The system of protection of metal-plastic and wooden window openings is presented in the form of equipment and devices that prevent children from opening the sashes. These devices are considered reliable against falling. At the same time, they prevent burglars from entering the house. Children’s lock on plastic windows is made in the form of a blocker, stopper, handle, cable.

Overhead and mortise locks, movable sashes, sockets are used to block the Euro window. The most common option is the installation of a handle with a mortise lock. This system is reliable and easy to install yourself. The set includes a set of keys.

A children’s window lock in the form of a blocker is used to fix the sash. A small latch can be installed:

  • from below;
  • in the middle;
  • above.

Children's lock on plastic windows

The blocker is fixed to the stationary part of the frame. If the latch is down, the sash can be closed/opened. In the raised state, the child is unable to open the window. Modern European and Russian companies produce additional devices with keys and buttons. In this way, security is increased.

To fix them, you need:

  1. determine the location;
  2. install fasteners;
  3. fix the block with self-tapping screws on the stationary part of the double-glazed unit.

The price depends on the type of device. To install the blocker itself, you need to mark with a pencil. Make holes with a drill. Install the blocker, fixing it with self-tapping screws. One hole is closed with a special plug, and a lock with a key is installed in the other.

The blocker has the following advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • quick installation.

Among the disadvantages, experts single out the lack of aesthetic appearance and low functionality.

Handle and cables

In order to lock the folding windows without a rotary mechanism, the usual handle is replaced by a removable analogue with a plug socket. Installation of the protective device begins with unscrewing the old handle. It is replaced with a new block and fixed with a bolt. Advantages of removable design:

  • presentable appearance;
  • using a stub.

children's castle with a rope on the window

The disadvantage of the lock socket is related to the need to constantly carry the device with you and hide it from the child. Movable limiters include a cable blocker. It can be bought in any color in the construction hypermarket Leroy Merlin or any other store. The principle of blocking a child’s lock on PVC windows – the cable limits the distance to which it is possible to open the sash. If you need to open it, insert the key and disconnect the cable.

A similar design is effective for apartments, balcony frames. To install it, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Marking is performed on the moving part of the frame.
  2. Experts advise to mount the cable above the rotary handle.
  3. The block is fixed with a screwdriver.
  4. Marking is performed on the stationary part for the purpose of installing the block and cable.
  5. The device is fastened with self-tapping screws.
  6. Decorative overlays are being installed.
  7. Selection in the “Open” mode block.
  8. Installation of the cable.
  9. Blocking the lock.

If the work is completed, it is recommended to check the functionality of the unit. The cable has the following advantages: it can withstand a load of up to 500 kg, it can be installed on aluminum, plastic and other window structures, the opening angle is limited and fixed. The cable ensures the opening of the sashes to the required distance.

Elements of the mortise mechanism

Reliable locks on plastic windows for children include a mortise mechanism. It is installed inside the profile, and the hole for the key remains outside. Installation works are carried out according to a certain scheme:

  1. cutting out the area on the movable leaf for the lock with the help of a milling cutter;
  2. insertion of the main unit followed by its fixation with bolts;
  3. cutting another hole in a fixed sash;
  4. insertion of the second part of the lock and its fixation.

how to close plastic windows

The advantages of such protection include reliability, and the disadvantages include a complex installation. A handle with a built-in stopper or lock is considered one of the best protective devices for children against a possible fall. It is installed instead of the usual analogue. To turn it, a key is inserted into the lock. Fixation works in the open and closed state of the sash.

Elements of the mechanism:

  • lever;
  • overlay case;
  • pin.

Installation work includes locking the new handle. After turning the plug, the fastener is unscrewed, the old structure is dismantled. A new handle is inserted into the hole. The position in which the factory analogue was dismantled is observed. The handle with a lock is easy to install with your own hands. The work is performed without a milling tool, a grinder with disk elements, a screwdriver.

Additional means

Experts recommend using a comprehensive security system at the same time. It is not recommended to limit yourself to only one lock on a PVC window from children. You can not install a mosquito net to protect babies from falling out. She is not able to withstand their weight. Manufacturers of euro windows make such a structure to prevent insects from entering the house.

Additional protective measures include grilles, anti-vandal film coating. You can install an overhead lock on the frame, similar to an analogue for mailboxes. In order not to spoil the PVC window, a decorative grid is mounted. The procedure is performed using metal brackets. The product is installed diagonally. The structure is presented in the form of rods treated with an anti-corrosion agent.

decorative lattice on the windows

You can make it yourself, using thin metal rods and a welding machine, or buy it ready-made. Some companies specializing in the production and sale of Euro windows are engaged in the production of metal gratings. If the client wishes, the contract specifies not only the terms of delivery and installation of metal-plastic structures, but also gratings for all windows of the house/apartment.

Another additional tool is an anti-vandal film. It protects the child from shards when the glass is damaged. It is characterized by quick installation, protection against hacking. The film is easily fixed to the window.

Leading manufacturers

Experts do not advise saving money on safety. It is recommended to buy products from a European manufacturer. It is characterized by durability and reliability. The Austrian company “Maco” manufactures handles with a lock, a button and a key. The German company “Roto” offers handles for fixing folding doors in several modes, including ventilation.

Products of other manufacturers:

  • “Hoppe Secustik”. Releases cables that allow you to switch the window to ventilation mode with the help of a handle.
  • “BSL”. Specializes in the production of reliable blockers that do not require replacement of accessories.
  • Penkid. They make cables 20 cm long. They allow you to open the window by 10 cm.
  • Jackloc. They make strong cables and handles-locks.

Selection rules

When ordering, some parents prefer a handle with a lock, as it is easy to install and operate.

Experts recommend choosing a protective mechanism based on the level of security and personal preferences. The lock does not require constant opening and closing with a key. It is mounted on any plane. It is better to install it with a margin of 10 mm from the edge. The lock is equipped with double-sided tape, which allows you to accurately perform installation work.

If children understand the principle of operation of the blocker, they will not be able to open it, since after closing the lock is locked. You will need a key to return it to its original position. Some manufacturers provide slot aerators that are easy to operate.

If you press the corresponding button, the sash will start moving. The system is not considered reliable, so it is better to use it without children. To increase the degree of security, it is recommended to install a blocker with a handle and metal bars on the windows.

If there is a sliding PVC structure, experts recommend using a handle with a lock. It does not allow you to open the shutters. Double-sided tape is used to fix the handle. When choosing a mechanism, the type of limiters that regulate the opening angle of the window is taken into account.

A device with three grooves quickly inhibits the movement of the leaf, blocking its further opening. In addition, limiters protect walls and slopes from damage. If you plan to do the installation work with your own hands, it is better to buy external fasteners. Internal protective devices must be installed by professionals so that the elements do not shift, and gaps do not form between the assembled parts.

The service life of the protective mechanism depends on correct operation. If a handle with a lock is used, the maximum angle of rotation is taken into account. You cannot use the handle when the window is open. Once a year, it is necessary to lubricate the moving elements of the fittings with a technical fluid. It is not recommended to use products with acids and chemicals in the composition. Otherwise, the anti-corrosion coating of the fittings will quickly break down.

The service life of protective mechanisms is affected by the condition of the frame itself and the sash. The last elements should be cleaned twice a year with ordinary napkins or a special detergent for plastic. It is forbidden to clean the double-glazed window with liquids containing solvent or acetone. Due to the periodic cleaning of the drainage system, the exit of moisture to the outside is ensured. The work is performed with a damp cloth. Timely maintenance of seals is a reliable prevention of drafts.

Children’s lock on plastic windows