in demand and are used everywhere. Care must be taken to hang roller blinds on windows. Every awkward movement can lead to an error that cannot be corrected afterwards.

Sequence of actions

Roller blinds consist of many parts and you need to combine them correctly to hang the curtain. Some products are equipped with an additional fastening system that is used to open the window.

Step by step work process:

  1. Assemble the bracket. For this, it is necessary to find the elements of its components.
  2. Fix all parts in the bracket until it clicks.
  3. Apply double-sided tape to the bracket area. In the case of installation of curtains with screw supports, this area is not closed.
  4. The mount must be connected to the pads until they click if the unit uses screws rather than tape.
  5. Insert the shaft into the right bracket and fasten the left one.
  6. Lower the roll and mark the location of the lock.

Technique without drilling

If you need to install blinds without the risk of damage, you should use the installation method without drilling. This option is considered the most harmless. In addition, it is quite simple and affordable, as a result of which literally anyone can overcome the work, and it does not take much time.

Installation without drilling is carried out with the support of special construction glue or tape. Today, dozens of similar substances, distinguished by their cost and characteristics, are presented for sale. It is necessary to refuse to get cheap compositions and choose the best and most reliable type that guarantees reliable fixation.

When choosing between tape and glue, operate on your own individual preferences. As practice shows, both substances are optimal, provided that a high-quality base is chosen, which will have excellent adhesive capabilities. Installation in this case can be implemented either on the plane of the wall, ceiling or on the frame.

The choice of method depends on your decision, and in addition, on the originality of the construction and installation of the device. In any case, strengthening the substance without drilling with the support of high-quality construction glue or double-sided mounting tape is the easiest, most reliable and fastest method.

How to assemble roller blinds on windows correctly